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Movers in Arizona

Movers in Arizona


iMoving has teamed up with Arizona movers to take the guesswork from finding a mover. It doesn’t matter if it is local or long distance, we can help find the right moving companies in Arizona for you.


We are a referral service, and though we don’t do the move ourselves, we know the best people who do. At iMoving, we have taken a strict approach and only work with Arizona movers who share our commitment to professionalism, transparency, respect, reliability and honest pricing.


Believe it or not we can get you a firm quote, one that stipulates the number you will pay when you’re safe and sound in your new house. If you’d prefer, we can get you a quick quote which will give you a good idea of costs but we can firm up later.


We only work with local Arizona movers and long distance Arizona moving companies who have been in business for more than 2 years. Each one has to be full certified with state and we also make sure their insurances are fully up to date. In fact, we check all the boxes that you would want to, so you can be confident in all the companies we suggest you work with.


All you have to do is give us some basic information to get things started. Simply enter it into the website. Then you just choose the company you feel the most comfortable in using. Moving is hard enough, and using iMoving to select your mover makes it easier.


Moving Services in Arizona


There’s more to Arizona movers than showing up and carrying boxes.


  • Local Moving: Local moves might not be as stressful as moving from sea to sea, but you still need good Arizona movers, like the guys we work with, to do it.
  • Long Distance Moving: The interstate and cross-country movers we work with are all qualified for the long hauls and know what you need.
  • Packing materials: Don’t chase around getting boxes from a liquor store. Movers often provide them on a consignment basis. You only pay for what you use.
  • Special Handling: When you need your wine cellar moving bottle-by-bottle, we have Arizona movers that can help.
  • Full packing: For the easiest and least stressful move, hire a mover that will come and pack your house. Is that a dream or what?
  • Storage: If you need a place to keep your belongings for a while, the movers we work with can usually offer clean, dry and secure storage space.
  • Commercial Moving: Make sure there’s no business outage by working with expert professional movers that have experience executing complicated and demanding office moves.


These tips will help your move go smoothly


When it comes to moving there’s so much to be done on the day, getting some things squared away in advance helps.


  • Schedule disconnects: Don’t underestimate the number of these you need to do; gas, electricity, internet and maybe even phone. Don’t let this fall to chance and schedule them to happen when it suits you.
  • Find your way home: If you need to be in two places at once, or put another way to leave the old house after the movers and be at the new one before them, get an app or plan the route so you can be where you need to be.
  • Have a detailed time plan: the chances are you will not stick to it, but if you have an idea of the perfect time plan, you will have some semblance of control and you can make better ad-hoc decisions.


Things to Know When Moving to Arizona


The first thing you need to know is that you’re moving to the desert. It is going to be hot, all the time and even in the cool season. The colors are going to be adobe and you’re going to find yourself attracted to cactuses and desert scenery. Don’t worry this is all part of the adjustment, but be careful. You might just fall in love.


There’s a phenomenon called a Haboob. It is a violent windstorm and because you’re in the desert it will pick up sand, and that means if you’re out in it you will be sandblasted. On occasion they can be accompanied by rain – which has nowhere to go. When you get there, initially listen to the weather reports.

And, be prepared for the snowbirds, many snowbirds. On the plus side, the traffic lightens considerably in the summer months.