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Pro Movers INC
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Movers in Oregon

Movers in Oregon


Going from one state to another is hard enough, but when you take on the task up uprooting your entire lifestyle and family and then have to deal with unreliable movers, it can become almost impossible to find any enjoyment in the task of moving and getting ready to start a new life.


At iMoving, we make your move a success by connecting you to local or long-distance Oregon moving companies that have been vetted, verified, and positively reviewed by consumers to ensure that everything is kept as stress-free as possible.


Use the tools and information on our iMoving.com site to find the right moving company from our extensive network. Every Oregon mover is held to our high standards, which include professionalism, up-to-date official qualifications and superior customer service that demonstrates respect towards their customers and their belongings. If an Oregon moving company in our network falls below our rankings then they are removed.


The price is also calculated and fixed prior to the move, and can only be changed by you altering the inventory or services you wish to be provided. The movers in our network can help with packing, loading, and the handling of your special items as well.


Using iMoving to choose your Oregon movers will ensure that your long-distance move will have no surprises, hidden fees or inexperienced workers. Every mover in our network will treat you with respect, and iMoving.com will be with you every step of the way to make sure everything works out as expected.


Moving Services in Oregon


  • Full packing services: Full packing is when movers will come to your home and help you get everything packed up. From fine china to toys to furniture, everything will be packaged quickly and professionally. You can be assured that your breakable or fragile items will be treated with the utmost care.
  • Long Distance moving: This is for any move out of state. Moving with Oregon is considered a local move, even if you’re moving from one corner of the state to another. The long-distance or interstate Oregon movers in our network all have the proper insurance to carry out a cross-country
  • Unloading and unpacking: Once your boxes are unloaded, this service will help keep unpacking time from taking up the rest of the day, as movers will help unload your items and place them in the house.
  • Special Handling: If you have an art sculpture, musical instrument, or other large items that need to be moved, movers will handle and package these bulkier items for you.


Best Tips for a Successful Move


These moving hacks will make everything easier on the big day!


  • Plan your meals around the perishable food in the kitchen, and eat it while only storing the nonperishable items. That way nothing is wasted on the moving
  • Separate the items that you do not need into donation piles for friends, family members, or for non-profits or charities. Then have them get picked up as soon as possible to reduce clutter.
  • Be sure to measure all your furniture to ensure it will fit inside the doorways of your new home without having to be taken apart. If furniture does need to be taken apart, make a note of what needs to be removed to allow it to fit and then be reassembled.
  • Use clothing as a substitute for bubble wrap when you have to pack dishes and glasses, and if you run out of boxes, use extra luggage instead.


Things to Know About Oregon


Oregon is unique in many ways, as it doesn’t have any sales tax and won’t let you pump your own gas. It also is a massive biking state where cars aren’t needed in most of the bigger cities. Various events, clubs, and programs let you break out your bike alongside others and pedal away.


In addition, it holds coastline and cliffs to explore, crabs that are often caught during winter time and fill plates for months after, and some of the greenest cities in the U.S. Farmer’s markets also pepper the countryside and offer a variety of locally grown foods for your eating pleasure.


If you and your family care about the environment and your own natural health, moving to Oregon is an excellent choice.