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Busy Beez Movers
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Movers in South Carolina

Movers in South Carolina


The internet has caused a business revolution, and the moving industry is no exception. That’s where iMoving comes in. We are a company with an Internet-based approach to moving home or business.


We provide referrals for moving companies in South Carolina based on your needs rather than you fitting in with a moving company. It is a different approach based on our core values of professionalism, transparency, respect, reliability and honest pricing.


We personally check out all the SC movers we work with. Someone from our iMoving actually went out to the moving company’s place of business. We make sure that they adhere to our core values, we check their insurance and business certificates and we make sure they have been in business for at least 2 years.


This way, when we make a recommendation to you, even for a local SC mover, we have already checked everything you need to be sure of – and you can trust the moving company will do the job.


About honest pricing – this is something we really care about. Why were movers quoting one price and charging another? It could make a huge difference with long-distance South Carolina moving companies.


Here’s what we do. We can provide you with two types of quotation; one will give you an idea of the cost, we call it a quick quote. The other, a precise quote will give you the price you’re going to pay. What could be better?

Working with iMoving, you get peace-of-mind. We care about your move, just like you do.


Moving Services in South Carolina


Moving companies can help with more than just the day of the move.


  • Commercial Moving: iMoving can help you find the movers who are used to the pressures and complexities of moving a business.
  • Local Moving: It takes the same amount of work to move round the corner as it does to prepare for an interstate move. We can help you find a professional local mover.
  • Long Distance Moving: Moving across state lines or cross-country requires moving companies to have all the proper state licenses and certifications in order. All the long-distance movers we partner with are fully qualified.
  • Packing materials: Use it or return it. Movers will often deliver you materials and take back what you don’t use.
  • Special Handling: We work with professional South Carolina movers that have the expertise and equipment needed to move your piano, your artwork or your wine cellar.
  • Full packing: There is this dream called someone else packing your house. Most of our partner movers can make that dream come true.
  • Storage: There are three things you need from storage; it needs to be dry, secure and clean. Ask our moving companies if you need temporary storage – most can help.


Tips to help you move well


Some of these might seem obvious but if it is your first ever big move, these tips will help it go smoothly.


  • Mark the boxes: Mark each box with where it will go and create an overall numbering scheme. You’ll have boxes marked ‘Kitchen #27 of 76’ for example. This way you get the boxes where they need to be and you can count the number out and in and know you have them all.
  • Pack a first night box: You’re going to be tired at bedtime. The last thing you need is to be looking for your toothbrush. Pack one box with your necessities. Hint: does this include the coffee maker as well?
  • Be done with the old house when you leave: having to go back to finish at the old house is the last thing you want to do the next day.


Things to Know When Moving to South Carolina


Summers in South Carolina are hot and humid. If you’re by the coast you might get a sea breeze to offset it a little, but don’t count on it. The winters on the other hand, they make it all worthwhile. The coast is milder than the interior in the winter, by the way.

South Carolina is a place in transition or at least some transition. There was a 6% population increase in the five years running up to 2015, and the state is expected to make the 5 million mark very soon. Infrastructure and even roads are still expanding, and you can expect to see changes.

You’ll find parkland, gold courses and natural land all over the place. South Carolina loves it open spaces and its outdoor activities too.  Be careful too, there could be alligators about, so don’t leave the dog alone.