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Moving is always a challenge, whether you are going cross country or moving from one city to another within Wisconsin. There are so many steps to get through, such as finding a place to live, saying goodbye to friends, and sorting out your possessions.


Anyone who is moving to Milwaukee will be concerned about the quality of the movers they hire. Many individuals and families have horrible past experiences with moving companies, such as last minute price hikes, inexplicable delays, and rudeness.


iMoving was created to change the way that people interact with moving companies. Instead of spending hours trying to learn about local or long-distance moving companies in Milwaukee Wisconsin, you can connect with the best Milwaukee movers through our service instead.


We are a referral company that puts you in touch with movers in Milwaukee that have a stellar reputation. A moving company can only be a part of the iMoving network if it is personally approved by our team of dedicated professionals. We ensure movers are licensed, insured and have a few years of experience in the area.


Using the iMoving portal to connect with local moving companies offers many advantages. It only takes minutes for you to get in contact with the best movers in the area. We even have a security system to pay for the services through our payment portal, which includes a quote guarantee. So you can be sure there will be no last-minute price increases when you hire movers through iMoving.


Moving Services in Milwaukee, WI


When you are looking for the ideal moving company, you care about their reputation and the services offered. We can help you with both. iMoving will put you in touch with the movers that offer the services you need. These services may include:


  • Packing: If you do not want to spend days packing up your possessions, or have physical limitations, you can hire Milwaukee movers to do it for you. They will even unpack your items when the move is complete.
  • Special Items Moving: When you have possessions that are very large, heavy, delicate or difficult to move, you can request specialty items moving services from a moving company. As long as you let them know ahead of time, the movers will bring the necessary tools to ensure those items are packed and loaded in a safe way.
  • Vehicle Transport: People who are moving to Milwaukee from across the country may not want to drive for days to get there. Many of the movers in the iMoving network offer vehicle transportation as an add-on moving service.


Handy Tips for Moving to Milwaukee


The month before you are ready for the move to Milwaukee can feel like a mad dash. There is so much that has to get done and so little time! Here are a few tips that should help you during the last few weeks before your relocation to Milwaukee:


  • If your current bank does not operate in Milwaukee, you may want to switch to another one. Be sure to take care of any items in safety deposit boxes early, as it can be way too easy to forget that you have stored valuables there.
  • Pack a small separate bag that has all your essentials, which will make your first few nights in Milwaukee more comfortable. Include enough clothes, toiletries and other necessities in the bag.
  • Visit the post office a few days before leaving and have your mail forwarded to your new address in Milwaukee.


What to Know About Moving To Milwaukee Wisconsin


One of the major cities in Wisconsin, Milwaukee is home to roughly 600,000 people. It is known for its very cold winters, craft breweries, and many great spots to visit.


Sites such as the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Harley-Davidson Museum are a must-see. The County Zoo and Discovery World are perfect for families to visit, especially if the kids are huge science nerds.


Individuals and young couples who are moving to the area will be happy to know the nightlife has improved in Milwaukee over the past few years. Spots such as LUCID Light Lounge and Bar 360 are always busy on a Friday and Saturday night, while there are some great restaurants in the downtown area. And if you enjoy a few fancy cocktails during the weekend, Taylors is a bar you will fall in love with!