Find Moving Cost from Dallas to Atlanta

If you are moving to Atlanta from Dallas, there are few options available on how to get to your destination. You can either drive a bus or fly. Based on the size of the home, one option may be cheaper than another. The case is different when it comes to moving your belongings across the two-state.

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Find Moving Cost from Dallas to Atlanta 2021's

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If you are moving to Atlanta from Dallas, there are few options available on how to get to your destination.


You can either drive a bus or fly. Based on the size of the home, one option may be cheaper than another. The case is different when it comes to moving your belongings across the two-state.


When you are moving from Dallas to Atlanta, you may be a bit disturbed about all the unknowns.


Fortunately, iMoving is here to help.


If you are planning a move from Dallas to Atlanta, you will surely want to know how much it will cost you to move your belongings.


We have put together this helpful guide to help you on your journey and budget right.


A Brief Look at the City Layout when Moving to Atlanta from Dallas


Immediately you move from Dallas to Atlanta, you will find out that the city is highly defined by rolling hills as well as a lot of trees. Since it is found among the valleys of the Appalachian Mountains, you will discover your new home offers a huge amount of natural attraction.


The cityscape contains many high-rise districts, eclectic neighborhoods, sporting venues, cultural icons, and great architectural structures. 


Atlanta Economy you will face after you moved from Dallas


Immediately you move to Atlanta from Dallas, you will become a resident in one of the country’s strongest economies. When you are planning to further your career, consider some of the biggest corporations that constitute a significant part of the economy:


You will also discover that media is so much important for the city economy with CNN and TBS headquarters located here. This largely educated city has a huge look at several businesses, so living here implies that you will have your choice of many nice careers.


What motivates you with a Move from Dallas to Atlanta?


Atlanta is a highly inspiring city that you can explore more life’s creativities. When you move to Atlanta from Dallas, you can easily see that completing the numerous activities in this community will take a long time.


While our list cannot contain all recreation possibilities, there are a few popular locations you want to visit: Atlanta Botanical Garden, Six Flags Over Georgia, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, Zoo Atlanta, and the Georgia Aquarium.

The city has a lot of golfing, shopping, cycling, hiking, dining, and yes, sports. Everyone in the family will so much enjoy game day with Hawks NBA, Atlanta braves MLB, and the Falcons NFL.


What is the Average Moving Cost from Dallas to Atlanta?


The average moving cost from Dallas to Atlanta is between $3,000 and $4,000 based on the size, route, as well as timing of the move.


Hiring a professional mover will cost even more. Renting a moving truck or using a moving container is capable of saving you money but will also involve more work.


Our moving cost estimator will help you get a much better idea of your specific moving cost.

Are you set to get full knowledge of the factors that affect your cross-country moving cost? Let’s go into it:


How much does it cost to move from Dallas to Atlanta?


Home Size

Moving Company

Moving Container

Freight Company

Truck Rental

Studio/1 bedroom

$1,720 to $2,988

$1,510 to $2,039

$1,425 to $2,025

$887 to $1,197

2-3 Bedroom

$2,650 to $4,100

$2,258 to $3,048

$1,853 to $2,633

$1,045 to $1,411

4+ Bedroom

$3,455 to $5,950

$2,545 to $3,436

$2,043 to $2,903

$1,153 to $1,557


Note: The above pricing excludes moving-related expenses like gas, lodging, tolls, and others


Why is there Much Difference in the Moving Costs?


Moving rates changes all through the year during seasons when a lot of people are moving. The rising costs are also helped by economic and logistic factors. If you plan to get the best moving rate, you must know when the rates are the lowest. Here are the factors that affect your cost of move:


Inbound against outbound demand: Inbound and outbound demand is an important factor, and unfortunately, it is one you can’t control. If a lot of people are relocating to your neighborhood and a few people are moving out, the outbound rates will be lesser.


If the number of people moving into the town is lesser than the number of people moving out of your new city, the rates will be more reduced.


Fortunately, numerous people are moving to Dallas, and most of them make it home. However, many people are moving to Atlanta, and just a few people are leaving. That implies that the inbound, as well as outbound demand, only increases the rates moderately.   


