Moving Tips For Seniors That Will Have You Feeling Young and Alive

Age is yet but a number. When you are in your golden years and have to move, it can be stressful. iMoving is here to help you prepare for this big life change at this stage of your life with our simple preparation list.

Moving Tips For Seniors That Will Have You Feeling Young and Alive

iMoving is here for you with yet another master list to help our senior clients move with simplicity. Follow our simple checklist for senior citizen stress management during movement.

Don’t forget to plan ahead, ask for help, and let your movers know about any limitations you might have.

We are proud to help people of all ages move with ease with our simple plan

1. Proper preparation is the key to success

When you plan your move date, book assistance from your friends, family, and the younger generation ahead of time, you are preparing for success.

I highly recommend knowing a list of dates that works best for your close family members who have agreed to help with the move so that you can find a mover that can work around these time and date limitations.

2. Prioritize self care and health comes first

As we age, we need to listen more and more to our bodies to make sure we feel in tip top shape. Moving can be a huge strain on the body for individuals of all ages.

Make sure you are looking out for yourself and avoiding doing moves that could get you injured such as lifting too heavy of a box or sliding something that is too heavy.

It’s not worth throwing your back out to move an object as this will make the entire move a huge challenge. Whatever health routine you keep, make sure not to make any drastic changes to it during these times.  

3. Take breaks and stay flexible as things change

It's important to stay dynamic and not get stressed out when plans change. Make sure the senior you are helping is staying well hydrated and out of the sun.

During the move itself ensure they are moving around (but not too much) and taking breaks as much as needed. Things move pretty quickly with the movers so try to help them feel in control and not overwhelmed. 

4. Decision making can be hard but should be done as a team

We just have to face it, as we get older, many decisions will be made on our behalf. If you are reading this to help an elderly citizen you love to move, ensure to involve them as much as possible in the decision making process.

Even if they aren’t fully able to do everything, making them feel empowered is important for their morale. From small decisions like which supermarket should be the local one to buy from, to which place will be the new wine store, making them a part will be a good experience for all. 

5. Handle the paperwork as much as possible ahead of time

Try to take care of everything ahead of time such as adding your name (or the senior you are assisting) to all new utilities ahead of time with their credit card on auto withdrawals.

Signing and locking down the new home should be done well ahead of time to avoid added stress.

Try to make all bills be on auto pay and set them up yourself so that everything will be automated with paper bills sent to their mailbox.

6. Pack medicines smartly

Losing or not putting your medicines aside in a critical bag would be a moving nightmare. Be sure to prepare your meds along with any other critical health items such as CPAP sleeping machines, or oxygen tanks in a special area in the house or in the car. Have all your medical records handy and not packed away in a box.

7. Consider accessibility issues when finding a new home

When finding a home for yourself for the golden years or if you are reading this article to help your family member it is important to take into consideration the accessibility of their new home.

Even if today they are in healthy and good shape, it doesn’t mean they won’t need their home to be accessible in the coming years and the worst thing to do would be to make them move again for this.

Their mobility and safety at home is critical, so consider things like wide bathrooms that  could accommodate a wheelchair and handle bars in the showers in the future, even if they aren’t planning to install them now.

8. Downsize your clutter

Take the time with your family to sort through all your old objects while packing. Maybe you’ll want to get rid of some old items or give them away to family members to store. It's a shame to move more clutter into your new home and now is a perfect time to clean up.

9. Seeking professional help shouldn’t be a shame

If you don’t have family members available to help, or don’t want to inconvenience them with the move, don’t worry, iMoving has full service moving packages just for you.

iMoving vendors offer services such as full packing and unpacking so that you don’t have to lift a finger and risk a back injury. You should also hire professional help for furniture assembly as a senior.

10. Transition slowly into all the new changes

As we age, it becomes harder and harder to accept change. With this move it's best to embrace the change as an adventure in your senior years.

Take time to acclimate to your new surroundings and home and if you are helping a senior in your life with this process try to take them around to the local gardens and cafes to show them the fun new places they will be frequenting.

As well, take them to the grocery store to help them acclimate to their new routine and locations as this is usually hard for seniors. 


Ask them what they really need. It could be a few hours where you take the kids off their hands so they can pack up the house in peace or even go out for a date night, or it could be a helping hand at home with the actual packing that they need. Ask them directly and don’t take no for an answer.

Don't fret, iMoving has a mover that offers to move any type of specialty item from a grand piano to a giant basketball net.

In general, it’s best to break down larger items into smaller parts and pack them together if possible, but as well we have a full service option that will handle this for you. 

iMoving’s marketplace is the top answer for this. Yes, we are biased, but honestly if you ask a focus group of 10 people, at least 9 out of 10 would agree (and the one guy there just never moved homes).

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This can be avoided by only booking a tried and trusted moving vendor from our marketplace and ignoring all the scammers online.

Take your daughter to the new home and show her all around her new area! Take her to the various playgrounds, local ice cream shops, and find fun activities in the area.

Also make her a part of decision making so she won’t feel just like everything around her is suddenly changing, but rather that she is a part of deciding what changes happen in her life.

This can be done by choosing after school activities together, or designing her bedroom with new colors.

Closing words

As we roll into our golden days the things that used to be simple for us become harder and require more teamwork from our friends and family. Following these simple steps above should help ease the transition for a senior citizen and help them acclimate to all the new changes. 

Rachel Kaplan

Rachel has spent the last few years writing for moving companies while actually moving across the globe. After many years of moving between many states in the US, she moved abroad to try the remote work life. She’s a pro at moving all her things with her dog and hundreds of plants. Thankfully she’s a minimalist so moves aren’t too much of an issue.

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