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Alabama Movers - iMoving

Alabama Movers


Congratulations on moving! When you use iMoving, it doesn’t matter if you need long-distance moving companies or local movers for your upcoming Alabama move, what we care about is that everything gets to your new location in one piece with as little hassle and stress as possible.


Moves are undeniably stressful. Some of the reasons why include low-quality moving companies and last minute planning. Instead of going through one of the most stressful situations people, and families face, let iMoving help make your upcoming Alabama move a memory that puts a smile on your face – or at least that doesn’t cause you a headache.


Instead of spending your time researching Alabama moving companies and contacting them one by one, iMoving provides you with a network of movers that have been comprehensively vetted and found to be good enough to work with our company, and we don’t put our name next to just any company. Anyone moving company you book through us cares about your well-being and your belongings as if they were their own.


No matter if you’re looking for a long-distance moving company or an Alabama mover to help you move within the state, you’ll find that iMoving has a selection of expert, experienced movers who are dedicated to safe and efficient moves and most importantly (in our opinion), dedicated to customer service.


If that’s not enough, our quotes are accurate and you can be assured that you are getting one of the best prices around because our companies compete for your business.


Moving Services You Can Find in Alabama


  • Local Moving: If you are moving less than 50 miles from where you are now, you’ll want to find a local mover. This kind of service charges you for how long your move takes to complete the job and on how many movers are needed. It’s a fixed rate that you will be charged hourly.


  • Long-Distance Moving: You guessed it, over 50 miles means you’re doing a long-distance move. This kind of move is usually a bit more complex but the price depends on how much you’re moving and how far you’re going.


  • Special Handling: If you have valuable items that insurance just can’t replace, this is the service that will get those family heirlooms to their new location in one piece.


  • Full Packing: If you don’t have time or energy to pack up an entire home, please don’t. Pay for it instead.


  • Storage: You never know when you’ll need to hold your belongings in storage, moves can get complicated fast.


  • Commercial Moving: Have a business or office space you need to be moved? This is the service you’re looking for. Some even move employees for you.


Tips for a Smooth Move


If you want to have the least amount of stress possible, here are a few ways you can make your Alabama move a bit easier on you and your family.


1. Start early


It’s easy to think you have time, but like everything else in life, a move can sneak up on you. When the decision is made to move, set a budget that same week and start prepping. iMoving offers a quick quote tool that gives you a good indication of how much your move is going to cost. When you’re ready to lock in a company, try using our Precise Quote tool for a very accurate assessment of how much you’ll need to save up.


2. Label your boxes


When you start packing your things, it will be much easier to unpack, not to mention find essential items on that first day or week you are in your new location. By labeling your boxes, you will quickly be able to find the items you’re looking for and can put boxes in the rooms they belong, without unpacking them until you’re ready.


3. Communicate with your moving company


This is often overlooked by many people who are moving, but honest, open communication with your Alabama moving company is key. If there are sudden changes you need to make, you won’t feel as if you cannot make the request. When you have a question about a charge after the move or before, an open line of communication makes the move, especially on the day they have all of your things much easier.


4. Pack non-essential items ahead of time


Packing is really exhausting – mentally and physically. To avoid getting worn down, pack up items you know you don’t need immediately, like seasonal clothes, small appliances, kitchenware and furniture that you can absolutely go without. This means you’ll have only the essentials to pack up, which may be much less than you may think.


Things to Know About Alabama


  • The official state song is not Sweet Home Alabama. If you’re upset about this, you get it and iMoving feels the same. The whole state has embraced this song and seems to celebrate it constantly – the phrase is also used on the license plate. But if you listen to the lyrics, this song wouldn’t make the best state song. It’s a bit outdated.


  • Who Are You For? If you are moving here for a new job, expect your coworkers to ask this. Your kids’ classmates will hit them with the same question. The question is a reference to college football and they are asking you if you are an Auburn University (Tigers) or University of Alabama (Crimson Tide) fan. Football is a big deal and even if you don’t like it, once you watch these 2 teams, you may become a fan.


  • Barbecue! If you love barbecue, you are in the right state! Some of the best in the state are Dreamland, Big Bob Gibson’s and Saw’s. If you aren’t a fan of barbecue … well, actually there’s no way that can be true.


  • Seafood! If you haven’t realized it yet, part of Alabama is on the Gulf of Mexico and has access to Royal Reds, a type of shrimp that is the size of a lobster. It’s rare and delicious and can be found at Neptune’s – one of the can’t-miss spots in the state.


  • Summers get hot! It’s common for humidity to be 80% or more. Get ready for sweltering heat – you will be able to see the heat waves on the asphalt. It will also get rather sticky - the tradeoff for hot summers. But you’ll be treated to mild winters and spring and fall simply cannot be beat.


No matter how you make it to Alabama, make sure you choose a moving company that deeply cares about getting you there safely.