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Louisville Movers - iMoving

Louisville Movers


iMoving can make your upcoming move simpler, smarter and worry-free. Our online moving platform does the hard work when it comes to finding and choosing a Louisville mover that treats your furniture, clothing, and electronics as if they were their own.


Instead of spending your time interviewing candidates, iMoving has a network that only has the best moving companies in Louisville. Every company has been comprehensively vetted and comes with the highest ratings from real clients.


To get started, get a quote with us. We provide binding quotes that cannot be changed. Our system uses an advanced methodology to make sure you input every item and understand the price you are being charged per item. Never wonder about how the price of your move was calculated when you book with us.


We hold ourselves and our network of Louisville moving companies to the exact same standards. If something is unacceptable, they are held accountable. In fact, we secure your move by never allowing the company to even handle your money. Everything goes through us and the money isn’t released until you tell us the job has been completed to satisfaction. This is just one more way we protect your payment. We also offer a full money-back guarantee if the move goes wrong, because nothing will.


No longer worry about bad service, including rude movers that don’t answer questions, and move without expecting a sudden increase in prices. Our professional movers are the best in the business and can handle any move or relocation service you require.


Moving Services in Louisville, KY


  • Long-Distance Moving: Crossing state lines for a move can add a level of complexity that most people don’t realize, and it can be a massive headache when done alone. Long-distance moving companies in Louisville will help. They charge based on distance and weight of a shipment.


  • Local Moving Service: Moving within the state doesn’t require as much coordination. Local moving companies offer flat rates are determined by the amount of time it takes to complete a move. These moves can usually be done within the day.


  • Commercial Moving: An expert, experienced moving company is needed when handling the relocation of your business or office. They make the process easier by coordinating and executing the moving process without disturbing your daily operations.


  • Storage: Safely storing your belongings may be necessary if your new residence is not ready yet or if you have too many thing and not enough time to go through them. These services will pick up your things (or you can drop them off) and hold them in large warehouses until you are ready to use them.


Use These Moving Tips for a Successful Louisville Move


Put labels on your boxes


Before you dismiss this “obvious” tip, remember that you are going to be packing your entire life and possibly helping others do the same. That takes a lot of energy for most people and it’s easy to forget the little things. Forgetting to label your boxes may seem little, but it will cause a much bigger headache than you think. Knowing where the toiletries are or where the beauty items are when you’re running behind schedule will be a lifesaver.


Ask your family and friends to get involved


Moving can be a sad occasion if you are heading far away from loved ones, but it can also be a great opportunity to make lasting, meaningful memories. Make the most of the last days by spending time together while you prepare for your move. This could mean asking them to clean, pack or help research a doctor’s office near your new residence.


Find moving supplies instead of buying them


Paying moving companies for bubble wrap or boxes can add up fast, so instead try finding them around your neighborhood. Boxes at bars, liquor stores, and restaurants are common and these places are more than likely to give away extra supplies happily – less cleanup for them! Whatever you do find, make sure the supplies are in good condition. You don’t want them falling apart, damaging your things.


Construct a moving binder


Having a master list allows you to know what’s inside of every box you’ve packed and where everything is located. It’s also a great place to throw every piece of paper that is related to the move. Store contract information, receipts, swatches and addresses to keep them safe. The binder lets you stay organized and disorganized at the same time and all in one place.


Good Things to Know When Moving to Louisville, KY


  • Delicious Food Awaits You: There’s no way you can live in Louisville and have a bad night out eating. There are plenty of local restaurants that have a lot to offer. Choose from home-style traditional foots or try the Mediterranean, French or Italian cuisine. Boasting over 2,500 restaurants, this city has quickly become an ideal destination for foodies around the country. It was even named one of the top five “foodiest” small cities by Bon Appetit magazine. Be sure to check out Kaelin’s Restaurant, they claim to have invented the cheeseburger.


  • Visit the Wonderful Parks: The same architect involved in creating New York’s Central Park had a hand in crafting Louisville’s park system. With the goal of bringing nature into every neighborhood, there are over 120 public parks to visit. Some of the most popular are Iroquois Park, known for an open-air amphitheater and its panoramic views, and Cherokee Park. One of the top-visited parks in the nation, Cherokee Park features a fenced-in dog park, bird sanctuary, and scenic loop.


  • You’ll Get Familiar with Bourbon: Louisville is the supplier of 95% of the entire world’s bourbon. Needless to say, it’s a point of pride to the residents. Learn about the history of Bourbon by taking one of the many tours available throughout the city. You’ll visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and get a deeper understanding of the city’s roots.


  • Kentucky Derby: Held right in Louisville, you’ll witness the fastest two minutes in sports you’ve ever seen. The celebrations last well before and after the horse racing is over. So grab your finest summer hat, fanciest Southern attire and enjoy this one-of-a-kind event.


When looking for the best Louisville moving companies, iMoving has you covered. Start today by getting a quote. If you like the price, it’s yours once you lock it in and it will never change. We will get you to your new residence so you can enjoy everything Louisville has to offer.