What To Do When Movers Don't Show Up

Communicating with your moving company effectively can help prevent mistakes. This guide has tips you can use to prevent miscommunication and ensure they arrive on moving day.

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What Do You Do When Movers Don’t Show Up?

Imagine this: It’s moving day, but the truck and movers you were expecting aren't anywhere to be seen. This can happen for all sorts of reasons like mix-ups with dates, traffic jams, truck problems, or even because the moving company wasn’t real to begin with.

Some Immediate Action

First thing, try to call them and see what's up. Like any business, you are working with real people and just like you, there could be many reasons why your moving company is late or a no-show. It’s possible they may need to reschedule, but if they don’t answer and you’ve waited for a bit, it’s probably time to switch to your backup plan.

Try looking for another moving company. I know it sucks, but it is better to take action now. The sooner you take hold of the situation, the sooner the job will be done. Keep your list of movers handy so you can quickly find someone else.

When possible, pick another day to move. If you can wait, see if you can move on a different day with help from friends or a different moving company. Do your best to communicate thoroughly with your new movers to avoid this situation happening again.

See if temporary storage is an option. For big moves, you might need to store your stuff until you can find a new mover.

Why does this happen?

You might wonder, why would that even happen. Well, there are several reasons why movers might not make it to your doorstep as planned, and understanding these can help you prepare better for your big day.

1. Double Bookings

Sometimes, a moving company might accidentally book two moves at the same time without realizing it until the last minute. This can happen when there's a lack of communication within the company or if they're trying to juggle too many moves at once.

2. Traffic Troubles

Traffic is unpredictable. If you live in a busy area, your movers could get stuck in a traffic jam or delayed by an accident on the road. These delays can push back their arrival time significantly.

3. Vehicle Problems

Trucks break down, too. Whether it’s a flat tire, engine trouble, or another mechanical issue, vehicle problems can prevent movers from showing up on time. Sometimes, they might not have another truck available to replace the broken one quickly.

4. Getting Lost

Even in the age of GPS, it's possible for movers to get lost, especially if there are road closures, detours, or if the GPS leads them astray. Plus, if your home is hard to find or in a new development, this could add to the confusion.

5. Unexpected Emergencies

Life happens. Movers can face emergencies like illness or a family crisis that leaves them short-staffed. If they can’t find someone to fill in, they might have to delay or reschedule your move.

6. Not a Real Company

Though it’s rare, some movers might not show up because they weren’t legitimate movers to begin with. Always double-check that you’re hiring a reputable moving company to avoid scams.

If a moving company does not notify you in advance of any snags in your appointment, they are likely not very professional. Your best bet is to cut your losses and look for someone else, hopefully, you didn't pay anything down.

Talking to Your Moving Company

To avoid problems, make sure everything about your move is written down clearly. Check in with them a week before you move to make sure all is good. On moving day, let the movers know who to talk to if there’s a problem. Use their names when talking to them, it helps. Be nice and quick with any instructions you give them.

Picking the Best Day to Move

Moving in the middle of the week can sometimes be cheaper and less busy, making it less likely for movers to cancel. If you can, try not to move out and in on the same day. Having a few days' wiggle room can be a lifesaver if things go wrong.

Finding Movers Fast

If you’re stuck without movers, don’t panic. You can:

  • Look for companies that can help right away, though it might cost more.
  • Check out freight services if you’re okay doing some of the work yourself.
  • Use moving containers which let you pack at your own pace.
  • Be Ready for Anything

Even with a good plan, things can still go wrong. To be safe, understand your contract and talk about what happens if they can’t make it. Also, moving insurance is a smart idea because it can cover your stuff in case of problems. Dealing with movers who don’t show up can be stressful, but having a plan and knowing your options can make a big difference. Always have a backup, talk clearly with your movers, and pick a good day for the move. If things go south, knowing what to do can save the day.


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