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Mississippi Movers - iMoving

Mississippi Movers 


So, you’re getting ready to move – and you need some Mississippi movers to help you make the process easier. How are you supposed to find the best movers for your job? How much are you going to spend on your move? And what can you do to make the process a little bit easier for yourself? These are big questions, and all have an overwhelming number of options online.


That’s where iMoving is ready to give you a hand. Our site has been built for people just like you – people that are preparing for a local or long-distance Mississippi move but aren’t quite sure how they’ll get everything sorted out. We’ve built our website in a way that allows you to just put your information and then you’ll get quotes that you can look through and choose from.


Easy to find resources are a must when you’re getting ready for a move, especially if you’re doing so at the last minute. We’ve made everything easy to navigate and you never have to worry about getting the wrong info or connected with Mississippi movers that don’t offer the services that you may need.


When you hire a Mississippi moving company through iMoving, you can feel confident that you’ll be getting the best service from a company that cares about you. These movers have years of experience, are thoroughly checked by our iMoving team, and they come highly recommended via customers and reviews on the web. We’ve done a lot of research to make sure that we’ve only offered help from the best of the best.


Moving Services in Mississippi


  • Local Moves. If you need to move to a new apartment that is in your same city or to a location less than 100 miles away, you want to look for local movers in Mississippi.


  • Long Distance Moves. Moving further away for a job change or for schooling opportunities? Interstate, long-distance and cross-country moves fall under the umbrella of long-distance moving services.


  • Commercial Moves. Relocating your business takes a lot of effort and specialized moving expertise. Many companies on our list have commercial moving services available as well.


  • Packing and Unpacking Services. If you want to save time on packing and you want to make sure that it’s done the right way, you may want to consider packing and unpacking.


  • Storage Services. You may need to store your items for a day or two, and having the help of a high-end moving company can go a long way for your purposes.


  • Miscellaneous Moving and Moving-Adjacent Services. Other services may include (but are not limited to) sales of moving supplies and moving kits, white glove services, large instrument moving services, and more.


Some Tips for Your Mississippi Move


1. Always start as soon as you know a moving date


Don’t delay! You want to be sure that you start packing up and taking care of everything else on your to-do list as soon as you can. Whether that means that you’re scheduling your Mississippi long-distance movers or you’re setting updates for your electric company to turn off your power, you want to have that in order as soon as you can.


2. Use iMoving to compare prices


Our website is built for comparing prices for Mississippi moving companies. All you need to do is put in your information (where you are and where you’re headed) and we can give you a number of custom quotes, allowing you to pick and choose between the companies that are best for your needs.


3. Pack smart!


Don’t pack your boxes so that they’re too heavy, be sure that you keep like things together. Pack by room – and then make sure that you label everything and color code it so that you know what rooms that your boxes should go into. Use clothing as cushioning for the fragile items that you’re taking with you, and just generally pack in a manner that makes sense and maximizes your space.


4. Pack, donate, trash


As you’re packing, be sure that you sort out things that you want to donate or throw away. You don’t want to take that with you and increase the costs of your move! Take a few trips to the thrift store or donation center and to the dump before you get done with the packing process.


5. Schedule wiggle room between your move-in date and your job/school/etc.


If you can help it, don’t go from moving into your new home to starting your new job or school on the very next day. Try to schedule a little bit of breathing room in there so that you and your family can fall into your new normal a little more easily.


What Do You Need to Know When Moving to Mississippi


Mississippi is in the Deep South, so you likely have some expectations in mind when it comes to moving there. For example, you’re probably expecting fried food, friendly people, and a lot of rural spaces, even near the so-called city areas. And that’s accurate, but there are some other things to keep in mind when moving here.


Mississippi is one of the most affordable states to live in – the cost of living is relatively low, and about 30% of jobs are in the agricultural sector, followed by manufacturing. But, if you’re looking for a job in the medical field, the University of Mississippi and North Mississippi Medical Center both have a lot to offer.


There are all sorts of things to do in the Magnolia State, and if you like any level of history, culture, arts, or science, you will be able to find it. From Elvis Presley’s birthplace to the Tupelo Automobile Museum, you’ve got it all and you’ll be able to find some pretty solid entertainment, no matter when or where you may be out and about.


The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, found in the capital of Jackson, has over 300 acres of space to hike, explore, and just learn as much as you can.


Also, if you’re looking to further your education, the Magnolia State is a perfect choice. In-state tuition for higher education has been under $5,000 (on average) for several years, making it one of the most affordable options in the country when it comes to getting the education that you want.


While the state is still getting its bearings in an always-changing world, it’s likely that Mississippi will definitely be a great option to raise a family for years to come.