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If you’re moving to the 5 boroughs for the first time, you’ll be glad of the help of local moving companies, because although it will not take you long, you’re going to be a little lost at first. But make no mistakes you need to work with a mover who knows what it is like to move someone into the Bronx or any other part of New York City.


iMoving has created a service to help you find the perfect long-distance moving company that has everything you need to help you get into one of the busiest cities in the country.


With our quick quote tool, all you need to do is make an estimate of the size of your move and iMoving will send you back quotations from all of the types of movers who can help you do the job, even cross-country moving companies or specialists movers.


The iMoving team has checked out all our moving partners and can verify they are properly insured and registered with the correct state and local authorities. We set a high standard of service which all the companies we work with have to live up to.


For example, after you’ve settled on a moving company and firmed up the details, the price you are quoted will be a fair and fixed price for the job. There will be no surprises on the day, no need for an extra couple of hundred dollars in your back pocket, just in case.


You can also expect full transparency from both the moving company and iMoving too. You get to see all the reviews and you can choose a mover you feel totally comfortable with.


iMoving saves you so much work and gets you results.


Moving Services in the Bronx, NY


Whatever type of moving services you need for your Bronx move, iMoving has a moving company that’ll be just right.


  • Packing and Unpacking: If you’re short of time or you just need help, there are full-service movers, and yes they do pack everything.


  • Temporary Storage: Oftentimes you have to move but the new place isn’t quite ready to move into. If that’s your situation, many of the local or long-distance Bronx moving companies we work with have secure storage options available.


  • Labor: For an extra pair of hands to help pack, unpack, or whatever help you need, manpower from a qualified moving company is available to help.


  • Wood Crating: Valuable antiques or artwork need special protection. Movers can carefully fit special items into protective wooden crates for extra security, and some will even build customized crates to fit odd-sized items.


Moving is Hard Work. iMoving’s Tips Make it Easier


One of the things people forget about when they move is there is a lot of work involved. You are literally burning calories at a rate you normally dream of. There are two effects of this. One is that you might lose weight, the other is that you might get hungry cranky.


One good way around this is to have a box of snacks available so you can grab a protein bar when you’re running out of energy. Make sure there’s plenty of water about it because you’ll need that too. Even if you’re not doing the really hard work you will find you have done more than 10,000 steps on moving day. You must keep fueled and hydrated.


Here are some other ideas to help


  1. The coffee pot. If there’s one thing you need to put your hands on the morning after, it is the coffee pot and the coffee to go with it. Make sure you know which box it is in and where the box is before you go to bed on moving day.


  1. Mark the boxes with something more than ‘Kitchen’ or 'bedroom two’. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with labeling and keeping an inventory. Give yourself help in knowing where to start at the far end.


  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day and while moving out has to be completed you don’t have to have the whole house unpacked on day one. One really good trick is to mark the must-have things one color and the no rush things with another. That way you have the things you must have close to hand, and you can get to the others as time permits. Be easy on yourself, moving is hard work.


Things You Need to Know About the Bronx, New York


In New York there is a sort of hierarchy, it goes Manhattan than Brooklyn and then the Bronx. For a while the Bronx had a pretty bad rap but not anymore. With prices skyrocketing in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Bronx is experiencing a renaissance.


The image of the Bronx as the burned-out buildings of the 1970s is a long-gone thing of the past. The Bronx now has the claim of being the greenest borough and if seeing some trees and getting away from the city appeals to you, look no further. There’s a bit more space in the Bronx and it’s not surprising that the zoo is in the Bronx and not one of the other boroughs.


There’s sort of a residual bit of snobbism though. You might find that Manhattanites are reluctant to make the trip out – perceiving it as too far away. Certainly, friends from Brooklyn will want to meet in Midtown Manhattan as a sort of convenient halfway place. But you’re probably ok with that too. You can also feel a little smug about how much less rent you pay and how much more space you have.


It comes as a surprise to many, but there is a beach in the Bronx. In its heyday, it was known as the NY Riviera (there are lots of Deco buildings around, so it isn’t all that hard to imagine). The beach is in easy reach and gets pretty crowded in the summer. It is definitely more accessible than the trek to Coney Island.


Don’t believe those who tell you moving to the Bronx in not moving to NYC. It is one of the most upcoming parts. This time you’re ahead of the curve.