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There are certain events in life that you associate as being landmark moments, and moving a home, whether locally or from one state to another, definitely qualify. If you are moving from clear across the country on the East Coast, relocating from a neighboring state, or from within Idaho, it may feel as though your life is going through monumental changes.


Not only are you preparing for new adventures in your education or work life, but you also have to go through the process of making new friends and integrating into a different neighborhood. Such challenges feel all the more difficult when you also have to deal with hiring and managing movers.


Take the tension of dealing with unreliable movers off your plate by using the iMoving service instead. iMoving is a unique service that provides a network of reliable, vetted movers across the United States for your moving needs. Whether you are moving 50 or 5000 miles, iMoving can help.


All you must do is enter information about your move, such as the size of your home, nature of your inventory, and the moving date, and you get a list of reputable movers along with the estimated moving cost of your relocation. Adjust the services you require, which include packing, loading, special item handling and storage, to determine the rate you would have to pay.


All local movers, cross country moving companies and truck rental companies listed on iMoving are personally vetted. You can even use the iMoving secure payment platform to ensure you are protected financially during this process. Move with ease by signing up with iMoving today.


Moving Services in Meridian, ID


  • Packing and Loading: When hiring a moving company, you have two options for how to request their service. You can either ask the movers to pack, load, unload and unpack your belongings, or limit their involvement to loading and unloading. The former makes your life easier, but costs more money.


  • Self-Storage: iMoving can also put you in touch with self-storage providers in Meridian or your current city, if you would like to place some of your belongings in a storage unit. It can help to downsize your move and simplify the process of setting up your new residence.


  • Long Distance Moving: Moves that are over 100 miles are considered long distance moving, and the same is true of nearly all moves that go across state lines. Say you are moving from New York or Connecticut to Idaho - iMoving can help you find cross-country movers that can handle every part of that process. If your move is less than 100 miles, iMoving can connect you with local movers.


  • Commercial Moving: iMoving is aware that commercial relocations are very different from residential moves. It is why there are vetted, reputable movers who handle commercial moves available on the platform.


Moving Tips


The stress of an impending long-distance move can be overwhelming, especially if you are only one person or two people handling the entire process. Hiring reputable cross-country movers makes everything a little easier, and the tips below will ensure you do not forget any important steps during your move.


  1. Inspect Furniture


It is always a good idea to inspect your furniture, especially pieces you have kept outdoors, for any signs of damage. Check for insect infestations in furniture that has spent a lot of time outdoors, and make sure to throw offending items away rather than loading them on the moving truck.


  1. Close or Transfer Utility Bills


Do not forget to close out all utility bills from your move out date when you leave your current city. If some of those companies also provide services in Meridian, ID, you can transfer the account to the new address from that date.


  1. Organize Before Packing


People often make the mistake of packing haphazardly, or letting the movers throw items into random boxes. It is best to organize your belongings before you pack. Try to place important belongings in specifically labeled boxes, so you know to open those ones when you first get all your items in Meridian. It also helps to create a printable moving checklist of all your belongings.


  1. Make a List of Important Places in Meridian


The first few days you spend in Meridian will feel like a whirlwind. Between unpacking essential belongings, settling into your new apartment or home, starting your job and trying to explore the city, you may feel overwhelmed. Create a list today of all the important stores in Meridian that you may need to frequent during those early days, and your life will be a lot easier.


Things To Know When Moving to Meridian, ID


While Meridian is a relatively small city in Idaho with a population of roughly 80,000 people, it is a vibrant community that is always welcoming towards new people. One of the first things you will notice when moving to Meridian is the friendliness of everyone, which makes it a lot easier to settle in your new surroundings.


Idaho is known for its hot summers, with temperatures going up to 90 in the summer months, while the winters can get very cold. Most of the year is mild, and it only rains heavily one or two months of the year.


Families are especially lucky to live in a place like Meridian, as there is so much to do with your kids. The Roaring Springs Water Park and Wahooz Family Fun Zone are two of the most popular weekend hotspots. Settlers Park is a great place for a stroll in nature, while the Children’s Museum of Idaho is another great attraction.


If you prefer more grown up activities, you may want to visit the Split Rail Winery, Vizcaya Winery or Cinder Wines. These locations are beautiful, peaceful and great places to taste unique wines and meet new people.


Those who are moving to Meridian are likely working or studying in Boise, the capital of Idaho. It is a short 15-minute car ride from Meridian to Boise, which means you can always check out the big city if you have fun out of adventures to partake in Meridian.


Boise is home to many industries and major companies, which means it is an excellent place to study and then find your first job. The services industry is huge in the area, with Albertsons being one of the primary employers. Hewlett-Packard is another major hirer, along with Wells Fargo, Idaho Power and Boise Cascade.