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Lafayette is in the heart of Cajun and Creole country and if you’re moving into the area from anywhere else in the country you are in for a big change. iMoving is a new concept in moving services designed specifically to help you make a big move to somewhere new.


When you’re looking for long-distance or even local moving companies in Lafayette, you know the drill – sort of. You need to spend hours researching to find a few qualified movers, then make the phone calls, get quotes and then figure out which one you’re going to trust.


Planning your move through iMoving is an easy way to get rid of all of that hassle.


We’re what’s called a moving facilitator, which means we’re here to make any move as simple as possible. has all the tools needed to find the best Lafayette movers. You simply tell us the basics such as where you’re moving to and from, an estimate of how much you have to move, as well as any additional services required and we will match your needs to a selection of moving companies suitable for your move, complete with quotes.


iMoving has connections with every sort of Lafayette moving company. From a no-frills local move to a large, cross-country residential move, to a complex commercial relocation, we have a high-quality mover that can handle the job.


Better yet, all the movers we work with have been thoroughly checked out personally by our iMoving team to make sure they are properly certified and insured, and also uphold the high industry standards that we adhere to transparent pricing, professionalism, and superior customer care.


iMoving is a smart way to get moving peace of mind without hours and hours of internet searching and spending your whole life booking appointments with movers who don’t show up.


Moving Services in Lafayette LA


In order to get the right sort of moving services, it helps to know the basics. There are different types of movers and often they specialize and offer different services. Here are a few to be aware of.


Local Movers: Local movers help you move across town or to a different area within the same state. They usually move one customer at a time and might get to more than one job in the day. Local is what you want if you’re moving less than 100 miles.


Long-Distance Movers: Long distance moving companies approach things in a different way. Economies of scale and distance are their watchwords. You will find they will move multiple families at the same time and they will plan a route which is indirect but saves the customer money. It can often take more than a week to be ready to start the drive across the country because they load more than one family.


Extra Add-On Services: Additional services you may want to consider include full-packing and unpacking, storage, vehicle transportation, furniture disassembly/assembly, and special handling for valuable antiques or artwork.


Tips to Make the Best Move


Moving is stressful enough without approaching it half-heartedly. Here are a few tips from our iMoving experts to make your Lafayette move the most successful it can be.


Always get a few estimates. iMoving will do most of that work for you by matching you with the right sort of movers for your specific move. Even if you don’t go that route, you should still be able to compare services and prices. If you do it yourself, don’t hire the first moving company that seems like a good fit, and check out what people who have used the service have to say.


Make a plan. Having a plan for a move will make the whole thing easier. Believe it or not, it is much easier to address a plan that needs to be changed than it is to have no plan. When you know what you’re dealing with in terms of timelines it is much easier to know what you need to do and to keep it in control.


Your move is about uprooting your life and starting again somewhere else. Even if it’s only across town, there’s no need to add extra stress to the process. Working with iMoving helps you get the best price, the best security, and the best coverage in case something, heaven forbid, does go wrong.


Things You Need to Know About Lafayette, LA


You're headed for life on the Bayou. Lucky you. Life in Lafayette is unlike any other major American city. For a start, if you really want to, you can practice your French with a certain je ne sais quoi. Lafayette is Louisiana’s fourth-largest city but with its rich cultural life and diverse lifestyles, it has gained the reputation of being the place to be in Louisiana.


A young city on the move


The average age in Lafayette is only 35 years old and 40% of the residents are in single homes. That does mean 60% are not – but the point is, there are lots of things to see and do and plenty of ways to meet new people.


House prices are still affordable and getting a mortgage on the average salary there is usually straightforward. You will get plenty of space and a decent lifestyle without mortgaging yourself into inaction. 55% of the population are homeowners rather than renters.


No snow and no real cold


When you live in Lafayette you have left the snow behind. Those days of shovels have long gone. But you will still need to keep your raincoat handy because Lafayette has plenty of rain; more than 60 inches of rainfall a year.


The temperature ranges from the 40s -90s but with the changing climate, it can be hotter than that in the summer – just like everywhere else.




If you’re a foodie, then this is the place for you. Cajun and Creole cooking abound. Incidentally, the difference between Cajun and Creole is sort of like town and country. You’ll understand once you are there.


Lafayette LA has that southern vibe going on too. Prepare to live your most relaxed you.