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Movers in Michigan

Movers in Michigan


There are few feelings that can match the excitement of knowing you will be living in a new place. Whether you are moving for school, work or family reasons, you will be excited at the beginning of a new chapter in your life.


Michigan is one of those states that everyone grows to love. There is so much charm, character and wonderful scenery to enjoy in Michigan. But you may be worried about the process involved in moving there.


Hiring movers is complicated, as most people have previous horror stories with unreliable and rude movers. Maybe you were grossly overcharged or the movers took an extra month to get your possessions to you.


Do not worry. When you use iMoving, you will not have these issues. Our goal is to connect you with Michigan movers who offer the best rates and service. The local and long-distance Michigan movers in our network are chosen by our team through a detailed and evolving process.


We assess local and long-distance Michigan moving companies based on their insurance, certification, years of experience, customer reviews and the interview we conduct with their staff.


The days of being frustrated with a moving company are over when you use iMoving. And you can even pay through our secure portal, which includes quote guarantees and other protection features.


Moving Services in Michigan


When you are connecting with a moving company through iMoving, you can expect the very best rates and experience. And you can also expect that a mover we recommend will offer the services that you need. Here are some services that top moving companies within the iMoving network offer:


  • Packing vs. Loading: You can choose to get a full packing service, or opt for loading and unloading. The latter is cheaper, but the former will be a lot more convenient.
  • Vehicle Transportation: If you are making a long cross-country move to Michigan, driving can put a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on the car. You can let the movers handle your vehicle transportation, so you can travel by train or plane.
  • Short Term Storage: In case you have not finalized your long term living situation in Michigan, you can have your possessions placed in storage for a few weeks. When you do move to a permanent apartment or home, the items will be sent to your new address.


Handy Tips for Moving To Michigan


When it gets close to your big move to Michigan, it can feel like crunch time. You have already made some important decisions, such as finding a new place to live and enrolling your kids in school. But other steps must be completed, such as:


  • Paying your remaining utility bills and closing off accounts. Unless the same utility company services the city where you are moving, closing your account is a must.
  • Sort out spaces such as your shed, garage and storage closets. Decide what items you are taking, what needs to be sold, and what you can throw away or donate.
  • When you have a week left at your current home, keep your meals simple. You could order take out or just buy enough ingredients for a week’s worth of meals, so you do not have a lot of leftover food that must be thrown away.
  • Whether you are traveling by train, plane or car, try to pack all the essentials that your family will need in the first couple weeks of being in Michigan. It may take a bit of time for the moving truck to arrive, so you should have clothes, toiletries, medicines and other items you will need immediately.


Things to Know When Moving to Michigan


A Midwestern American state, Michigan touches four Great Lakes and has more than 11,000 inland lakes, which have a major impact on its terrain. The state is home to roughly 10 million people, with Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights and Lansing being its five largest cities.


Michigan has a very temperate climate, where you will get to experience all four seasons. It can be quite warm in the summer, with temperatures reaching the 70s and 80s. And it does get very cold in the winter, with snow and freezing temperatures a common occurrence.


Between Mackinac Island, the Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park and Lake Michigan itself, there are plenty of incredible areas to visit in the state. Young people, couples and families will have plenty to do in the area - regardless of the city where they move.