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Are you in a position where you’re looking to move to a new place? Maybe you’re headed to Mobile, AL for a job or education opportunities? If so, then you want to be sure that you find a Mobile moving company that can assist you with moving to your new place with as few complications as possible.


Here at iMoving, we help to facilitate moves by connecting clients with moving companies in Mobile that we’ve partnered with. We only work with the best partners, ensuring that every one of our clients is able to get the resources that they need with as little stress and anxiety as possible.


We put a lot of time and effort into performing checks on Mobile movers so that we know that we’re only recommending the best options for your move. Then, you’re able to use our tools in order to get quotes from them, providing you with solid information and making sure that you have all of the information that you need so that you can choose the right company. You can compare prices and services so that you have a complete picture, too.


We help you by overseeing every part of your move. From providing you with estimates to taking care of paying your movers, and everything in between, you can be sure that iMoving is able to answer your questions and make sure that our moving partners are providing you with the best, most complete service possible.


Moving Services in Mobile, AL


  • Long Distance Moves. Moving further than 100 miles away can be a logistical nightmare, so it’s best to work with a moving company in Mobile that knows and understands what that all involves.


  • Local Area Moves. Local moves take less time and effort, but they’re just as important to hire local movers for. Movers reduce stress and make it go really quickly.


  • Business Relocation Services. Worried about moving your business to a new place? Hiring movers that know about business relocation services can reduce your stress and ensure that things are done in a manner that makes sense.


  • Packing and Unpacking. Need help packing your items up effectively and affordably? Maybe you have a hard time with mobility and need a hand in getting things done? No matter why you need help, packing and unpacking services are a minimal extra fee.


  • Other Available Services. Other moving-adjacent services can include storage options, special handling, moving supply stores, and other options that can help to make your moving process go a little more smoothly.


Making Your Move Simpler With These 5 Tips


  1. Use clean clothing as your “packing paper”. When you’re getting ready to pack things up, you may be concerned about how you’re going to ensure that everything stays as safe as possible. Using your clean clothing to protect fragile items can be really helpful and it’ll save you a lot of waste and money if you do that instead of purchasing packing paper.


  1. Have empty baskets? Use them for packing too! If you have hollow, empty items that are coming with you, be sure that you fill them right up! That way, you don’t have to get quite as many boxes and there isn’t going to be as much wasted space as there may have been otherwise.


  1. Get boxes from local businesses. Local businesses are a great resource when you want to make sure that you’ve got all of the boxes you need. Offices (that use copy paper), fast food places, and liquor stores often have the most heavy-duty boxes available, and you can use them for heavy items like books and knick-knacks.


  1. Have a yard sale before you move out. You don’t want to take it all with you – ever. There are some things in your home that you will just never use – so why not have a yard sale or donate those things? It’ll make things go a lot more quickly and you can feel much less stressed out about what you’re going to need to get done before moving day.


  1. Communicate effectively with everyone involved. Whether it’s the moving company, your family, or your realtor, you want to be sure that you keep them in the loop as best as you can. That way, you aren’t going to feel quite as stressed out and you can ensure that you’ve got everyone on the same page. It’ll reduce your stress and make sure that everyone is ready to go come moving day.


What New Residents to Mobile Should Know Before They Move


Mobile Alabama is a well-loved city in the Deep South. It was actually created as a “mini-version” of New Orleans, and it actually is the original home of Mardi Gras. Festival season is a huge deal in Mobile, and it starts in November and goes all the way until Fat Tuesday (in February or March). If you enjoy Mardi Gras celebrations, Mobile is the place to be.


There are 5 different rivers that flow into or around Mobile – the Mobile, Spanish, Tensaw, Apalachee and Blakeley Rivers all go into one Delta, which is the largest in the United States. Their 5 Rivers Alabama Delta Resource Center is a major attraction and, if you like water and environmental causes, you can get involved with them as a volunteer or an employee.


The Mobile Bay is home to Bayfest, which happens every October. This is a huge music festival with multiple stages all over the city, so you can go where you want and listen to what you want. Also, if you like seafood, the Jubilee (where fish and bottom-dwelling seafood get beached on the beach because of tidal conditions) is a time where you can scoop what you want.


With a fair cost of living, a variety of job opportunities, and a school district that is working to improve (many of the schools are average), Mobile is a fairly solid place to go if you’re a young professional, with or without a family. You can find affordable housing, there’s always something to do, and you have lots of great opportunities to connect with and meet new and unique people.