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Movers in Nevada

Movers in Nevada


A big move can be the greatest experience of your life or a complete nightmare, much of which depends on the moving company that you hire. We have spoken to so many people who share this view, as it was shaped by their own moving experiences.


At iMoving, we are committed to providing you with a platform for the best possible moving experience. We know that you do not have time to look through, research and vet movers on your own. And that can lead to unfortunate situations where people hire unreliable companies for the job.


We are a moving referral company that can connect you with the best local and long-distance moving companies in Nevada. If you are planning a move to this great state in the next few months, we can connect you with top Nevada movers.


Our proprietary vetting system is very personal. We do not use an algorithm or automated setup to vet movers. Our team manually assesses the insurance coverage, certifications, years of experience, services, rates and reviews of each Nevada moving company we partner with.

When you enter your information, such as zip codes and services required, we put you in touch with the top five or six Nevada movers that can handle the job.


And with iMoving, you can even complete the payment through our secure portal. You never have to give your payment information directly to a mover. You pay through the portal and we pass along that payment seven days after your move is completed.


Moving Services in Nevada


No two moves are the same. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us that. It is why we ask for the specific services you require when we are providing you with a list of the top Nevada movers.


When you are connecting with a moving company within the iMoving network, you can expect some of the following moving services to be available:


  • Special Items Handling - If you own any valuable items, such as pianos, delicate antiques, or vintage weapons, movers can take special precautions to ensure those items are transported safely.
  • Short-Term Storage - Not everyone has a permanent living situation by the time their possessions arrive in Nevada. Many movers provide short term storage at local facilities until you are ready to receive your possessions.
  • Full Packing Service - If you are not the type of person who enjoys packing, do not fret. Request a full packing service and the movers will handle everything, including packing, loading, unloading and unpacking your items.


Helpful Tips for a Cross Country Move to Nevada


Preparing for a big move is an exhausting mental and physical process – regardless of whether you’re moving across the country or within the state. There is so much that goes on in the months leading up to a move. It is a good idea to make a chronological list of everything that must get done.


We also encourage people who are moving to give their kids as much possible advance knowledge as possible. It will give your kids time to say goodbye to friends, teachers and their favorite spots around your hometown.


Try to plan a visit to Nevada before your official move with the kids, even if it is for a weekend. It will give the whole family a chance to see the area, get to know the neighborhoods where you’ll be living, check out some local attractions, and find the best restaurants.


Things to Know When Moving to Nevada


A western state in the United States, Nevada is best known for its biggest city of Las Vegas. But there is a lot more to Nevada than the glitz, glamor and gambling of Vegas!


Between Lake Tahoe, Death Valley National Park and the Red Rock Canyon, there is so much incredible scenery in Nevada. If your family loves the outdoors and activities such as hiking or camping, you will have a wonderful time in Nevada.


You should have some good options as far as picking a city to live. Nevada is not only home to Vegas, but areas such as Reno, Henderson, Carson City and Elko. And aside from tourism, industries such as logistics, manufacturing, mining and aerospace are a major part of the Nevada economy.


With a semi-arid, desert climate, Nevada is relatively warm throughout the year. It is especially hot during the summer, in June, July and August. The temperature does become a lot milder in the winter, spring and fall, but it is rarely cold.