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A key part of the moving process is finding the right local or long-distance moving company in Jackson, MS. This will make moving to your new residence a much more pleasant experience.


iMoving is a referral service that connects you with the best Jackson, MS moving companies for your upcoming move. Instead of taking a guess about which companies can be trusted and which ones cannot, iMoving only provides you with movers that are highly recommended, vetted, and licensed.


We help you do more than just move, if you need a truck, we can put you in touch with the best rental companies that will offer you the best rates. Jackson movers in our iMoving network also offer other relocation services such as car transport, special handling, and storage.


Dedicated to improving your moving experience, iMoving is rooted in a foundation of transparency and trust between movers and customers. The standards that we hold ourselves to are the same ones that the movers we partner with are held to.


Simply start by getting a quote. After you input the inventory you are moving, you will instantly see a number of movers in Jackson, MS that can handle your move. You can then filter your search by ratings or price, for instance, to get a high-quality company that fits your budget. Once you choose, book your move and manage the entire move on our site. It’s as simple as that!


We do the heavy lifting so that all you have to do is choose the company that has the services you need at the price you can afford. iMoving guarantees the job will be done well. 


Moving Services in Jackson, MS


  • Local Moving Services: Typically referring to moves within a state, local moving services provide an initial quote based on the information you provide. These movers will charge a fixed hourly rate.


  • Special Handling: When large and fragile items are a concern, you may need professionals to get your items safely to their new location. These items include antiques, pianos, artwork, mirrors and musical instruments.


  • Long Distance Moving Services: Moving across state lines requires a long-distance moving company. This move is more complex and involves many more workers to coordinate a smooth transition. Getting an in-home estimate before you sign any contract is key.


  • Packing & Unpacking: Under your direction, movers pack your entire home and will also unpack it when it arrives at the new location. Most companies let you choose between partial and full packing services.


  • Commercial Moving Services: Part of what makes this move difficult is that the company must be experienced enough to relocate your business efficiently, yet smoothly. Finding a commercial mover that is trustworthy and reliable is crucial.


Moving Tips for a Better Move


Measure your move ahead of time


If a large item can’t pass through a doorway, it will need to be disassembled by either you or the movers. This will add additional time to the move either way, costing you more money. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out your favorite couch won’t fit through the hallway. Instead, spend some time measure bulky items in advance so you can have the furniture disassembled when moving day comes.


Have your utilities set up and waiting for you


Moving is stressful enough as is, so why not make it a bit easier on yourself by having the most necessary utilities up and running at your new place. Now when you arrive, you will have hot water to shower after the long day or relax playing your favorite online game thanks to the internet that is waiting for you.


Take less with you


The amount of time it takes to move your things factors into the price you pay. Less things mean it takes less time to load them up and get going. Before you take the exercise bike you no longer like or the rocking chair you never use along to the next place, consider giving them away. You can also have a garage sell and get rid of some excess. The extra cash can pay for food or gas on the road.


Pack a box of essentials


Think of this essentials kit as your survival bag. Put everything in this box that you’ll need for the first week, but especially for the first day. Having things like work clothes, the coffee maker, razors and even your movie popcorn in one place will take some of the stress off you getting ready in the morning or right after the move.


Things to Know Before You Get to Jackson, MS


  • The City With Soul: Famous for its R&B, blues, and gospel roots, Jackson has some serious soul. The juke bars and illegal clubs made this stop along the Mississippi Blues Trail a vibrant music scene that is still thriving today.


  • Get a Bang for Your Buck: Recently listed as the third best city when it comes to the cost of living by Forbes, you’ll find the value of a dollar here is much greater than in other metro areas. The low cost of living easily offsets the personal income per capita. Despite having a lower income, Jackson continually as one of the top metro areas in charitable contributions, thanks to its residents.


  • You’ll be Living on Top of a Volcano: Welcome to the only capital city in the nation that has a volcano underneath it. The volcano’s peak is reportedly 2,900 feet below the city, right below the Mississippi Coliseum. It hasn’t erupted in about 75 million years, so you’ll be just fine, but amazing nonetheless.


  • Discover Fondren, a Local Treasure: Completely preserved, Fondren is considered the hippest neighborhood in Jackson. Scenes from the Academy Award Winning film “The Help” were filmed there because of its vintage look. Signs hanging around saying “Stay funky, Fondren!” let you know the residents take great pride in this special place.


  • Incredible Views are Everywhere: Lovers of the outdoors will be delighted by the Azalea Trail and by Oriental Island located in Mynelle Gardens. Try taking a long drive on the Natchez Trace for a scenic view that winds outside the city or checks out Jackson State University’s Botanical Garden.


  • See How the State Does Business: Jackson is home to major political bigwigs and the stunning buildings that house them. The Governor’s Mansion and City Hall are gorgeous, but all the buildings are historic and are worth seeing. The Governor’s Mansion, in particular, dates back to pre-Civil War times and embodies Jackson.


iMoving can get you moved in and settled without the trouble of interviewing tons of companies and worrying about surprise fees. Let us help you get to Jackson and start enjoying everything it has to offer.