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Moving is often stressful, with countless moving companies in Arizona and benefits to sift through. Do you want a company that packs up your goods for you? Does that drive them to your new location? Does that have fair prices and helpful staff? All of these questions should be asked when it comes to a big move, but they all take so much time to research.


So, what to do? Well, we at iMoving can help you. We provide the answers to those specific questions, so when you need answers to give you the best Tucson movers, we can help. Give us your zip code and a few specifics about your move and we’ll give you back a list of fully qualified Tucson, AZ movers in our network.


Then you’ll have access to all our local Tucson movers, their reviews, and their prices directly from iMoving.com. Selecting the vetted and insured local moving company from our website will be as easy as 1,2,3 making the process simple and allowing for the move itself to happen securely. You’ll be able to see reviews from other users and pick the mover that gives you the most benefits.


Every local or long-distance moving company that we partner with is screened for respect, transparency, professionalism, reliability, and fairness in pricing and we ensure that they stay on top of those values throughout their career at iMoving. If they don’t then they are removed. Tucson, AZ movers in our iMoving network are also required to have two years of experience and are authorized by the local state government to be a mover.


Moving Services in Tucson, AZ


Available services you can ask about include:


  • Full packing: The movers will take every step in a professional manner, coming to your home and picking up items, loading them into the truck, shipping them to the new location, and then handling the unloading and unpacking.
  • Storage: If you don’t have the housing space for all your items just yet, or just want to go through everything at your own pace, storage options are provided by most of our partner movers. You’ll find options for separate secure storage spaces and portable storage containers that can be placed by your home.
  • Local moving: If you are staying within the same state and just want some help, look for a service that can help get everything packed up and moved in a quick manner.
  • Special moving: For antiques, fragile items, or family heirlooms, we have moving companies that are experts in keeping your things safe.


Tips for moving


If you want to get in the trenches and really help our movers out, here are some tips to keep the process smooth and hassle-free.


  • Box and label everything before the moving team arrives: If you haven’t paid for packing services, then having everything ready to go and clearly labeled will help with the loading and unloading process.
  • Keep valuables with you: Ensure that any cash, jewelry, and other valuables are in a bag(s) that you keep with you. This reduces the chance of them getting lost or causing any drama with the moving company if they are misplaced or stolen.
  • Empty items and vary the weight: Not all movers are strong supermen, so empty any dressers and place heavy items in several boxes instead of just all in one box. This will make the moving easier, help with organization, and make it easier on the people lifting the boxes.


Things to know when moving to Tucson


The area is beyond beautiful, with wide plains and massive mountains in every direction. So, if you’ve thought of yourself as someone who could make it in the west, the five mountain ranges in Tucson will help add to that fantasy. In addition, the sunrises and sunsets add to the beauty, and you might even make cloud watching a hobby!


Bikers and clean air make going outside a priority, so feel free to join the runners and hikers that move up and down the trails and roads of the city, or hit several pools, golf courses, and tennis courts. For those who are going for education along with their sports, the University of Arizona also allows for a fun time where the body and brain are trained in equal measure.


You will certainly enjoy your new life in Tucson, and with all the mention of exercise, you might even lose a few pounds for your trouble! Thankfully, the amazing food selection will remedy that problem.