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Eden Prairie Movers


Moving to another region is something most people avoid because of the burden linked to it. Many will do their best to look for a place they can stay for years without moving. However, certain circumstances may force you to relocate to a new region.


Job transfers and new home purchases are some of the factors that may force you to move to another place. You can efficiently complete your move without breaking a sweat or stressing about any issue. It is possible when you hire a professional moving service.


These are companies with trucks and other items needed to help you complete your move. Technology has also made it easier for many to access such services.


We Got Your Back!


You can get a mover online using your phone or any other internet access device. That is where we come in as iMoving. We are a moving facilitator with a wide range of movers on our platform.


If you are relocating to Eden Prairie, Minnesota, you can use our site to get the best mover. Our online platform is easy to use and can be accessed on both mobile phones and PCs.


Everything is clearly indicated to help you plan your move. You just have to log in, enter your move details, compare prices, check reviews, and choose the company you consider best for your move.


We will connect you to a highly-reputable mover in Eden Prairie to help you complete your move.


Moving companies that wish to be listed on our platform must go through a thorough vetting done by our team. Things we look for include an operating license from the transportation department and local state government.


A certificate of insurance is also part of our consideration. This is to ensure our customers are compensated in case of a mishap. Eden Prairie moving companies that wish to partner with us must have been in the industry for at least two years.


This is meant to ensure you get the best customer service. You will never regret it when you use iMoving to hire a mover in Eden Prairie.


Why Should You Consider a Mover to Eden Prairie?


Eden Prairie is a city in Hennepin County, Minnesota. A higher percentage of residents in this region own their homes. It is an ideal place to move in with your family because there are highly rated public schools for kids at different levels.


There are also restaurants, parks, and natural attractions in Eden Prairie, where you can spend some quality time. Other social amenities are also available in the region.


You will have a smooth stay if you move to this city with your family. Completing that relocation should not be a complicated affair.


You can find the best moving companies in Eden Prairie through iMoving. Plan your move through our online platform to have an easy time relocating to Eden Prairie.


Why We Are the Best for Local and Cross Country Moving?


At iMoving, we offer a wide range of moving services. Local and interstate moves are part of the services we offer.


Cross county moving is meant for those who wish to relocate to other cities in Minnesota or different states in the US. It is different for local moves meant for those who want to transfer to other parts of Eden Prairie.


iMoving is the best moving facilitator you can hire to complete your move. Here is why we are considered the best enablers for local and cross country moving.


  • Truck Varieties


We have a wide range of tracks suitable for your different moving needs. The kind of truck you hire largely depends on the number of goods you plan to move with. More items will require a bigger vehicle. We will link you to the best moving services in Eden Prairie with the right trucks to carry the things you have.


  • Cost-Friendly Services


We offer affordable moving services for both local and interstate moves. Moving costs are usually a headache for so many people out there. It is one dilemma you may face when planning a move to a specific region.


Our services are cost-friendly, and you can quickly get a moving quote through our platform. The moving cost calculator available on our site makes it easy for you to estimate the amount you are likely to spend on your move.


We will connect you to the best mover in Eden Prairie, charging reasonably for such a service.


  • Auto Transport


The other headache you are likely to face, especially when moving to another state, is how to transport your vehicles. You may have more than one car, and driving them will be a complicated affair. Driving your vehicle to another state mile away may also result in wear and tear.


The best thing you can do is to transport them using special trucks. iMoving can connect you to moving companies in Eden Prairie that offer auto transport services. They will come with special trucks that carry more vehicles and transport them to your new home.


  • Safe Moves


We will also do our best to ensure your items get to their preferred destination safely. The safety of our clients' belongings is one thing we value most.


We have partnered with highly-reputable moving services in Eden Prairie that will do their best to ensure your goods are packed safely, and their chances of getting damaged while on the move are minimized.


They will come with the right moving boxes and materials to keep your fragile items protected from damage.


  • Insured Movers


There are different things we look out for when hiring moving companies to work with use. One essential thing we ask for during the vetting process is a certificate of insurance. The chances of items getting damaged or stolen while on the move are usually high.


Our clients have the right to ask for compensation in such a scenario. All moving companies in Eden Prairie that have been listed on our platform are insured. You will get compensated in case of a loss or damage. This is ideal for all local and cross country moves. 


  • Good Customer Service


There are lots of challenges you might experience during your local and interstate moves. They may arise when planning your move on our site or during the relocation process.


You should not worry because our contact lines are always open. We are always ready to assist you and ensure you enjoy the best moving experience. 


