Key Things to Know Before Moving From Chicago To Dallas

Dallas is a bustling city filled with great entertainment, incredible food, a booming economy, and amazing sports. To help you get ready for your move to Dallas from Chicago, we have compiled a few of the perks of living in Dallas.

Key Things to Know Before Moving From Chicago To Dallas

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Are you searching for an escape from the cold wind and colder Chicago winters? Are you looking for better quality life? Leaving Chicago for Dallas might be the ideal move.


There is no doubt; living in Illinois has many advantages, but if you are in for year-round sunny days, great schools, amazing opportunities, and an affordable lifestyle, Dallas is indeed an incredible choice.


If you have settled for Dallas to be your new home, you are with many on the list.


Dallas-Fort Worth is the 4th largest metro city in the country, right behind Chicago which sits at the third position. Dallas-Fort Worth is also America’s fastest-growing city and is ranked as one of the top 25 best cities to live in the country.


So, why exactly are so many people deciding to reside in Dallas? Let’s discuss the advantages of living in Dallas-Fort Worth and tips for moving from Chicago to Dallas.


1. Employment Opportunities


Dallas is a location to get employment opportunities whether you are a professional in search of a change of environment or a new graduate looking to start your career.


Dallas is where 22 of the country’s 500 largest companies including AT&T, Toyota, ExxonMobil, American Airlines, and Liberty Mutual together with several other big companies that employ a lot of people are located.


The Dallas-Fort Worth unemployment rate is well below the country’s average and the city is ranked as one of the best for new graduates and people looking to venture into a new business.   


2. Housing and Cost of Living


When looking into the general cost of living, Dallas and Chicago are the same. The cost of living index in Dallas is 101.6, while that of Chicago is a bit higher at 106.0. Living in either city is just a bit costlier than the country’s average index of 100. These indexes take the cost of healthcare, housing, groceries, utilities, average home cost, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses into consideration.


As regards home values, the average list price in Dallas is $365,000. Homes in Chicago have a bit lower average list price at $329,000. Dallas and Chicago are fairly affordable for major big cities.


3. Many Great Neighborhoods


Among the best things about Dallas-Fort Worth are the amazing varieties of neighborhoods. There is certainly something to offer everyone when it comes to getting the perfect place to live.


Uptown is an amazing area for hipsters in search of restaurants, cafes, bars, and parks. M Streets is a famous spot for young families thanks to its beautiful tree-lined streets, great restaurants, and shops, as well as convenient commute to downtown.


Trophy Club is one other amazing neighborhood famous for its great schools and park system. There are many neighborhoods to pick from providing the choice between bustling city life and relaxed suburban living for residents.


4. Warm Weather


If you decide to escape the brutally cold winters of Chicago, Dallas might be the perfect substitute for you. Even though it does get a bit hot during the summer, its mild winters sufficiently make up for it. In February, the median high temperature is 600, significantly below freezing temperatures and stacks of snow in Chicago. Thanks to the warmth experienced year-round, residents of Texas can enjoy their preferred outdoor activities such as biking, running, or golf any time of the year.


5. Great Schools


As an addition for families, there are close to 40 school districts inside the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the majority of these are known for excellent achievement. Dallas is also where many esteemed colleges and universities are located such as Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, and many other colleges and universities that are not far from the city.


6. Economy and Job Growth


Being a thriving area for industries like healthcare, finance, airlines, energy, agriculture, and more, Dallas offers lots of opportunities for employment seekers. Checking the unemployment, Dallas’ (as of early 2020) unemployment rate was 3.6% against Chicago’s rate of 4.44%. As regards future employment growth, Dallas is projected to experience a rapid growth rate of 41.6% over the next decade. Chicago on the other hand is expected to have a future growth rate of only 25.7% over a similar period.


7. There is a lot to do in Dallas


Boredom is not a thing when you reside in Dallas. This diverse city has a lot to offer regardless of your interests. You can venture into arts and culture by spending a good amount of time at one of the several museums in the city or you could be in attendance at one of Dallas’ many concerts, parades, or festivals.


Sports lovers will have access to the fever of professional sports as they cheer on Texas Rangers in baseball, or Dallas Cowboys, known as America’s team. If nightlife excitement is your thing, there are many bars, pubs, and live music spots to visit.


Shoppers will also feel in place in Dallas, with many more stores per capita than any other city in the country. It is where the oldest shopping center in the country, Highland Park Village, is located. There are also lots of amazing craft breweries and restaurants to accommodate even the most selective eaters. Finally, there are many opportunities offered to outdoor lovers by Dallas in one of its numerous parks.


What is the Cost to Move from Chicago to Dallas?


The total distance is 925 miles, so the majority of the cost of your move will be in hauling your boxes and furniture. On average, about $2500 to $3000 is the expected cost to relocate from Chicago to Dallas. Although this might sound costly, take the distance you are transporting your belongings into consideration. The overall cost of your move will rest on many variables, including your current home and destination address, the time of year they move is scheduled, the scale of your home in size, and the services you put in for.


Below are some cost estimates for your move from Chicago to Dallas (925 miles) based on your household’s size:


Home Size (Bedroom)

Moving Estimate


$1210 to $1520


$1500 to $1880


$1820 to $2290


$2170  to $2720


$2550  to $3200


$2960  to $3710


The best way to obtain a correct estimate is by arranging an on-site or virtual (video) inspection with a licensed and insured Chicago long-distance mover. Get free estimates for your move from the best local moving companies servicing Chicago to Dallas now.


FAQ about Moving From Chicago to Dallas


Is Dallas affordable than Chicago?


Dallas is 5.0 percent cheaper than Chicago. Housing costs in Dallas are 6.3% cheaper than housing costs in Chicago. Healthcare costs are 3.8% costlier in Dallas.


What amount does due moving from Chicago to Dallas cost?


In brief, based on the size of things you are moving, and whether you rent a moving truck and DIY the moving process or hire a professional Dallas moving company, it can set you back from around $900 to $6,000 to relocate to Dallas from Chicago.


Is moving to Dallas a good idea?


Dallas is an amazing place to consider as a choice of home and it has a lot to offer – whether you want to start your career, locate your niche, or have access to some of the best museums, nightlife venues, and restaurants in the United States.


Should I relocate to Dallas or Atlanta?


While they both cost more to live in comparison to the average city in the country, Atlanta is a bit cheaper. The major perk Atlanta has over Dallas is affordable housing and utility bills. However, when you place these outcomes into context, the two cities have an amazing cheaper cost of living.  


How to move from Chicago to Dallas


Out-of-state moves need a lot of planning and organization. That is why getting the help of professional local movers is recommended when you are moving out of state. Our long-distance movers have more than 85 tears of relocation experience and have what it takes to take care of each part of your move from packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking.


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