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Moving to another home is a daunting task, especially if you have small children and pets running around the house. Fortunately, iMoving can make moving less stressful by helping you find the best movers in Lancaster, SC.


Lancaster is so close to Charlotte, NC that it is part of the metro area of this large city. Since it is such a densely populated area, iMoving has several long-distance and local movers that we list in our system. We vet every mover that we partner with, so there is no need to spend hours on the phone questioning each moving company you locate.


Discover Local Movers in Lancaster, SC


A local move can sometimes be almost as stressful as moving across the country. We can make it easier for you by recommending great local movers in Lancaster, SC. You won’t need to vet the movers when you use our service as we do it for you. We make sure that all local movers in our system have the proper licenses and insurance before we add them to our site.


The local moving companies in Lancaster, SC we recommend have experience packing fragile belongings and making sure everything is in one piece when they deliver it to your new home. When you want the best local movers, use iMoving to find the right company for your needs.


Finding Long-Distance Movers in Lancaster, SC


Does your Lancaster move involve crossing state lines? Even if you live in North Carolina in the Charlotte area and are moving to Lancaster, it is considered a state-to-state move. Long-distance movers in Lancaster, SC need to have a DOT or Department of Transportation sticker on their trucks showing their DOT number.


Although it is a short distance, about 50 miles, a move from Charlotte to Lancaster would require trucks to have a DOT number as they are crossing state lines.


There are several advantages to using iMoving to find the best long-distance moving companies in Lancaster, SC. For one, you have full control of hiring a moving company, whether it’s a local or long-distance move. We supply the tools to make hiring movers easier.


Another advantage to our service is our transparency. We want to make moving less stressful and complex for our customers, so we provide all the information you need about each moving company in our system. There are no hidden costs, obligations, and no need to jump through hoops to use our service to your move as painless as possible.


The Costs of Moving in Lancaster, SC


Unless you have friends with pickup trucks who will help you move, moving isn’t cheap. It can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000 and much more for a local move. The further you move, the more expensive it gets. To help keep your costs under control, we offer a moving cost calculator to figure out how much you will spend with the local or long-distance movers in our system.


While local movers charge by the hour to move clients, long-distance movers use mileage as the primary factor to calculate their costs. By using the cost calculator, you can factor in how far you’re moving to get a rough estimate of the cost.


Organize Your Move to Lancaster, SC


While trying to care for your family and plan a move at the same time, you may forget to add items to the checklist you’re using. Fortunately, we have your back because you will find a moving checklist on our website. It covers your moving journey starting six months away from moving day until the day you move. The checklist makes moving easier for you, which is our goal.  


If you’re wondering about the cost of living in Lancaster, SC, it is one of the most affordable areas near Charlotte. The median cost for a house in Lancaster is about 26 percent below the national average and 25 percent lower than housing prices in Charlotte.


Once you’ve found your new home, take advantage of our online tools to determine what to do when moving and how much it could cost you. iMoving wants to take the hassle out of hiring movers and ensure everything goes smoothly during the transition.