You can also access other services such as special handling, and we also provide much-needed labor for your move.


iMoving is the right platform to connect you to the best moving companies in Eden Prairie. If you plan to move into this beautiful city or relocate to another region outside Eden Prairie, our platform will best connect you to highly-reputable movers.


Packing Tips for a Safe Move


Packing your items correctly is essential for a safe move. The chances of your items getting damaged are very minimal when they are packed correctly. Here are packing tips from our experts that will guarantee you a smooth move and minimize damage. 


  • Separate Fragile Items


Fragile items should be packed separately from the non-fragile ones. These are items that can break easily when they shake and come into contact while on the move.


You should look for a different set of boxes or packing bags to keep fragile items and ensure that they are in a safe spot in the moving truck.


  • Use the Right Packing Materials


Boxes are the best materials you can use to pack items during your move. You should look for the right boxes that will not expose your belongings to any form of damage.


For fragile items, including proper cushioning materials, will reduce their chances of breaking. You can use bubble wraps, foam packaging, and an airbag inflation system are some of the best options you have to keep fragile items safeguarded.


You can get all of them when you hire a mover in Eden Prairie though iMoving


  • Do Not Fill Your Boxes


Avoid filling your boxes to the brim because this increases the chances of your items getting damaged. One can be overwhelmed by the excess weight of such a box, and this makes them drop the package they are carrying easily.


Each box should have a standard weight of items for an easy time carrying to and from the truck.


  • Seal Your Boxes


You also need to ensure the boxes with your items are correctly closed or sealed. This minimizes the chances of different items you are carrying dropping out.


The best thing you can do is sealing your moving boxes with tape. Do an all-round sealing to ensure the boxes are correctly closed.


  • Label Your Boxes


It is also an essential step during the moving process. Labeling your boxes can be of help when packing and unpacking.


You will be able to identify what items are in a specific box and what you need to pack first. Follow these tips for the best moving experience. iMoving will link you to the best moving services in Eden Prairie that will help you during this phase.

10 Stress Management Tips For Moving | iMoving.com

It’s moving time, and you’re stressed out - we all know this feeling. Regardless of whether it's a long-distance move or a move to the neighborhood just down the road, moving is a difficult and emotional process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be an entirely stressful experience. Moving can be a fresh new start and an exciting adventure.

Manage your stress and make the most of moving to a new home with these tips from our team of experts here at iMoving.com.


The following are the best Stress Management Tips For Moving:


1. Give yourself plenty of time

While not everybody has control over how much time they have to move, many do. If you do have some control over the timing, start planning a couple months beforehand and give yourself a full month to pack and move.

In many cases, the stress of moving comes from last-minute rushing or skipping the planning phase. But this isn’t always necessary. You can start by packing the things that you don’t use often until the only things that are not packed are the bare necessities.

If you can, take your time and enjoy reminiscing as you pack your things away and prepare for a new journey.


2. Prepare mentally

Moving brings up a lot of emotions - digging through old mementos, getting rid of things you still remember buying but no longer need and leaving the place you’ve learned to call home.

To avoid making your move a bitter and stressful process, you should take some time to prepare your mind. Remind yourself that you aren’t leaving behind the good memories and they will stick with you wherever you go next.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures as reminders of the great memories you’ve made. One day you and your children may want to look through them and relive those moments.


3. Make a plan

Planning out your entire move will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also help make your move easy and efficient. Write down a plan that will force you to answer these questions:

What supplies do I need?

When will I start?

When is the deadline?

Where will I start?

Who is going to help?

How am I going to transport the boxes?

Once you’ve answered these questions, make a detailed checklist with every task you need to do to complete the move. Then take it one check at a time.


4. Get organized

The organization is the key to a successful and stress-free move. As you pack your things, don’t forget to make detailed labels, so you know what to do with the box when it gets to your new home. A sharpie will do just fine.

There are two things you should write on the boxes. First, write which room the box belongs in - make the letters large, so they are easy to spot later on when they are being unloaded. Second, write what's in the box on the lid so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Organize the boxes so that the ones with the same room labels stay together. If you’re doing the move yourself, it’s best that the boxes that go to the same room are loaded to the same area of the moving truck. This will help keep the unloading process organized and efficient.


5. Take time to relax and sleep

Moving is physically and mentally demanding - don’t forget to take time to rest your body and mind. Sleep deprivation can lead to extra stress and anxiety. Getting at least seven hours of sleep will help you maintain a clear head so you can focus on the job at hand.

Take breaks often and don’t forget to take time to relax, especially in the mornings and evenings, so you don’t burn yourself out. Remember, moving doesn’t have to be a dreadful process.


