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When there are only a few weeks left for your move to Detroit, it can feel like you are juggling a million balls in the air at the same time. Between saying goodbye to friends, signing a lease, finalizing your job start date, and completing other steps, you want your interaction with a moving company to be as seamless as possible.


The issue is that many people who have moved locally or long distances to Detroit or elsewhere experienced issues with movers. They noticed last-minute charges that were not included in the quote, delays, and rude moving professionals when their items were being packed up.


At iMoving, we do not want anyone to have such an experience. It is the reason why we started our moving referral service. We put you in touch with the best local moving companies in Detroit, Michigan. These local and long-distance movers have a stellar reputation, at least two years of experience, and must pass other verification criteria to be a part of our network.


The iMoving network only includes insured and certified movers that treat their customers with respect, offer the best rates, and will get your possessions to Detroit in the given timetable. And if they renege on any part of the deal, you have all the power. When you pay for the moving service through our payment portal, your money is protected until seven days after your possessions arrive in Detroit.


Moving Services in Detroit, MI


Anyone moving local or long distance to Detroit deserves to be put in touch with the best movers in the area. Determining the “best mover” is not only about the company’s reputation, but the services offered. Here are a few examples of services offered by Detroit moving companies that iMoving partners with.


Full Packing vs. Loading/Unloading


Any mover in our network will give you a choice between a full packing service and simple loading/unloading. The latter will be a lot cheaper, which is great if you are moving on a budget. People who care more about convenience will love the option of a full packing service.


Special Items Handling


If you own valuable items such as jewelry, decoration pieces, a piano, vintage guns, sports memorabilia, and other items, your mover will take steps to ensure these items are packed and moved securely. Just be sure to inform the mover about the nature of your special items before moving day, as they may need to bring special materials with them.


Last Minute Tips for Moving to Detroit


There are only a couple of weeks left before your big move to Detroit and that means it’s crunch time. Whether you are moving within Michigan or coming from across the country, there are steps you will need to navigate before the move is complete. Here are some tips to make that process easier.


  • If you have a safety deposit box at a bank, be sure to empty it out and securely move those possessions.
  • Visit your post office and ask them for a change of address or mail forwarding form. It will ensure you do not keep getting mail at your old address after moving.
  • Read up on the laws in Detroit regarding moving to the city with pets. Depending on the pets you have, you may need to complete certain registration steps.
  • Do you have a lot of friends where you live? Think about throwing a little party a week before you move. It may be easier to say goodbye to everyone at the same time.


What to Know When Moving to Detroit Michigan


The largest city in Michigan, Detroit is home to roughly 650,000 people. While the city suffered severely during the 2008 financial crisis, Detroit has rebounded impressively in the past few years.


The economy in the area still depends on the automobile industry. But that influence has waned, with industries such as hydrogen fuel cells and power generation offering many job opportunities to residents.


Research and development, accounting, financial services, computer services, and healthcare are also major industries for the Detroit workforce.


When you move to Detroit, you will always have plenty of fun places to visit. Sites such as Belle Isle Park, The Henry Ford Museum, and Comerica Park are great fun, whether you are moving alone or with a family.


Love trying out different cuisines? Detroit is becoming a Mecca for up-and-coming chefs with great restaurants such as Selden Standard, Lady of the House, and The Jamaican Pot. You can try out a new cuisine every week.