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When it comes to choosing a good moving company, one of the first things people look at is their security. After all, you are basically trusting your items, and in some cases your livelihood, to a company you really don’t know. And, sadly, there are plenty of movers out there that don’t live up to their marketing.


Finding a reliable, trustworthy mover shouldn’t have to involve thinking about the safety of your items, which is why at iMoving, we only connect you to local or interstate moving companies in Portland, OR that have been verified by our expert team as well as their prior customers.


We screen and handpick the local movers in our network for professionalism, experience, and accountability. If they break that trust, then they are removed from our network. So whichever moving company in Portland, OR you decide on to handle your items, you can rest assured that they will be ethical, transparent, and treat all of your items with respect.


We require the moving companies we partner with to be reliable, and they will make every effort to arrive on time, package items carefully, and do everything possible to make your move as stress free as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about the security of your items while they are in the care of Portland mover in the iMoving network, and if there is a problem, iMoving will work with you to resolve the issue.


No matter what happens, when you use our services, we will stand with you to protect your goods and get you and your items to their new location on moving day.


Moving Services in Portland, OR


  • Commercial moving: When it comes to moving an office space to a new location, special equipment and knowledge is required. Commercial movers are experts trained to quickly and efficiently move items without causing any undue hassle. Oftentimes they can help sort out the complex logistics of office moves as well.
  • Storage services: If you aren’t going to arrive at the moving location at the same time as your items, having a storage service to keep them for a few days until you arrive and get settled is often a good answer.
  • Packing services: This service will help you pack and unpack items during a move, and will professionally ensure that your items are not damaged during the move or the packing process. If you have problems with your packing abilities, then this service will be good for you.
  • Local moving: If you are moving to a different city or part of the same state, then this service is the one you to consider first for the fastest and most cost-effective method of moving.


Select Moving Tips


  • Label, box, and organize smaller items: Boxing up clothes, cords, books, and other small and medium-sized items will allow the movers to focus on moving the things you probably can’t do by yourself. Be sure to keep everything labeled as well, especially the fragile gear.
  • Keep anything you don’t want to be touched in a separate area: This can include a phone, mail, private papers or items, or valuables. Mark the area and tell the movers not to touch anything there, so they won’t accidentally pick it up by mistake.
  • Clear the fridge and freezer: Be sure to eat or otherwise get rid of the perishable food in your freezer, and then store all the nonperishable items away. Especially if your fridge/freezer needs to be taken with you.


What to Know When Moving to Portland


First off, be prepared for the rainy weather. Most folks don’t use umbrellas or rain boots, but instead wear jackets and wool coats to stave off both the wetness and the cold. Taking some extra vitamin D will help keep your mind and body balanced.


One nice thing about all the rain is that the city is pretty green all year round, both in terms of the plant life and the effort put into the environment. This is the city of recycling, biking, and composting, and the citizens are proud of that fact.


In addition, many people bike and walk around the city, so you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel to avoid getting hit by a bike or a car. Thankfully, there aren’t too many drivers, as they’re too busy biking on the shared roadways or the bike lanes.