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Everyone has faced the time-consuming problems of picking a moving company to come to your home and transport your stuff, all while factoring in details such as the distance of your move, and attempting to scour the internet for reviews and testimonials before entrusting the company with your stuff. It’s enough potential stress to simply call off a move entirely. But what if it didn’t have to happen that way?


Here at iMoving, we take care of all that stress for you with our handpicked and fully vetted local and long-distance moving companies. We analyze all the details for you and provide you with a personalized list of Wichita movers that are ready and able to take the job and make the process stress-free. With iMoving, the process of choosing a Wichita mover is easy!


Our long-distance Wichita, Kansas movers are all licensed, checked, and held to rigorous standards when it comes to trust, reliability, and punctuality. In addition, previous users rate the movers and you can read their reviews at any time, saving you the hassle of doing all the research and review scanning yourself


Unlike other moving companies, we stick with you as the move is taking place, offering support with any disputes, and stellar customer support through phone and email to help you with every single step. From using the site and booking a mover to dealing with any problems during and after the move, iMoving.com will be at your side until you are satisfied.


Moving Services in Kansas


  • Local moves: These moves don’t leave state lines, and will be even easier for you to manage with the help of one of our handpicked Wichita moving specialists.
  • Special handling: Whether you’ve got family heirlooms, valuable items, or collectibles that need to be taken, special handling and custom packaging will guarantee that the local movers will treat them as gently as you do.
  • Full packing: We get it, some people don’t like to spend hours dealing with boxes, so let a professional moving team do that for you. Then you can sit back and relax while your items are boxed and loaded without you lifting a finger
  • Disassembling and reassembling items: That special large entertainment system or the massive wall-mounted artwork will need some extra elbow grease, and movers can provide it by taking it apart and then helping you put it back together.


Tips to Keep Your Move Stress Free


  • Invest in a label maker: Even a black marker is better than nothing, but when it comes time for you and the movers to take the boxes out of the truck and move them to the appropriate room of the house, having the boxes labeled and marked will swiftly speed up the process.
  • Put on a playlist: Especially if you are doing boring labor like taping up boxes or organizing dishes, having some of your favorite motivational music or a great playlist can make the time fly by and the job seem more fun!
  • Be kind to your movers: Whether you are giving orders or have rolled up your sleeves to help them out, be sure to treat your movers with kindness and respect, and you’ll always find it returned. That way, the job will go by faster, and you’ll feel comfortable with the idea of the movers touching your stuff.


Things to Know When Moving to Kansas


First of all, Kansas is known for its friendly folks and Wichita is way up there on the kindness scale as well. You will be greeted and smiled at by people as they instantly start to treat you like one of their own, and they might even invite you to one of their famous BBQs. It’s probably blasphemy to say this, but Kansas BBQ sees itself as a cut of the rib above the rest.


So, be prepared to start eating and figuring out what restaurant you’ll stand behind when someone asks “Which restaurant did it better?” Be careful with your answer, as most native Kansans are pretty fond of their favorites, so it might be better to just keep eating.


Kansas is also an extremely patriotic state, with an army and air force base in its state lines, so if you are a veteran the kindness will probably double when you’re around.