How Much Does It Cost To Moving PODS?

Moving and storage can be a costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be with PODS. For those getting ready for a move, one of the options you might want to consider for getting your belongings to their new home is PODS.

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How Much Does It Cost To Moving PODS?

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Moving and storage can be a costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be with PODS. For those getting ready for a move, one of the options you might want to consider for getting your belongings to their new home is PODS.


You can save a lot of money on your moving and/or storage needs by renting a PODS container compared to when you hire a professional mover or rent a self-storage unit.


What are PODS?


Pods are Portable On Demand Storage which are basically a portable storage solution and it works both for storage and for moving your home or business - both local and long distance.


Are PODS cheaper then full service moving?


The answer is most probably yes. But you should consider that when you are working with PODS you should upload and empty it by yourself and there are PODS transport costs to add. so in the end of the day it depends what type of person you are and how strict is your budget. For sure using Local movers or long distance movers is easier and more relaxing - especially with iMoving.

Below is the breakdown of the costing with PODS:


Renting a PODS Container– How the Process works


Renting a PODS container is a straightforward process. Here are the general three steps to take when renting a container from PODS: 


Step 1: Figure out why and how long you need the Unit 


You have first to figure out what your plan is, whether to store, move, or do both with your household belongings before contacting a container company. You will also have to decide whether to store your PODS container on the company’s storage center or your own property. You will also have to decide the rental duration, pick a location for delivery, the date, as well as the size of your container if you are using it for both moving and storage. You can contact a PODS location to submit a booking with this information.   


Step 2:Load the Container once it arrives at your Location


Immediately your reservation has been made for one or more PODS containers, the reserved quantity of PODS will be delivered at your specified location where you will have to load your belongings into it at your own pace.


Step 3:Pickup and Delivery to the Destination Address


Immediately after loading is completed, the storage unit will be picked up by PODs to your destination address or their storage centers. 


PODS Pricing


Renting a PODS storage container per month will cost about $149.99. Delivery and pick-up fees may also be required and at an average of $75; however, mist customer qualifies for a waiver of those fees based on the rental timeline. PODS states that moving locally is around $300 to $500, and $1,200 to $3,000 for moves that involve long distances.


Many factors will determine the cost of your PODS rental, which include: 



Although it might seem costly at first, you will get flexibility for your move with PODS. Since you have a whole month to pack up your belongings, there won’t be any need to rush or worry about additional charges applicable to taking an additional day. You also won’t have to handle the driving or hire a professional moving company, which is very expensive as PODS will be taking care of that.


You can store your belongings with PODS for as long as you need before you finally move in without renting a storage unit and hauling your household items several times. You need to obtain a quote from PODS to figure out how much your specific move will cost as the company offers different pricing for different needs and choices.


The process is online and very easy for local moves. You just supply the dates you need the container, and you will obtain an online quote and through email right after. You have to place a call to PODS to receive a quote for long-distance moves that involve special handling. You will be assigned a representative to work with in order to get the best deal that matches your budget and needs. 


How much is the Cost of a Cross-Country Move with PODS?


Note that your specific moving price with PODS can vary based on the season of the year, location, destination, size, and the number of containers you use. However, if you need a rough estimate of the cost of your move cross country using one PODS container, here is a sample case below: 


We obtained a quote from PODS for a fictional move to Columbia, South Carolina, from Seattle, Washington, which is about 2,900 miles at mid-July.


Example cost breakdown of PODS for a cross-country move




Container delivery to the origin location


Monthly rental


Transit cost


Container pick-up at the destination address


Taxes and fees





With the distance involved in the move to another part of the country this much, we estimated our pricing to be PODS' highest cost. But note that the estimated quote is just for a container.


What does PODS charge for Local Moves?


In most cases, PODS allows customers to call in to obtain a direct price quote. However, if you are moving short distances (locally), you might get the chance to find all the information needed from PODS online quoting system, precisely as we did. We received this cost breakdown for a fictional move to Aurora, Illinois, to Chicago, Illinois, which is about 32 miles.  


Example cost breakdown of PODS for a local move




Container delivery to the origin location


Monthly rental


Transit cost


Container pick-up at destination home


Taxes and fees





Also, this price is estimated for 1 container, and it is PODS smallest offer for a 7ft container.


Paying for your PODS Container


PODS containers are ideal for your next moving or storage need based on their flexibility and cost-effective pricing. The pricing from PODS is so cost-effective, which implies that you will be paying for only what you need, and also flexible as it is based on costs of storage and charges for delivery.


Payment is acceptable before delivery of your PODS container, after which they will process your monthly storage rent or billing until you are done using the container. You can pay PODS with a credit card, direct debit, and COD on first delivery only.  




How much is charged by PODS for local moves?


In most cases, you will be required by PODS to call in order to obtain a definitive price quote. However, if you are just moving a short, you might get the necessary information through the company’s online quote system. 


How much is charged by PODS for a cross-country move?


PODS moving prices for individuals can vary based on the location, destination, and season of the year, size, and the number of containers used. The total cost of a sample move performed from Seattle, Washington to Columbia, South Carolina cost about $5,405


What is the cost of PODS storage?


30 days storage is added on PODS rental in your first quote. Then you can proceed to pay a monthly bill for extra storage. A storage quote received from PODS for a three or more month rental was given at $139.99 monthly.  


Is relocating with pods less expensive?


The cost for a long-distance move starts at $800 but depends on your travel distance and the quantity of storage required. PODS understands that local moves are generally less expensive. However, your moving price with PODS is still lower than the cost of using a full-service local mover


What can I not load in a moving container?


PODS doesn’t allow the loading of illegal items and hazardous materials like liquids, autos, substances, gas, lawnmowers, material, or waste in its containers. We also advise that you avoid storing currency, deeds, artifacts, heirlooms, legal notices, as well as other people’s belongings in our container, for further information about restrictions on what you are not allowed to store in PODS container, be sure to check your rental contract. Also, no moving container companies allow keeping animals or humans in their containers for any reason. 


Are PODS cheaper less expensive than U- haul?


Although PODS might be cheaper, U-Box offers a flexible payment solution, and that makes it a preferable choice for some renters. Moving containers is generally less expensive to hire a full-service moving company, although not cheaper than moving truck rental.


How soon can you deliver PODS?


Your PODS container will soon be delivered. The company will deliver it within three hours the next day. You are not necessarily required to be there for delivery, but if you don’t yet know where it will be placed, then you should be there. 


Can I place my PODS on the street? 


This depends on your location as you may be required to get permits from some street before you can park PODS for two or more days. The PODS will generally occupy a space worth two parking spots, so it is important that you inform your local government in advance to receive the right permissions and avoid them towing your pods away or penalizing you. 




PODS are a great moving option if you want to avoid the stress of a moving truck or the costs of hiring full-service moving companies. Regardless of where you are moving to, all types of movers provide various types of moving options. You will have choices like the 7ft, 12ft, or 16ft, containers that can work for moving and/or storage purposes. So you need to know that PODS costs from $300 to $500 when moving locally, and long-distance costs from $1,000 to $3,000. 


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