Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day (But Really Please I’m Moving)

Read on to figure out what to do to make a move work out in the rainy season. Our pro tips will help you buy the right gear and plan things out smartly to move without soggy boxes.

Moving in the Rain

Oh no! That one thing we can’t control no matter how much we try, is the weather. If rain’s got you down as the forecast isn’t in your favor, no stress. Read our moving in the rain guide for some pro tips and tricks to ensure you move homes sans soggy cartons.

Rain brings benefits to the planet and humankind. It replenishes our water sources and cleans our world. Plants and flowers blossom thanks to the nutrients the rain brings, and cleans our air.

Despite all these amazing things, rain can really screw up your move. Keep reading to feel a little less pissed off that it’s raining on your moving day.

Pro Tips For Your Rainy Day

Don’t let a little shower get you down, plan ahead!

1. Check the forecast!

If your move is far off, you can check average monthly weather forecasts to get an idea if you have a chance of rain. Check again at least a week out before the move. If you see there is a chance of rain that is above 30% prepare your rainy day gear for the move.

2. If you can change your moving day to a sunny day- it's worth the swap!

The inconvenience of rain can really also damage your prized items. If you have the ability to swap dates without penalty, do so. Think about discussing this with the mover you choose when signing their contract.

3. Ensure that your boxes are sealed with packing tape at every corner and opening

This is so that the contents of the boxes can be safe as you move them to and from the truck.

4. Waterproof everything!

Plastic sheets and bubble wrap will be your best friends in the rain. Everything should be fully sealed and nothing left outside. Make sure any outdoor items such as couch pillows or decor are brought inside before the rain.

Wrap all your furniture and major items in plastic sheets so that even the brief moments it will be outside, it won’t get wet and soggy.

5. Your furniture and artwork should also be given top attention.

They may not survive the weather. Art may be sensitive to extreme cold weather and if it gets even a little wet could be completely ruined and irreplaceable.

6. Rain proof any walk ways

If at all possible, cover any major paths from your front and back doors to where the moving van will park with plastic rain proofing material. This will save you the hassle of rain proofing each object separately.

7. Lay out towels on the bottoms of cartons and inside the moving truck.

This is to make sure that anything that does get wet won't soak into other cartons and items.

8. Think about your non-waterproof items

Anything like TVs, microwaves, electronic items and more need to be kept safe during the rain. Make sure they are packed away and that their carton doesn’t get wet at all to avoid potential dangers. One minute in the rain could cost you hundreds of dollars later on.

9. Line your cartons

You should line the inside of your boxes using large plastic garbage bags before putting in your belongings. Cut them up as needed.

Seal the box to offer maximum protection. With this, even if the boxes are wet, your belongings inside the box will be well-protected.

10. Safety comes first!

If the rains are crazy and it’s not possible to drive or walk outside, reschedule no matter the penalty fees. No danger to your personal self is worth a fee. Safety is key here.

Your mover should offer you to reschedule without fees should a storm be classified as a danger to travel.

11. Use plastic tarps to line the truck

Lining the moving truck with cheap Walmart tarps will save you puddles that can ruin all your cartons. Arranging tarps over some of your items to seal them off from puddles of water and will also help to preserve your belongings in case the truck has any leaks.

12. When unpacking, first rain-proof the path.

If possible, wait to unpack until the rain passes. You don’t want your whole new house full of soggy carton boxes. Ew!

Items To Have On Hand

If you do see that rain is in the cards, buy these items ahead of time so that you will be prepared for the worst:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic sheets
  • Extra tape rolls
  • Rain jackets
  • Rain boots
  • Garbage bags


Tipping between 15-20% is expected by movers and drivers alike. Think of it as if you’ve gone to a restaurant and left without tipping. Plan ahead for these costs so you aren’t surprised later as this can add up.

Keep calm. Pets pick up on our energy. If you are stressed, you are likely to stress out your furry friend. Try and make the experience fun for them with lots of walks and treats.

Associate the move with positive things your pet loves to make the day less hard for them. Ensure to set up their home base as soon as you get into the new home so that they can feel they have their own corner with food, water and their bed.

Know that you are working with a trusted and honest service provider. If you have even a flicker of doubt, walk away.

Don’t try to cut corners and save on an unreputable mover as we promise you, you will end up paying way more in hidden fees and damages. iMoving has your back here.

Having your own moving inventory list is likely to be helpful for insurance claims and just to keep things clear when packing and unpacking. This list will be your guide to knowing everything that needs to fit in your new home.

Start with the big items and work your way through to the small household items. Keep a tally and write everything down along with photo evidence.

Count the number of beds, bed frames, tvs, and so on so that you can hold your mover accountable and know what you have to work with.

Closing Off the Boxes

Really though, make sure to properly close off every single box if it might rain! If all of this sounds stressful to you, know that iMoving’s vendors offer professional packing and unpacking services, and yes they are well versed in moves in the rain. If you are planning to move without this service, follow our tips above to avoid ruined items and soggy boxes.

Rachel Kaplan

Rachel has spent the last few years writing for moving companies while actually moving across the globe. After many years of moving between many states in the US, she moved abroad to try the remote work life. She’s a pro at moving all her things with her dog and hundreds of plants. Thankfully she’s a minimalist so moves aren’t too much of an issue.

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