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Moving to a new home takes a lot of work, and trying to get ready for that move is not easy. But, whether you’re seeking out local movers or cross country movers, iMoving is here to assist you with the process.


For years, we’ve been helping people just like you work out the details of your move so that you can get the best experience at a fair price. Our website has been designed to help you estimate moving costs and sort out which company is going to do the best job for your purposes.


All of the local or cross country moving companies we work with have been fully vetted and background checked. We look into what they have to offer and make sure that they adhere to the values that we’ve set for iMoving and our partners. That means that they’ll be professional, friendly, and affordable.


It’s easy to find the right movers through iMoving. All you need to do is put in the information related to your move – where you live now, where you’re moving to, and what types of services that you’re going to need to make that happen.


After you provide that information to the site, it’ll give you options from several moving companies that we work with. It’ll estimate moving costs and let you know about the services that those companies are going to be able to offer to you. Then, you can choose between those companies and start the booking process.


We take care of all communication between you and the moving company. We’ll deal with the money and make sure that you’re being well taken care of from the beginning of the booking process, all of the way until they get paid. Because of this, iMoving is your top partner for all your moving needs.


Moving Services in Brookfield, Wisconsin


Are you curious about the types of services that you’re going to be able to get from your moving company? Here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular services they have available.


  • Local Moves: Hiring local movers is a piece of cake with iMoving. Local moving companies typically take care of moves that are less than 100 miles from your home, which allows them to provide you with a move that is quick and well done. Local movers typically charge by the hour, and they end up being much less in terms of cost.


  • Long Distance Moves: Long distance moves take a little bit more planning, and you need to be sure that you’re working with an interstate or cross country moving company that really knows and understands how to take care of these moves. The logistics definitely take some effort, but with the right company, you can get everything in order and know that your move will go smoothly. They cost more, but they will complete the job properly.


  • Business Moving Needs: Businesses have very different needs than homes do, and the moving process is no different. There are a number of moving companies out there that focus on commercial moves, or take care of them alongside of residential moves. These movers have specialized tools and techniques that allow them to take care of large electronic items, awkwardly shaped items, and confidential information safely.


  • Other Miscellaneous Services: Some of the other services that may be available from your movers may include packing and unpacking services, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and other similar items, white glove services, and more. In some instances, they may also offer sales of moving items (kits, moving boxes, etc.). Rentals are often available from moving companies as well, including truck rentals and storage unit rentals.


Tips to Make Moving and Packing Easier


Looking for some tips that can help make moving into your new place a little less stressful? Here are some of our favorites.


  1. Don’t delay on packing and planning


You want to start putting together your moving checklist as soon as you’re able to do so! The moment that you get confirmation that your relocation is inevitable, you want to begin the packing and reorganization process. The sooner you get started, the less stress that you’ll have about the whole thing.


  1. Use garbage bags to pack clothes that were hanging in the closet


Instead of wasting your precious moving boxes on clothing, bunch a group of them together and put them in an upside down trash bag with a hole cut out of the bottom so that the top of the hangers can go through. If you don’t like that idea, you can also find special boxes that are designed for you to hang clothes in.


  1. Store small pieces and wires in storage bags and label them


As you’re disassembling furniture and disconnecting electronic items, you’ll want to be sure to take those pieces and put them into Ziploc bags for storage. Mark what items they go with and then put them in the same box (or have a special place for all of them). It will make putting things back together a lot easier when you move in.


  1. Order in for dinner the first night at your new home


Instead of unpacking a bunch of boxes and cooking dinner after an exhausting day, go ahead and order in (or go out). You’ve worked hard and you don’t need to be bothered with trying to cook! Sit back, relax, and give yourself a break so you can go back to unpacking with a second wind.


Brookfield, Wisconsin – What You Need to Know Before You Move


Brookfield is a suburb located about 20 minutes outside of downtown Milwaukee, and is one of the most affluent suburbs in the entire state of Wisconsin. With a population of just under 40,000 people and an average household income of over $90,000, this is definitely the place to be if you want to ensure that your family is in a safe, affluent neighborhood.


The public school system is one of the best in the country, with test scores well above average and an incredibly low dropout rate. Herzing and Ottawa Universities both have campuses here, and they are two of the more popular places to work.


As you would expect in Wisconsin, the winters can get kind of tough to try and work through. There is a lot of snow, but there’s also a lot to do in the winter. So, if you like winter sports and other winter activities, you’re sure to love what Wisconsin has to offer.


If you’re a foodie, then Brookfield is going to give you all sorts of great options in terms of cuisine. They have an incredibly diverse selection of restaurants throughout the suburb, and you get even more if you just drive 20 minutes to see what’s in Milwaukee. You will need a car, however – public transportation from the city doesn’t come all the way out to Brookfield.


Brookfield is very spread out, so not too many things are within walking distance. You can bike pretty much everywhere you’d want to go in the town, however. There are dozens of bike trails and walking trails, which allows for hours of enjoyment outdoors.


If you’re a middle class to upper middle class professional or family, Brookfield is a great place to live. You can work in the suburb or commute into Milwaukee, and there are a lot of opportunities for recreation and fun throughout the area.