Off against peak season moving costs: There are certain times in the year when moving rates are on the high side. When the school calendar is over; the prices are higher.


Families like moving when children are out of school. It helps children to transition easily. A similar pattern is discovered during other school holidays as well.


So, if you prefer to save money, you should not move in spring, fall, and summer breaks. You also will want to stay away from federal moves. 


Mileage and gas prices: Your moving cost is also affected by the distance of your travel as well as gas prices at the time. Moving company's rate with certain possibilities of increasing gas prices.

However, when the cost of gas is too high, moving companies pass on the cost to customers. The journey from Dallas to Atlanta involves 782 miles. When talking about interstate or cross-country moves, that is closer, and gas prices are on the low side. So, unless there is inflation, those two factors are your friend.


Weight: Do you own a heavy furniture piece or a safe? If yes, you will spend more than if your entire furniture is lightweight. For heavier items, extra moving crew members are needed, the more movers your move use, the higher the rate by the hour.


Truck Size: Whether you choose to rent a moving truck or hire a professional mover, the size of your needed truck will impact your cost the You will pay more cost to rent a large truck that can move a 3-bedroom house than the cost of a small box truck. When you are relocating, it is important to sell off items you don’t need.


Extra Factors that affect the Cost of Move


During a move, there are a few other expenses you need to add to your moving budget. These include:


Supplies: You need supplies for your move. Else, it will be difficult to pack and organize your items in transit. Also, a lot of moving companies will not transport loose belongings. You can buy supplies at any hardware store nearest to you or get them from a mover.


If you choose to buy things you need from your chosen moving company, you will spend more as the company charges a price.


Below are the items needed for your move:


Hiring Professional Movers: Professional moving companies are the best at their job. They can pack up a whole house in a few hours and ensure nothing is broken while working. Having movers pack your belongings implies that you do not have to begin weeks in advance and are concerned that you might pack essential items before the day.


When you reach the new home, you can also get unpacking service from the movers, or you can do the unpacking yourself. If you wish to save money, let your movers handle the packing and moving while you take care of the unpacking. If you want the movers to pack you, below are the average rates in the country:



Paying for Peace of Mind: Whenever you move, there is a possibility that things could get lost or damaged. Movers must provide $.60 per pound for property damage. So, if you have costly items, you may want to buy personal property coverage.


Buying this protection will cost you about $.01 of the coverage worth. So, for someone who has many collections of art that worth $500,000, the coverage would cost $5,000.


What Areas in Atlanta are some of the Best?


Atlanta is a nice place to relocate to, but you want to be sure that the area you move to fits your lifestyle. Neighborhoods in Atlanta are different from other quiet neighborhoods with single-family homes to bustling places with moderate nightlife and hip apartments.


So, check the following top communities in the Atlanta neighborhood:


Buckhead Village


This is an exciting neighborhood, and it attracts many young professionals, older singles, and medical and law students. It doesn’t require having a car, so a lot of residents walk to bars and local shops.


The auto-free system is what makes Buckhead Village nice for those that love hanging out for drinks at night and do not worry about shopping locally and walking. Almost the entire residents live in condos, which begin at about $1,450 monthly.


Atlantic Village


This is a scenic area with many things to do outdoors all the year. You can go ice skating rink in summer and outdoor festivals during summer. The average home values here are lower at $200k. Despite the cheap cost of the home to purchase, most residents rent, and the average cost of the rental is $1,544 monthly.




This neighborhood is a cheaper Atlanta neighborhood to live in. There are many single-family properties and apartment structures here. It is one of the remaining places in town that you can get affordable homes for sale.


The average home price is $171,017 in Westview while rentals cost $1,112 per month on average.


The schools here are not the best, and there are no amenities that populated places have in Westview.


However, considering the lower prices of homes, a lot of investors, families and new homebuyers purchase properties in Westview. 


Piedmont Heights


This is another hidden gem of Atlanta. The schools in Piedmont are great, and there are many local shops, homes, and parks in the neighborhood. The average home value in Piedmont is $412,609 and the rentals cost $1,450 monthly.


Even with the higher price of homes, many families relocate to Piedmont Heights due to the standard of the schools located there. There are also many things to do with children during the day. Bars and restaurants serve drinks and food late at night.




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