Moving To The Bronx As a Finance Bro (Or Just Normal Guy Wanting Some Tips)

The Bronx is one the the top places in NY, but also in the world for high class quality of life. We are here to break down the why and how for you.

Moving To The Bronx

“Yo bro! How's the market looking? Are your stocks at a loss or are you on top of it?” If this is your typical morning conversation when the stock market opens, you may be a NY finance bro. Don’t take it personally, but you are a type. We all are, and that's why we created this moving list to the Bronx just for you!

As the birthplace of rap and the Yankees, with a reputation this cool, you know you’ve made it to the hippest side of New York when you arrive.

If you connect with the vibe, move on in! The locals of the Bronx are known for their friendly manner, so don’t be shy, make new friends.

Best things about the Bronx

  • Don’t even get me started on the Botanical Gardens. It is my secret relaxation spot in the urban jungle we call New York. Spread over 250 acres with 50 different types of specialty gardens there’s enough space to get lost and never run into that ex you keep seeing in the city. Trust me this spot isn’t a one time visit type of place, for me it's a weekly ritual.
  • Yankee Stadium is the number one spot for big time sports fans. Some of the wildest baseball records in the world have been made here. Come on it, grab a hot dog and catch the next Yankees game. It’ll have you on your toes.
  • City Islands' seafood restaurants is a vibe! Take a date and head out to walk around in the view feeling like you are lightyear's away from NYC. Stroll the streets until you find your desired lobster ready to be grilled.
  • The Bronx Zoo is an iconic landmark that tourists from around the world flock to see. The animals here are well treated so don’t worry about that and your entrance fee goes towards the conservation of the zoo and animal’s safety.
  • Little Italy of the Bronx is by my thoughts one of the tastiest Italian areas in the USA that I have yet to find. The homemade fresh pastas are beyond words and don’t even get me started on the pizza dough.

Top restaurants in the Bronx

You might notice the many Italian restaurants listed below, with the infamous “Little Italy” area and its delicious foods, I couldn’t venture too far out to taste the rest, as my tastebuds were going wild over the pasta.

  • Misto
  • Pine
  • Antonios
  • Dominick’s 
  • Mario’s
  • Porto Salvo
  • The Black Whale

Top Reasons to Move to the Bronx

  • The cost of living in the Bronx is cheaper compared to other boroughs 
  • The transport system of the Bronx is uber connected to the other parts of NY and especially with its fast trains to NYC, life working in the city but living where it’s affordable is a breeze. As a finance bro, your proximity to NYC is likely critical.
  • If you are a foodie like I am, you know the international cuisine is beyond words. No matter what hour of the day, you can find fresh fish, Cuban delicious foods, Korean specialties, NYC Jewish bagels that are top of the line, Mexcam enchiladas better than your grandmas, Chinese authentic food, and any other dish that crosses your mind.
  • The Bronx isn’t nicknamed the “friendliest borough” for no reason, people truly are kind and fun here. Get to know the local characters.
  • Co-op city which is close to major landmarks offers incredible and affordable cooperative housing options that can make the center feel affordable despite not having a high paying job.
  • The Bronx offer lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars that are above average quality and great for remote working.
  • The Bronx has undergone an impressive and significant transformation over the past few decades, with many new developments and a surge of local and foreign investment bringing in wealthier locals, businesses, and tourists.

How to Move to the Bronx

Hop online to iMoving’s moving marketplace and check out the large selection of movers available on our dates that meet your needs and criteria. Don’t just try and wing it calling a few movers up.

Move like a pro without the stress. Make sure you prepare a personal inventory list so you can get a true binding quote right here and now.

All you need is five minutes, to know your address info of your current home and new home, any additional services you might want to book and that's it.

We promise it really is that simple to book a mover from your couch. Not just any mover as well, a vetted, check and tried moving company that you will recommend to all your friends thanks to iMoving.


Read up on the true costs of living, job opportunities in the area, transport options, schools for your kids if relevant, nature around and any other things that are critical for you. Go and visit live if you can to get a true sense of the vibe.

Yes and no. If you look online, you are likely to find lots of skum, but if you book with iMoving, we have tons of local NYC vendors that are used to the small alleys and know all the back streets that will have you moved out in no time.

Think of it as a sort of personal insurance policy. Your personal inventory home list will help you settle on a binding quote with actual number and a tally as well as be your own personal insurance policy if anything were to happen to your goods.

This list which should include pictures of all the items is your proof if your TV shows up at the new home with a giant crack that it was the moving company’s fault.

The truly special pieces with sentimental value I would recommend actually packing up in many layers of bubble wrap and towels and actually putting in your personal car if the option exists.

You can of course wrap these items and put them in a plastic bin with many layers of pillows, towels and more soft items and write “fragile” on top, but I think it’s better to play it safe than sorry. 

Involve them in the process! Even if they aren’t fully functional, having them feel empowered will do a lot for their self esteem.

You can involve them in the process of choosing a new home, new area, or just in the small things such as where the local supermarket should be, or what day they want to move and feel up to it.

Make sure to keep their stress levels low, take breaks, and keep their medicines in the essentials bag so nothing gets lost in the process.

Closing things up in the Bronx

Even though finance bros usually live in the Upper West Side, doesn’t mean that you can't be different. If you want to live in the coolest and upcoming area of NY while enjoying affordable housing and great Italian cuisine, the Bronx seems right for you.

Thanks to the amazing metro system, you can be anywhere you need in no time. Welcome to the Bronx! Let iMoving help ease your moving transition.

Rachel Kaplan

Rachel has spent the last few years writing for moving companies while actually moving across the globe. After many years of moving between many states in the US, she moved abroad to try the remote work life. She’s a pro at moving all her things with her dog and hundreds of plants. Thankfully she’s a minimalist so moves aren’t too much of an issue.

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