6. Go on a purge

Most of us have way too many things in our homes, and this can be a significant cause of stress while you’re moving, especially for cross-country moves where you can only bring so much.

If you still have three Belgium waffle makers you got as wedding gifts eight years ago, it's likely you need a good purge. As a rule of thumb, if it doesn’t have a strong sentimental value and you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.

Start by hosting a garage sale or listing items online. Next, give away anything that doesn’t sell. And finally, if you can't give it away, it is probably junk that you can recycle or throw away.


7. Ask for some help

You don’t have to do it alone, nor should you. Getting help from others can take much of the stress off of your shoulders. It can be difficult to relieve yourself of some of the control of your move, but it’s essential that you delegate tasks that you don’t have to do yourself.

Friends and family are usually eager to help. You just have to ask. Most people won't turn down free pizza and an opportunity to help out.


8. Clear your calendar

Working a long day then coming home to pack your things can leave you exhausted and stressed. Of course, not everyone can get away from work and other obligations. But taking a few days off can help you focus on moving and still have time to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

If you know when you’re going to move a couple months beforehand, you can keep your calendar clear and ask off work. Young children can add to the stress of moving as well. So if you have children, it’s a good idea to plan for someone to take care of them while you pack.


9. Hire movers to help

One of the best ways to reduce the stress of a move is to hire professionals. Yes, it takes a certain amount of effort to research and choose a quality company, but using online resources like our iMoving.com network of fully vetted and trustworthy moving companies can streamline that process.

Professional movers offer additional services like packing that really take the weight off your shoulders – literally. Movers have the know-how and strength to get heavy and odd-shaped furniture loaded and unloaded, so you don’t have to strain your body.

Movers also know how to pack your items safely and stack boxes so that they are not damaged, even in a long, cross-country move. This leaves you with more stress-free time to relax and reminisce about the great times you’ve had in your home.


10. Try meditating

The more stressed you are, the more mistakes you’re likely to make which will, in turn, lead to even more stress. Meditation is excellent at reducing stress and gaining a clear, level head so it’s easier to avoid mistakes and frustration, to begin with.

If you haven’t tried meditation before, it’s best to start with a session of guided meditation. There are many free and paid apps available that will guide you through your meditation.

Saying goodbye to a home doesn’t have to be bitter and stressful. It can be an incredible experience that brings together family and friends. It can be a fresh start and the beginning of great new memories. But it all depends on how you decide to go about it.

Use all the resources you can find, including the tools and information we have here at iMoving.com, to make your move a stress-free start to a new life.

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10 Stress Management Tips For Moving

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  • How to Move Utilities when Moving Home
    How To

    Getting organized for moving day takes a lot of time and effort, and you want to be sure that you have everything in order. Obviously, you need to have your movers scheduled and start packing up your home. But, what about all of the little things that need to be done? Do you have the small details in order, yet?


    Many people don’t realize that utilities need to be part of their moving checklist from the beginning and that they should be taken care of pretty early on. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you’re moving utilities during the moving process.


    Sort Out What Needs to be Turned Off and What Services Can Move With You in Advance


    As you get started with the process of moving, you want to do some research and contact your utility companies to see what they have to say about the process. In many cases, you’ll just need to schedule your final bills to get a final meter reading and be done with it.


    If you’re going to be transferring utilities, then you’ll provide them with your new address. They will add that address to your file. Then, they will schedule when you need to turn off your current utilities and when the utilities at your new home will be turned on (or put into your name, depending on the situation).


    Connect with the City to See About Starting a Water/Sewer/Trash Account


    Taking the time to set up utilities before moving into a city or town that takes care of such things for you will take a little effort. Many towns and cities have a central system of plumbing that goes underneath the city. The city or town is in charge of caring for this system. So, if a water pipe bursts on your street, the city or town will come to repair it.


    In those cases, you also likely have a municipal trash route that you live on, and you’ll have a trash can from your locality. Garbage will be picked up on a particular day. There are even some municipalities that will have recycling bins available, either on the same day or a different one.


    Water, sewer, and trash are typically under one bill. So, when you sign up for an account and put it under your name, the city will have a minimum cost that you’re working with. If you go over a certain threshold of water use, you may go to a different bracket where you will have to pay a bit more.


    If you live in a rural area, it’s likely that you have some sort of septic system (instead of being connected to the main sewer line) and/or water well (instead of being connected to the main water line). These will be set up and ready to go when you move into your new place. You are also unlikely to have a trash system and may have to take your trash to the dump. In those instances, you won’t have to set up those utilities or pay extra for them.


    Do You Have a Homeowners’ Association?


