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Movers in Connecticut

Movers in Connecticut


Relocating is a big ordeal and you want to be sure that you’re organizing as much as possible so that it goes smoothly. Are you going to hire a Connecticut moving company to assist you with packing and moving your home? If so, how are you going to find the best one for your needs? Which moving companies provide the services and resources that you need?


At iMoving, we pride ourselves in helping you to connect with the best local Connecticut movers. On our site, you can put in your current zip code and the zip code of the location where you are moving to. Then, we will provide you with quotes from multiple companies that would be able to assist you with the moving process, from point A to point B.


The local and long distance Connecticut moving companies that we provide quotes from have all been checked by us before adding them to our site. Every one of them has the appropriate licensing for what it is that they need to do. They also have bonding and insurance, which means that your items are going to be covered by insurance if something were to happen during the moving process.


Use our site to find quotes and to compare prices between different Connecticut movers so that you can find whatever may fit your budget and the needs that you have. Head to iMoving and see what you can get for your long distance or local moving needs.


Moving Services in Connecticut


  • Full Packing: You don’t need to break your back packing everything up. Whether you want full packing or partial packing, there are companies that provide those services.
  • Storage: Storing your items in between parts of your move may be necessary, and moving companies can often store those for you at an additional cost.
  • Local Moving: Moving to your first home in the same town that you currently live in is exciting, and moving companies can provide that service for an affordable price.
  • Long Distance Moving: Long distance moves take careful planning and execution, and these companies have years of experience when it comes to making that happen for clients.
  • Commercial Moving: Are you relocating your company? Allow movers that know how to move businesses to assist you.
  • Special Handling Services: Large instruments, antiques, and fine arts are no issue for white glove moving pros.


Make Moving Easier With These Moving Tips


  • Don’t ever waste time when it comes to starting the moving process. Get started with packing and scheduling now. Find a moving company and get everything worked out so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.
  • Have lots of bags and plastic wrap available so that you can keep items safe and secure during the move.
  • Purge items as you pack and you’ll find that you save time and money on your moving process. You can donate items, throw them away, or give them away before you leave the area.
  • On moving day, have your essentials ready to go in a separate bag. Medication, extra clothing, snacks, and whatever other essentials you need should all be together and easy to access.
  • Label absolutely everything and color code if you can. That way, you can make packing and unpacking a little easier on yourself because it will be organized properly.


What to Expect When Moving to Connecticut 


Connecticut is an interesting state, considering its location between Massachusetts and New York City. There are definitely a lot of things that make it stand out, however, like the fact that no one really has an accent – you’d expect a cross between NYC and Boston, but no, they don’t have much of an accent at all. That being said, you will meet a lot of people that are living in Connecticut temporarily while they try to shift their career into a job in the big city.


Connecticut residents really like food and celebrations.. There are tons of microbreweries around, and you have all sorts of delicious options for seafood (as you may expect from a coastal state). They throw all sorts of great parties and festivals are a fairly common thing throughout the area. Sports are also popular – with the Yankees/Red Sox split usually being quite even and everyone’s love for UCONN being incredibly universal throughout the state.