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Idaho Movers - iMoving

Idaho Movers


Moving to Idaho doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it is. If you get an accurate quote and find a reputable moving company, just about everything else falls into place.


Why are those things so important? They are the two things that probably keep people tossing and turning at night when thinking about their upcoming move. Nobody wants to overpay or feel as if they’ve been cheated and no one wants to have their belongings beat up by a company that didn’t use enough care.


iMoving offers you a moving experience that has far less stress and frustration while helping you save time and money. When you use our service, you get access to a large network of local or long-distance Idaho moving companies that have been researched thoroughly. Before they can ever get the chance to move your things, we put them through a rigorous review process to ensure they meet the high standards of our company.


If you need to move far away or just to a new neighborhood, we’ll provide you with a binding quote, give you a number of high-quality professional Idaho movers to choose from and make sure your service is satisfactory. Your money stays secure with us until you let iMoving know that you are happy with the type of service you’ve received.


Our competitive pricing, large network and customer first attitude put us above other similar companies.


Moving Services Found in Idaho


Depending on the kind of move you’re making or what’s being moved, here are some common moving services located in Idaho.


  • Full packing: Packing up an entire life is exhausting to say the least. You have to find, or buy, boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more. Full packing is for those who don’t have the time or energy to do all of that. A moving crew is happy to pack all of your things up and label them correctly.


  • Commercial moving: Offices change location much more than people realize. These services are put in place to make the move as quick and easy as possible without affecting your day to day operations.


  • Loading/unloading services: Instead of bribing your friends to help you move, consider using professional labor to do the job. They know how to properly lift and stack boxes to get the most space out of the truck and stay safe while doing it.


  • Storage: If you need a safe place to keep your things until your new place is ready, moving companies can store your things in their warehouse for a fee.


How to Make Your Idaho Move a Good Experience


Here are 5 simple things you can do to make sure you make the most of your move to Idaho.


  1. Request time off from work


Moves are exhausting. Instead of trying to move after work or having to go in the next day, let your boss know that you are moving and need some days to settle in. If you know you can’t feel good until your home is settled, try moving on a Friday so you can have the entire weekend to put a few rooms in order.


  1. Check out the new neighborhood before you get there


Thanks to technology, you can look at the neighborhood you’re moving to without ever setting foot in it. Find out where the best places to eat are, the best move route to take or the after-work bar you’re about to become a regular in.


  1. Take lots of measurements


Before you get hit with a ton of charges, a quick measurement of your hallways, stairs and doorways will reveal what furniture can easily be removed and what may need disassembly by the movers. This can help you avoid a fee or at least keep the move on good pace as the movers won’t be surprised.


  1. Keep your valuables and important documents organized


Actually, the best place to keep these items is on your person during the move. Cash, jewelry and important documents issued by the government have no place inside a moving truck – unless you’re driving. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel that you have taken the responsibility for these items.


  1. Plan your meals for the week heading into your move and the week after


You’re going to be so busy that you may forget to eat. Going out is probably off limits after spending for the move, so figure out what you want to eat and stick to it ahead of time. If you’ve found a restaurant you can’t wait to eat at, go for it!


Things to Know About Idaho before Your Move


  • White water rafting is a hobby


You heard right! Idaho is full of thrill seekers. It makes sense when you consider the fact that Idaho has more white water river than any of the contiguous 48 states. Be prepared for invites out to have major adventures kayaking and river rafting. As long as you have your life jacket, the bumpy ride will be lots of fun.


  • Hot springs abound


Adrenaline and water may not mix for everyone. For those who want to take it nice and easy while enjoying the water can relax in one of Idaho’s many hot springs. The state has the most usable hot springs in the entire country! There are about 130 hot springs that you can relax in.


  • Fall in love with skiing


Sun Valley, for those unfamiliar, is the reason the phrase “premier ski resort” means anything. This resort boasts the world’s first chairlift and two well-known peaks. Don’t be surprised if you come across a few Olympic snowboarders and skiers either – there are a lot of them from this area.


  • Cows are a normal site, embrace it


Cows openly roaming Idaho’s rural parts is no big deal. The state has livestock laws that allow its cattle to freely live their best lives, roaming on open land outside of towns, cities and villages. It’s truly a wonderful sight to behold.


  • Learn how to fish


If you’ve always wanted to learn, Idaho can be a great teacher because the state has some of the best fishing in the western part of the nation. You can pick several rivers and lakes that are packed full of fish. Some of the most popular include Snake River and Kelly Creek.


Idaho is calling and the longer you wait to get moving, the better chance of headaches. By using iMoving to choose your Idaho moving company you can put all the time and money you’re going to save into some fun activities instead.


Though we are here to make sure you get fair pricing and a stress-free move, we can tell you how important it is that your move reflects what you need and what is best for your unique circumstance.


Let iMoving help you move today!