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It’s time for you to move to a new place, and how you start off can be the difference between a great move and a stressful one. Instead of doing it all by yourself, try iMoving; our service aims to take the worry out of moving by doing the hard work for you.


In less than 2 minutes you can get a quick quote that gives you an estimate of how much your move will cost. Simply tell us your starting location, final destination, and how much you’re moving. You’ll get a range of prices to start budgeting.


If you are ready for a more in-depth estimate, use our precise quote. List the items you are moving, then search and compare the network of Chandler movers that pop up. There’s nothing left to do but to book your moving company.


With iMoving, you can count on getting only the best insured and licensed local or long-distance moving companies. Each and every company we work with undergo extensive research before being added to our partner's list. You can book and move with confidence.


Using iMoving to book and manage your upcoming move gives you some great benefits that are hard to find anywhere else.


  • Payment security: You don’t pay the moving company directly. We hold your money until the job is complete and you are satisfied with the service you received.


  • Unlimited management of your move: You can add items to your inventory at any time, even on moving day!


  • Customer support during the move: We are here for you before, during and after the move


Give us a try for a better moving experience.


Moving Services in Chandler, AZ


  • Storage: If you’re not quite ready to move or are dealing with unforeseen issues, such as your new residence being unavailable, local moving companies in Chandler can safely store your belongings for a period of time.


  • Commercial Moving: If you’re relocating an office or business, the expertise of a Chandler moving company can make the process much easier. They will coordinate and execute your move without interfering with the daily operations of your business.


  • Long-Distance Moving: Traveling across state lines can be complex and doing it alone can be painful. Try using the services of a long-distance moving company in Chandler. When you hire a moving company, they will charge you for the distance you’re traveling and the weight of the shipment you’re moving.


  • Local Moving: Traveling intrastate? A local Chandler mover gives you a flat rate based on the time and labor needed to get your move done. They can usually get a person moved in a day or less.


Have a Successful Move with These Tips


Save money by finding moving supplies


Instead of paying the moving company for boxes and bubble wrap, find it for free. Many restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and delis have an enormous amount of boxes that they are tired of looking at and more than happy to give you for free. Just make sure they are in good enough condition to keep your things safe.


Instead of buying bubble wrap, use blankets and sheets to wrap delicate items and stuff clothes in any gaps you spot in your boxes. You want to fill them out to make sure things don’t bump against each other.


Label your boxes


Obvious right? Wrong! Packing is extremely energy-consuming for most people and it’s easy to forget this small step. However, it can result in a much bigger headache if you don’t do it. You’ll be happy you know where your toothbrush or hair supplies are when you’re in a hurry. Trust us.


Create a moving binder


By having a master list you will know what’s inside of each box and where things are located. You can also throw every scrap of paper related to the move into the binder, including contact information, addresses, swatches, and receipts. It’s a great way to stay organized and disorganized at the same time.


Get your family and friends involved


Not only are they going to miss you, it may not always be easy to spend time with each other after the move, so make the most of your last days together. Ask them for help prepping your place, whether that’s cleaning, packing or helping you research the new location. Don’t forget to buy them food and drinks for the work they’re doing. This is a great way to make memories that will last long after you’re gone.


What You Can Expect When Moving to Chandler, AZ


  • The people of Chandler take their playtime seriously: You (and your kids) will never have a boring day in Chandler because the city has worked hard to keep physical activity a priority. For seven years in a row, Chandler has been named one of the country’s most playful cities. Feel free to goof off, fly free, and let your inner child shine.


  • A suburb with class: You think a suburb can’t have culture? Well, you’ve probably never been to Chandler. You’ll see public art displayed throughout the entire city, especially in the downtown area and local parks. There’s a Vision Art Gallery and a performing arts theatre that holds 1,500 people. You can regularly see ballets and the Chandler Symphony Orchestra. Is your mind completely blown too?


  • Celebrate the ostrich in Chandler! Every spring the Chandler Ostrich Festival is held. Be prepared to see men ride birds and a giant floating hamster ball. Not what you want? No problem, because you can also ride camels, watch chainsaw carvers or look at some mesmerizing circus acts. And all of this to celebrate the ostrich! This event will soon become one of your favorites in the city, just like every other resident’s.


  • A dog’s paradise: Your dog is going to have a good time here because the city truly embraces them. You know you’ve found the perfect dog-loving city when there’s a festival just for man’s best friend. Woofstock is the time for your dog to be treated like the king or queen they are. They can enjoy pet massages, walks, the bark park and even learn their future from a pet psychic! On a regular day, Chandler has tons of dog parks for daily walks. The dogs here have to be the happiest on the planet.


It’s no wonder you’re ready to move to Chandler, it has so much to offer. When considering how to get there, let iMoving help you on your journey to make sure it goes as smoothly as life in your new home will.