Shed Moving Made Simple: Expert Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Ease the stress of moving your shed with our expert tips and simple guide. From clearing it out to settling it in its new home, we've got you covered every step of the way. Say goodbye to shed-moving woes and hello to a smooth relocation!

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Key Things To Know About Shed Movers Near Me

If you’re here, we can assume the worst. You’re getting ready to, or at least thinking about moving your entire shed. Depending on the size it can be a big project not for the faint of heart, and we feel for you, but really it’s not all that bad. If you’re scratching your head about how you’re going to get this done, you’ve found the right place. Read on to follow our simple guide that goes from clearing it out and lifting it up to unloading and planting your shed in its new home.

1. Getting Ready

First off, start by emptying your shed completely. You'll probably be amazed at how many things are actually in there. Emptying the shed is your first big step in getting it ready to move. The goal is to take out all the heavy tools, equipment, and stuff inside so that moving it is safer and not so bulky.

2. Lift It Up

Next, we've got to lift the shed off the ground. Use a high-lift jack, to raise it. You may have to dig around a little to place the jack correctly. Lifting the shed is key, and that high-lift jack will get it up high enough to slide rollers or skids underneath. There might be some digging involved to make sure the jack sits securely and lifts the shed safely.

3. Rollin’ Time

After the shed is lifted, it's time to put some rollers or skids under it. Think of these as your shed's temporary wheels. It's important to place them carefully to keep the shed stable while it moves. These rollers or skids help you move the shed smoothly across the ground. Make sure at least one roller is right in the middle of the shed for the best balance.

4. Moving the Shed

Now that your shed is on rollers, it's time to move it to where it needs to go. Moving it is a team effort, needing one person to push and another to guide it, making sure it doesn't go off course. It's pretty much like moving a giant piece of furniture. Getting the shed to its new spot is going to take at least two of you: one pushing and one making sure it's headed the right way. You'll need to push, pull, and carefully steer the shed along the path you've planned out.

5. Transporting the Shed on a Trailer

Pushing the shed onto a trailer may require a team effort, with one person guiding to keep it on track, especially if working alone. Once securely on the trailer, double-check that the shed is well-strapped and stable for transport. Upon arrival, reverse the process, making sure the shed is level in its new location, adjusting as necessary to ensure stability and safety.

6. Settling Down

Now, carefully take it off the rollers and check that it's sitting flat on the ground. You might need to tweak its position a little to make it perfect. Once it's in the new location, lower the shed from the rollers or skids and make sure it's exactly where it needs to be, using a level to ensure it's completely flat, adding or removing material underneath as needed.

7. Some Extra Tips

  • Know Your Shed: Measure your shed and get familiar with its weight and any special handling it might need. This helps avoid surprises on moving day…
  • Stay Legal: If you’re moving the shed a long way, check if you need any permits. Safety first!
  • When in Doubt, Call the Pros: If this all seems like too much, there’s no shame in calling in a moving company. They do this kind of thing all the time.

There you have it—moving a big shed isn’t rocket science. It’s all about planning, having the right tools, and maybe a little bit of muscle. Whether you’re just scooting it over a bit or taking it on a road trip, these steps should help you get the job done without a hitch. And remember, if it starts to feel like too much, professional shed movers are just a phone call away.

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