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AAA Family Move
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Movers in Kansas

Movers in Kansas


Not every local or long distance move has to be an arduous experience full of frustration and anxiety. People assume that moving is stressful because they only have experiences with unprofessional movers.


iMoving wants to change the perception around moving to Kansas. We want individuals, couples, families and businesses to move to the area comfortably and affordably. It is why we can help connect you with moving companies in Kansas that uphold the standards we value.

When you connect with movers through iMoving, you can save money and enjoy a more secure transaction. We use your zip code and other details to find the five or six best local or long-distance Kansas moving companies for your upcoming move. These are vetted companies that have the proper insurance, certification and credentials.


Many services use algorithms to find the “best” movers in a state. It is not how we operate at iMoving. The Kansas movers we recommend are personally researched, vetted and monitored by our team of professionals. If any mover lowers its standards, they are removed from our recommendations.


Ensure that your upcoming move to Kansas is a great experience. Enter your information at iMoving.com, get recommendations on the top five or six movers in the area, and choose the one that best fits your needs. You can even pay the mover through our portal, which is a lot more secure and includes a lock on the initial quote you receive.


Moving Services in KS


Every move is different in nature and size. The services that you require may be different from what another individual or couple requests. It is why we work hard to match our customers with the moving companies in Kansas that can meet their needs.

The services offered by movers within the iMoving network may include:


  • Full Packing or Loading: With the full packing service, your items are packed into boxes, loaded, unloaded and unpacked by the movers. It is a bit more expensive, but eliminates all of the hassle associated with moving an apartment or home’s worth of possessions. The loading service is purely for loading and unloading boxes, as you take care of the packing and unpacking.
  • Short Term Storage: If you have not secured a permanent home or apartment in Kansas, you can request the moving company to move your items into a storage facility. You can have the items delivered to your home or apartment at a later date.
  • Vehicle Transportation: Those who are moving to Kansas from across the country can request that a moving company takes care of relocating their vehicle. It may take a couple weeks, but your car will arrive in Kansas in the same condition it left your home.


Tips for a Successful Move to Kansas


Moving to a new city or state is a major change. Even if you enjoy moving around, the process can be complicated and tiring. One way to make things a little easier is to plan ahead.


  • Spend time sorting through items and decide what you really need to take to Kansas and what items you do not need. Then you can choose to donate, sell, recycle or throw away items.
  • Plan a trip to the city where you are planning to live a few months before your move. It will let you check out the area, scope out the neighborhoods and the best places to eat. You sure don’t want to have to make dinner the night you arrive!
  • Visit the post office and have your mail forwarded a few days before you are moving out. All your mail that is coming to the current address will be forwarded to your new address.


Things to Know When Moving to Kansas


A mid-western state that is often called the heartland of the country, Kansas is home to a unique landscape, quaint small towns and bustling cities. Between the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Botanica Garden of Wichita and the Monument Rocks, there are many sites to visit when you live in Kansas.


Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe and Topeka are the five major cities in Kansas. These cities have over 100,000 people, with Wichita home to nearly 400,000. While Kansas may not have the trendy spots of the east or west coast, there is still plenty of art, culture, nightlife and great food to explore in these cities.