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Vermont Movers - iMoving

Vermont Movers


How lucky are you? You’re moving to Vermont. Your life is about to get a whole lot better just by your new location. You’re probably already thinking of the best ways to get all your belongings there, especially if you’re about to set off on a long-distance move to Vermont.


Long-distance movers can be a tricky bunch, if only because there are so many moving parts (so to speak). That’s why iMoving came up with a new idea in moving; the idea of someone who is on your side. We think it is quite revolutionary.


Moving is on the all-time list of high-stress events, but we have been in the business for years and we don’t agree that it needs to cause your head to explode. iMoving is here to act a bit like the classic vision of an older sibling – you know, someone you can rely on who is going to help.


Here’s how it works. We have a nationwide network of movers who know us and we know them - thoroughly. iMoving adheres to a rigorous vetting process and we only work with highly-qualified, ethical moving companies that have proven to be the best in the business. The local and long-distance Vermont movers we partner with like working with us because the customers who come their way from us know what they are going to get and they know what to expect. It makes it easy on everyone.


Does a fixed price for your Vermont move sound like a good idea? It does to us too! We really like the idea of no surprises because long-distance movers are expensive enough as it is. Give iMoving a try. You really have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.


Moving Services in Vermont


Our hand-picked movers offer a huge range of services and the best thing you can do is understand what is out there. You might be lucky and have a moving company do the whole thing, but most people want to choose from a range. Long-distance and local Vermont moving companies will offer services like:


  • A full packing service: Short on time? Not as mobile as you used to be? Consider a mover with the staff and training to take care of all the packing.


  • A storage service: If you can’t move in immediately but have to move out, where does your stuff go? Movers that offer this service can help.


  • Special handling options: If you want to make sure grandma’s china or valuable antique end table is safe as it moves cross country without you, look for special handling capabilities.


  • Oversized items: What about the piano or the tall grandfather clock? When it comes to large items that need special care, it is wisest to pay extra to hire a moving company with the experience and equipment required. Don’t risk it.


Tips for a Smooth Move to Vermont


There are things you can do to make moving to Vermont easier. Here are a few our iMoving professionals recommend:


  • Start as early as you can with the things you don’t need. If it's the winter time pack your summer clothes and vice versa. Even if you just do a few boxes a day it will help. The move seems to be ages away and then before you know it, the moving company is on your doorstep.


  • Mark everything. You can’t overdo this. When you arrive at the new place, the movers will move fast and you’ll find yourself directing faster than you thought. Give yourself clues on the boxes so the moving crew does as much of the work as possible.


  • Let the crew do the work. They do this all the time and are fit and healthy and strong. Don’t get in their way – they will do it faster than you can imagine. Just be as much help as possible by marking the boxes.


  • Pack a first night bag to carry with you and an “Open Me First” box. The last thing you need to be doing when everyone is tired and cranky is face a desperate search for pajamas and toothbrushes. Have all that in a bag, and help yourself out by having the basics for the next morning (coffee pot, toaster, some utensils, etc.) in one box that you can keep track of. Maybe even put it in the car and not on the truck so you can put your hands on it anytime.


  • Hire cleaners after you leave the old place. Considering the total costs of an interstate or cross-country move, this is a tiny drop in the bucket, but it leaves you able to walk away when you’re packed and not have to worry about it.


What to Expect in Vermont


Vermont is the land of Ben and Jerry’s, where the cows are truly happy. The lifestyle there is all about the outdoors. If you’re moving from a major metropolis, you are going to need to make an adjustment, because the pace of life is going to be much more stop and smell the roses.


This is a state for all year round. Vermont is, of course, famous for its winter sports – why do you think the von Trapps of Sound of Music fame settled there? (Yes, the real ones, you’re not going to see Julie Andrews). When it comes to winter sports you’re going to be spoiled for choice and, if the idea of making a decision at 8 am and being on the slopes 45 minutes later appeals, you have just moved to heaven.


Spring might come a little later than it does further south, but it is just as refreshing for all of that. But it neither starts nor ends there. In the summers there’s everything you can imagine to do outside. Hike, fish swim, sunbathe, watch outdoor theatre – you will find it all in Vermont. You’ll get great hot days but it will be cool enough to sleep at night.


In the fall, Vermont has one of the best foliage displays in the country. It changes from year to year, but you can be certain of spectacular colors and vistas which will take your breath away.


Vermont is a delightful mix of the quixotic and the pragmatic. You’ll find you can buy wool from someone who owns the alpacas, and you’ll also be able to go to a grocery store like every other place in the country. Once you’re used to the slower pace of life, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived anywhere else.