    When you move into a neighborhood, you will learn whether or not you’re going to be affiliated with a Homeowners’ Association, or HOA. These are often “governing bodies” that help keep the neighborhood looking nice and ensuring that it’s safe.


    In some cases, they will also be responsible for paying one large collective bill to the town or city you reside in. Your dues will then help pay for water, sewer, gas, and electricity. Your real estate agent can give you a better idea as to whether or not an HOA is in the neighborhood you’re looking at and how much you could expect to pay in monthly or yearly dues.


    Update Your Address


    Make sure that you have your account numbers and other pertinent information available, and then either sign onto your online account or connect directly with service professionals. Give them your new address and make sure that everything is updated with it. This includes checks and cards you may be using for payments and any other addresses associated with the card. 


    There are a lot of different things that you need to have in order before you get your move sorted out, and your utilities are absolutely essential in that case. If you start the process as you can, you’ll find that it’s much easier to accomplish your goals. You won’t have to worry about whether or not utilities have been turned on and you can stay ahead of problems.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why would I be able to move some utilities with me?


    Depending on where you are and where you’re headed, utility service or two may be the same in both areas. So, many utility companies will have something in a place where you can just keep your account but use it with a different meter at a different address.


    Can I move my electric meter?


    No, it is illegal to move your electric meter on your own, and it’s also very dangerous. But, if you’d like to take your electric meter with you (in instances where you purchased a smart meter and other reasons), you can talk to your utility and they can assist you.


    What type of heat is best?


    Electric is often the most expensive, but the most convenient. The most common is natural gas, and you can also have a fireplace, woodstove, or coal stove to keep your home warm. The type of heat that is best for you is the one that matches your lifestyle and your budget.


    Should I have my gas meter indoors?


    Probably not. If something goes wrong with your natural gas, the chance of a gas leak at your meter is incredibly high, and you don’t want that to be indoors if it happens.


    What utilities are absolutely essential?


    When you start to turn on your utilities when you move, you will be required to turn on the electricity, your form of heat, and water/sewer services. Your municipality may also include trash as a part of your water and sewer bills. Non-essentials can include internet, telephone, cable, and any other services that aren’t necessary for health and wellness.

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  • How to Avoid Falling Victim to Fraudulent Movers
    Before Your Move

    More than 35 million people are predicted to move in 2018.  A jaw-dropping number of those who are relocating will find themselves victims of moving scams, with thousands of dollars in losses.  Below you’ll find tips to help you avoid being taken for prey by fraudulent moving companies.


    Moving scams range from the moving company flat out taking off with the load, never to be seen again to holding the customer’s belongings hostage until a ransom is paid.  Others trump up fictional charges that supposedly occurred unexpectedly and refuse to let go of the goods until the customer pays additional fees.  


    The Moving Scam Epidemic


    It’s important to note why the moving scam problem is so out of hand that it is being called an epidemic by experts in the field.  First and foremost is the red-tape issue.  Crimes occurring within one particular state are within the state’s jurisdiction while a crime that goes across state lines is in the hands of the federal government.  The fact of the matter is that neither have the resources delegated to investigate and prosecute properly.  Therefore, the majority of the moving scam artists get by with their criminal deeds.  And...they are fully aware of that.


    How Can You Avoid Moving Scams?


    Here are some suggestions to heed when choosing a moving company:

    • Screen companies thoroughly.  Don’t trust what a single company says about themselves on their site.  Many unsuspecting victims have just taken a company at its word that they are on the up-and-up.  Using a third party site that offers unbiased screening is always wise.


    • Be sure the moving company is licensed and bonded.  It takes time to validate credentials but it is well worth the trouble.  Most victims of moving scams admit that they did not verify credentials.  If you don’t have the time to fully validate the licenses of a company, a third party moving company will do that for you.  They partner with moving companies and verify each moving company’s credentials since their reputation is at stake should they recommend a fraudulent one.


    • Check out the moving company’s reviews.  What other customers say about a company goes a long way.  It isn’t unheard of for moving companies to have fake reviews written for their site, so again, a third party moving service is your best bet.


    • Watch for signs of integrity or the lack of it.  Being courteous, friendly, reliable, respectful and professional are traits that the staff of a great moving company should possess.  Honest pricing is a good sign too.  Companies with nothing to hide will have no problem being transparent with their customers.  They will answer all questions to the best of their ability and understand your concerns rather than being aggravated by them.


    Make You Move a Great One


    Moving is exciting.  Adventures and new beginnings await.  It can be stressful too and for some, it can be a total nightmare.  Avoid getting caught off guard in a moving scam by taking the tips above to heart so your next move can be a great one.

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