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Certain situations may force you to move to a new home or office. This could be within your local area or miles away. Moving places is always a tedious process for many. It involves packing, carrying, loading, and unloading items, which is somewhat tiresome. Hiring a moving company can save you all the mess. Planning your move to Des Moines, Lowa should not be that difficult because you can use a moving facilitator to help you pick the right mover.


Here at iMoving, we can connect you to highly reputable local movers in Des Moines, Iowa.  We have an easy to use platform that links you to different local moving companies within Des Moines. Planning your move is effortless because all you have to do is key in your moving details, compare rates, check reviews, and select the best local mover. Working with a licensed mover is vital if you want everything to go through smoothly.


Des Moines movers that have partnered with iMoving are fully-licensed and also insured. You don't have to worry when you lose your goods while in transit. Insured moving companies in Des Moines will ensure you get compensated for the loss or damage of your items. The kind of expertise our partners bear is vital in ensuring your move is a success.


Proper packaging and offloading is vital when moving. Handling fragile items with care reduces the chances of breaking and other forms of damage.  We have partnered with highly experienced moving services in Des Moines to ensure your goods are packed correctly to prevent any damage. You will never go wrong when you choose iMoving for the best Des Moines Movers.


Moving Services in Des Moines, Iowa


Planning a move is less challenging if you understand your needs better. Understanding your moving needs is essential if you want to get the best local movers in Des Moines. iMoving has simplified the whole process because you can easily know the services offered by moving companies in Des Moines. This is possible through our platform. The following are the services provided by our partners.


  • Inter-County Movements- Moving from one state to another may prove to be a daunting task for individuals and businesses. You might be forced to dig deeper or sweat it out to find a company offering long-distance moving services. Worry no more because most Des Moines moving services that have partnered with us will make your move to a different county possible. Our partners have the right vehicles and required expertise to ensure your goods reach a different state smoothly.
  • Self-Storage- You might be overwhelmed with the number of items in your house or office. Enough space in your office is something else you could be looking for, but the number of things you have makes it difficult. Worry no more because some movers in Des Moines offer storage services. We have partnered with different movers who can ensure the extra items in your office or residence are correctly stored. These storage facilities are perfectly secured and can handle different types of goods.
  • Commercial Moving- Businesses that seek to relocate from one place to another within Des Moines or out of the state can get sorted by our partners. Most Des Moines moving services offer both residential and commercial moving services. Through iMoving, you will come across local moving companies in Des Moines that will ensure your business or office equipment get to their destination safely.
  • Additional Services- There are other extra moving services you can get Des Moines moving companies. They include the provision of boxes and other supplies that guarantee you a successful move. Packing and unpacking are also part of additional services offered by most Des Moines moving services.


Packing Tips to Guarantee You a Damage-Free Move


Packing different items correctly is essential for a damage-free move. These packing tips can guarantee you a safe move.


Wrapping Fragile Items


Your biggest worry after making up your mind about that move could be how your fragile items will get to your new destination without getting damaged. Wrapping or keeping them in materials that reduce their chances of colliding are the best options to prevent damage. Bubble wraps and packing peanuts are items that can reduce their chances of coming into contact together and breaking. Professional moving services in Des Moines will ensure your goods are well-packed before your move. iMoving platform has partnered with the best local moving companies. Visit their platform to hire one.




Packing and unpacking is an essential part of the moving process. There are certain items you may want to unpack first when you get to your new destination. Picking them out may prove to be a challenging task if they are not labeled correctly. Labeling your boxes is essential for a smooth moving process. A felt pen or sticker tags are the best labeling items to use. Des Moines moving companies that have partnered with iMoving can do their best to ensure your items are correctly packed and labeled for a smooth move.


Organize Your Items


Organizing yourself properly is essential for a smooth move. You can do this by starting to pack your items days before the said move. Group them by identifying which items should be kept together for easy packing and unpacking. Des Moines movers that have partnered with iMoving can help you organize your things to ensure you have a smooth move. Visit iMoving for the best Des Moines moving companies.


Things to Know When Moving to Des Moines, Iowa


Making that move to Des Moines is one of the best decisions you can ever make. The capital city of Iowa has a lot to offer. The city boasts of several parks, social amenities and educational facilities that can help you achieve a lot during your stay in the area. Survey the city before making that move to ensure it has all that you need. Don’t forget to look for the best local movers. iMoving is one platform you should utilize to connect you to the best movers in the region.