How to Streamline Your Move During the Holidays

For a streamlined holiday move you will want to plan very early and situate things like utilities far in advance. Be sure to plan festivities around your move and consider hiring movers for a single-trip move. Be ready for holiday traffic and inclement weather delays.

How to Streamline Your Move During the Holidays

Planning a holiday move? You are definitely in for a busy few weeks but do not worry. Aside from the expected traffic and cold weather, a holiday move should not be any more stressful than a regular one.

Continue reading to learn a few tips and tricks we have put together so you don’t forget anything during your holiday move.

Plan, Plan, Plan… and Start Early!

We don't have to tell you, the holidays are a busy season. You will have a lot to juggle so the earlier you start, the easier your transition will be. With all of the holiday chaos, you will want to be prepared well in advance.

We recommended to start packing at least a month prior to your move. Don't wait until the last week to start. If you have lived in your home for at least a year, there is far more tucked away than you realize.

Here is a list of things you also want to have situated before any move:

Separate Everyday Items and Decorations

Similar to packing for vacation, as you get everything ready for your move, be sure to keep warm clothes you expect to wear handy. Think ahead about your holiday plans and what you will need to have available.

Another suggestion would be to label and pack holiday decorations separately so you can easily access them when you move into your new home. Setting them up shortly after your move is a great way to settle in and embrace the holiday spirit.

Something else to consider is packing or wrapping gifts separately. Depending on how close your move is to the holidays, the last thing you want is to lose a present along the way. Keep all your wrapping essentials together and set them aside in your new home, or even set up a little wrapping station.

Announce Your New Address in a Christmas Card

A quick and easy way to update friends and family on your move is to combine your moving announcement with your Christmas card. Since you will be sending letters to your closest friends and family anyway, this kills two birds with one stone.

Think About Furnishing Your House Early

You probably already have ideas for furnishing your new home. And if you plan on any housewarming holiday parties, people will need somewhere to sit.

If you don’t want everyone sitting on the floor around the fireplace, you will want to purchase and order new furniture ahead of time.

That way you can schedule deliveries in a timely manner and have everything ready with minimal last-minute scrambling.

Schedule Your Holiday Festivities

If you plan to move closer to family or are planning on the family coming to visit, knowing your game plan ahead of time will be essential. Find out early who will be visiting and make sleeping arrangements. Also, be sure to plan out events around your move-in schedule.

Give yourself time to unpack and set up the house. Maybe you can employ some of your family to help with the move as an early Christmas present.

Most likely your loved ones will want to see your new home. But if you are worried about having everything set up in time, consider staying with a family member during the holiday. That way you can avoid having to clean up on top of unpacking.

Expect Hiccups and Consider Hiring Movers

With all of the holiday chaos, you will probably want to finish your entire move in one shot. Unless you have a handful of friends ready to drive multiple U-hauls, your best bet is to hire some help. Having a reliable moving company will take a load off your shoulders (no pun intended) and give you time to plan out everything else.

Depending on where you are in the country, and when exactly you plan to move, you may run into some hiccups along the way.

You can expect heavy traffic delays from all of the holiday season travelers going to visit their families. If you are moving to a colder region, delays from heavy snowfall are extremely common. Be sure you are prepared for snowy conditions and icy roads during your travels.

Don’t Forget the Kids

Literally and figuratively, don’t leave your children out of the moving process. A big move can be stressful for everyone involved and it is important to help your children's transition into a new home as enjoyable as possible. Try to think about everything from their perspective and do your best to alleviate their concerns.

At the end of your days packing and planning, try to spend quality time with the kids. Keep the TV plugged in and watch holiday movies together with a cup of hot chocolate. Consider leaving out their favorite toys or entertainment systems until the last minute so they have something to do.

Lastly, Cut Yourself Some Slack

Planning a holiday move is no easy task. Between all the packing and preparation, plus cold weather and family plans, you are in for a busy few weeks for sure.

Do your best to control what you can and do not let any hiccups ruin your mood. A holiday move will be a memorable one, to say the least, so try to squeeze in some fun and make the best of it.

Planning a Holiday Move?

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