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iMoving.com has been working with moving companies in Dallas, Texas, and connecting them with potential customers for several years. Our site has been developed to be a user-friendly way for people who need long-distance Dallas moving companies to find the right company for their particular moving needs. From business to residential, long-distance, and local, you can find all of it here at iMoving.


Whenever you decide to hire Dallas movers from our site so that your big move can go smoothly, you can know that you’re getting high-quality, vetted movers that you can trust with your possessions from day one. Not only are all of the local movers checked out by our staff, but every one of them is licensed, bonded, and insured. They’re connected with the best moving and storage associations and will take care of everything that you need them to deal with.


By using iMoving.com, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best prices. Use our tools to compare between different long-distance moving companies and find the one that has all of the resources and services that you need in order to take care of your move without a hassle. By connecting with us and finding what makes the most sense for your situation, you can be sure that you’ve got everything ready so that your move goes off without a hitch!


Moving Services in Dallas, TX


  • Full Packing Services – from start to finish, moving professionals from many of our companies can pack up your items properly so that they move easily.
  • Storage Units and Services – need storage in between the time that you move out and before you get moved in? Many of our affiliated companies have affordable storage as well.
  • Local Options for Moves – Moving locally? We can help you to get it all taken care of with just a few clicks.
  • Long Distance Options for Moves – iMoving is here to connect you with the best options for your long-distance move, making it simple for you to hire a moving company.
  • Special Handling Services – Do you have large instruments, antiques, paintings, or other items that need special handling during your move? Get the help you need.
  • Business Moving Services – commercial moves usually require a little more expertise, and many of our moving companies can take care of commercial moves of all types and sizes.


Making Your Move Simple – A Few Tips


  • Consider going to a beverage distributor to get boxes for your books. Beer and liquor boxes have handles and make it easier for you to move your books around.
  • Put wires for different electronic devices together and consider taking a picture before you disassemble everything. It’ll make it easier to hook it all back up later on.
  • Color code and label as much as you are able to. Not only will it make it easier on you when you’re storing items, but it can help your movers to know where to put things and how you may want to unpack everything later on.
  • Purge items as you go. Instead of taking everything with you, take the opportunity to get rid of the things that you aren’t using, clothing that doesn’t fit you, or items that just seem to be taking up a lot of space.


What Makes Dallas, Texas a Unique Place to Move to?


The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area gets lumped together a lot, but there are differences between the cities that you need to keep in mind. The city is a busy one, and it is always getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. Unfortunately, public transit isn’t the strongest, so you may find that you’re waiting in traffic.


Different parts of Dallas are quite interesting, mainly due to the city’s size. There are different bits of culture throughout the city, from its arts scene to the restaurants that you can visit. The city also has vibrant and exciting nightlife, so you’re never without something that you can enjoy.


One of the best things about moving to Dallas is the fact that it’s a huge company city. So, no matter what sort of job or career that you may be looking for in Dallas, you are likely to find something that fits you and what you want. You can start all over or you can continue with your current career.