Moving Like a Professional Isn't Just For the Super Wives

When planning your move, if you are armed with a few professional tips such as pre planning knowledge, decluttering tips, and knowing how to prepare an essentials bag, your move will go very smoothly.

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Moving Like a Professional Isn't Just For the Super Wives

You don’t have to be Barbie and Ken in order to move like a super family. With some simple tips from the pros, we’ll have you moving like a pro in no time at all! It’s all about efficiency, pre-planning, and small accomplishments!

Moving can be stressful and a big life event for many. If you are like us here on the iMoving team, we see it as a fun adventure! We hope our tips can help you get through the rough part and nitty gritty details and get you faster and smarter on your way to your new home, wherever it may be! 

Top Curated Tips for the Pro Mover Inside of You

Even if the pro mover inside of you is buried super super deep down, we will get him out of there. By following the following tips that we have taken down from a mix of our friends that have moved homes, you will be on your way to moving like Johnny Bravo. 

1. Pre planning is all the rage

Those that plan well end up the most successful at the end of the day. Even if you think you can last second throw things in cartons and it’ll be ok is your mindset, that's not a smart way to go about things. Plan out a schedule taking your life events like school, work and other important events into account, and choose they days you are setting aside to work on your moving details and pack.

2. Getting rid of the excess in your life will make the process simpler

Getting rid of excess home goods feels just as good as getting rid of a bad ex. Ok maybe not as great, but pretty damn good! Take the time now while packing to really sort through your belongings and give away and get rid of all the excess clutter. You can donate things to Goodwill or give them away on the street. You can even throw a garage sale if you really have the time to dedicate. 

3. Decide early on about large furniture pieces and predesign your new home

You need to know if the current sofa will be coming to your new abode or if it should be sold or given away from your current home.

This info is not only important so that you can get an accurate and binding moving estimate but also so that you can purchase new items on time to make your new home feel homier, faster, Pre designing your new home as well lets you know if you need to order things like curtains that without them your sleep will take a hit, or bed frames.

This stage of the planning process helps you at the end of the day to properly budget and save funds for better and more fun things. 

4. Pack properly and like a professional to avoid broken items

The worst feeling after spending money on supplies like bubble wrap and boxes is to open your items in your new home and find half of the glass items broken beyond repair. If you get all the supplies you will need such as tape, blankets and towels and of course lots and lots of bubble wrap you will be better off.

Double and even triple wrap items you aren’t sure about. If you have an extremely important delicate glass item I would even consider taking it separately in your own car so that you can make sure nothing is stacked on top of it or breaks it accidentally. 

5. Label each box more than girls in the gym post Lulu lemon labels on every piece of clothing

We aren’t kidding here. It might feel like overkill to write which room you packed up and the entire contents of the box, but know that it’s not in vain! Eg: Kitchen: pots, pans, sticky pads, mixing bowls, plates and cups. When you go to unpack and really want a glass of water but have 6 boxes labeled “kitchen” this will be the game changer.

The reason for labeling each side and the top of the box is because all your items boxed are likely o be stacked in one corner of the new room. You won’t necessarily be lucky and have the one side you labeled as the one sticking out. That is why you should label all sides in delta. 

6. Take inventory and take the guesswork out of the picture

If you truly want to move like a pro, taking inventory is an important part of the process. While this may seem like a time consuming task, it’s worth it to have a master list of all your items including the state and condition they are found in before your move.

You should be moving with a mover that offers insurance and without the proof of the item's previous condition, including photos you will struggle to have anyone believe you that your 70 inch flat screen never had a crack.

Inventory also helps you to better understand and guide your mover on how long the job will take his men when requesting a binding quote. Mistakes in quantity could change the pricing so try to be as accurate as possible for your own sake!

7. Don’t be “that guy” that forgets his key essentials and packs them away

Having an essentials bag is key to a successful moving day. Whether you are just moving a few blocks over to a nicer home, or across the country, you will need certain essentials with you at all times. Some items I like to keep in my essentials bag are:

  • Passport
  • ID 
  • Drivers license
  • 1 day’s change of clothes and underwear
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Pyjamas
  • Sheets and blankets set including pillowcases
  • A small snack
  • Your laptop and charger
  • Camera and charger
  • Phone charger
  • Wallet
  • Anything else you will go crazy without for the day


Pro tip: Your essentials bag should be kept small and actually accessible throughout the day, so don’t stuff all those last second unnecessary items into it just because you have it!


Involve them in the process! Even if they aren’t fully functional, having them feel empowered will do a lot for their self esteem. You can involve them in the process of choosing a new home, new area, or just in the small things such as where the local supermarket should be, or what day they want to move and feel up to it. Make sure to keep their stress levels low, take breaks, and keep their medicines in the essentials bag so nothing gets lost in the process.

Don’t fall for scammers that quote you one thing and then expect much more with hidden fees for made up services. Only book a trusted and vetted mover to make sure you don't fall for the bad guys.

First off you need to have checked all their documents and ensure they are registered with a DOT number. You should review accident records, filed claims, and read through all types of customer reviews, the positive and the negative. Overall though, when booking a mover, it is more of an interview process where you understand if their vibes and yours match up.

If you want to make this process go much faster, know that iMoving has a marketplace of only reliable and vetted movers, so you can skip the first steps and  just book based on vibes and services offered.

The truly special pieces I would recommend actually packing up in many layers of bubble wrap and towels and actually putting in your personal car if the option exists. You can of course wrap these items and put them in a plastic bin with many layers of pillows, towels and more soft items and write “fragile” on top, but I think it’s better to play it safe than sorry.

The changes in all aspects of life is the usual answer. It’s not just that you are being uprooted from your bedroom, familiar neighborhood and local spots, its the fact that this happens while your entire life is in boxes, so you cannot find solitude in your new place until you properly unpack.

The first couple weeks can feel overwhelming, but the more you put yourself to the task of unpacking and making the new home feel cozy, the faster you will feel at home!

Wrapping things up (with bubble wrap)

In summary, with proper preparation, your move is bound to go smoother than in the past. When you are armed with information you are prepared for success! Feel free to print our guide of helpful tips.


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