How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

Saving money during the move is essential, especially for families living in mobile homes with limited income. Simple steps like getting free boxes, choosing the right moving date, and packing everything on your own can significantly reduce costs.

Cost To Move A Mobile Home

Mobile homes provide a cheap and easy alternative to mortgaging a house. They’re cheaper, environmentally friendly, and offer a quality living space for lower-income families. They’re also cheaper to maintain, not just to buy, which makes the maintenance costs and bills far less expensive than in a normal house.

It’s estimated that almost 22 million families live in mobile homes and enjoy these benefits. One of the most obvious benefits is in the name. They’re mobile!

You can move your home to a new area whenever you want! This article will outline the costs of moving a mobile home and key points to remember when planning your move. 

Calculating the Price

As far as the cost of moving the home goes, it all depends on the distance of the move. Since your home will be driven to its new destination, the entire cost is calculated by determining the distance it must travel.

The average price range for moving a single-wide mobile home within fifty miles is between $5,000 and $8,000. This includes obtaining the permit, moving the home, and reprogramming the utilities in the new location.

The cost for a double-wide at the same distance jumps to $10,000-$13,000 because the larger home is more difficult to transport.

The cost of a triple-wide jumps to an average of around $20,000 for a single move. This is because most triple-wide mobile homes are customized with unique floor plans, making them more complicated to load on the back of a truck.

Then, you’ll need to add $3,000-$4,000 in setup fees once the home has been moved to its new location.

Size Breakdown

The cost of moving a mobile home depends on several factors, the first of which is the size breakdown. The first step is to measure your mobile home and determine which class it falls into below.

  • Single Wide: These homes measure 600-1,300 square feet and contain 1-2 bedrooms.
  • Double Wide: These homes measure between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet and contain 2-3 bedrooms.
  • Triple Wide: These are homes that measure over 4500 square feet and contain 3+ bedrooms as well as.

Once you’ve determined the size and class of your mobile home, you can then calculate the estimated price. Ensure you’ve done multiple measurements to ensure the most accurate results are submitted.

Avoiding Additional Fees

Before we tell you how to save money on your move, let’s review a few mistakes that could add to the cost and how to avoid them.

  • Not Researching Local Laws: If you set your moving destination to an area that doesn’t allow mobile homes, you’ll receive additional costs to move it from the site to a new location.
  • Not measuring Properly: If you make a mistake in measuring your mobile home and it exceeds the square foot range of a certain class, you could be charged an additional moving fee. This is why we recommend measuring at least three times to ensure you have accurate data.

Moving Permits

When moving your mobile home, you’ll need to obtain a permit. Without the following documents, you cannot move the house or hire a company.

  • A county treasurer issues a certificate stating that there are no unpaid or overdue property taxes
  • A county issues a certificate for the title of the property. It’s important to note that depending on the county, you may be able to submit a copy of your application to the DMV.

Saving Money on Your Move

Let’s face it. Mobile homes are a great way to save money on living expenses and avoid unnecessary debt like you have with a mortgage. But the reality is that many families living in mobile homes work low-income jobs that don’t allow them to spend frivolously.

This is why we want to help you understand the cost of moving your mobile home and save as much money as possible.

Here are a few simple tricks to pocket extra cash during your moving process.

  • Get Free Boxes: If you can find old, reusable boxes for your belongings, this is a great way to save money instead of buying boxes in bulk. 
  • Choose The Right Date: If you haven’t checked out our article on how far in advance you should book your movers.  This article outlines that summer is the busiest time to move, increasing prices for moving companies. If you want to save money on moving your mobile home, time your move for Spring or Winter, as these times often see the cheapest prices.
  • Pack Everything On Your Own: This step is crucial to ensuring the moving company has as little work to do as possible. Eliminating unnecessary tasks will significantly reduce the cost.

Enjoy Your Adventure!

We wish you the best of luck on your new adventure! Moving is an exciting, often scary time for families, so we aim to make your move as easy as possible.

Always remember when moving your mobile home to book early in advance, eliminate any unnecessary tasks for the moving company to ensure you save as much money as possible, and do all necessary research.

Happy moving!

Tommy Loutzenheiser

Meet Tommy, a writer from San Diego, California with a passion for interior design and moving! Coming from a family of interior designers from San Diego, he’s been involved in the world of moving and helping to create beautiful homes for the places people move to. He’s also moved over ten times in various states such as California, Washington, and Arizona! Through these moves, he’s worked with a variety of moving companies, and prides himself on knowing what to look for and how to have the safest, smoothest move possible! For the past few years, he’s bringing his talent of copywriting and knowledge of moving together to help people all across the world start new chapters in their lives through moving! When he’s not busy writing, you can find him doing extensive research all to help your moving process.

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