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Moving to another region is something most people avoid because of the burden linked to it. Many will do their best to look for a place they can stay for years without moving. However, certain circumstances may force you to relocate to a new region.


Job transfers and new home purchases are some of the factors that may force you to move to another place. You can efficiently complete your move without breaking a sweat or stressing about any issue. It is possible when you hire a professional moving service.


These are companies with trucks and other items needed to help you complete your move. Technology has also made it easier for many to access such services.


We Got Your Back!


You can get a mover online using your phone or any other internet access device. That is where we come in as iMoving. We are a moving facilitator with a wide range of movers on our platform.


If you are relocating to Eden Prairie, Minnesota, you can use our site to get the best mover. Our online platform is easy to use and can be accessed on both mobile phones and PCs.


Everything is clearly indicated to help you plan your move. You just have to log in, enter your move details, compare prices, check reviews, and choose the company you consider best for your move.


We will connect you to a highly reputable mover in Eden Prairie to help you complete your move.


Moving companies that wish to be listed on our platform must go through a thorough vetting done by our team. Things we look for include an operating license from the transportation department and local state government.


A certificate of insurance is also part of our consideration. This is to ensure our customers are compensated in case of a mishap. Eden Prairie moving companies that wish to partner with us must have been in the industry for at least two years.


This is meant to ensure you get the best customer service. You will never regret it when you use iMoving to hire a mover in Eden Prairie.


Why Should You Consider a Mover to Eden Prairie?


Eden Prairie is a city in Hennepin County, Minnesota. A higher percentage of residents in this region own their homes. It is an ideal place to move in with your family because there are highly rated public schools for kids at different levels.


There are also restaurants, parks, and natural attractions in Eden Prairie, where you can spend some quality time. Other social amenities are also available in the region.


You will have a smooth stay if you move to this city with your family. Completing that relocation should not be a complicated affair.


You can find the best moving companies in Eden Prairie through iMoving. Plan your move through our online platform to have an easy time relocating to Eden Prairie.


Why We Are the Best for Local and Cross Country Moving?


At iMoving, we offer a wide range of moving services. Local and interstate moves are part of the services we offer.


Cross county moving is meant for those who wish to relocate to other cities in Minnesota or different states in the US. It is different for local moves meant for those who want to transfer to other parts of Eden Prairie.


iMoving is the best moving facilitator you can hire to complete your move. Here is why we are considered the best enablers for local and cross-country moving.


1. Truck Varieties


We have a wide range of tracks suitable for your different moving needs. The kind of truck you hire largely depends on the number of goods you plan to move with. More items will require a bigger vehicle. We will link you to the best moving services in Eden Prairie with the right trucks to carry the things you have.


2. Cost-Friendly Services


We offer affordable moving services for both local and interstate moves. Moving costs are usually a headache for so many people out there. It is one dilemma you may face when planning a move to a specific region.


Our services are cost-friendly, and you can quickly get a moving quote through our platform. The moving cost calculator available on our site makes it easy for you to estimate the amount you are likely to spend on your move.


We will connect you to the best mover in Eden Prairie, charging reasonably for such a service.


3. Auto Transport


The other headache you are likely to face, especially when moving to another state, is how to transport your vehicles. You may have more than one car, and driving them will be a complicated affair. Driving your vehicle to another state mile away may also result in wear and tear.


The best thing you can do is to transport them using special trucks. iMoving can connect you to moving companies in Eden Prairie that offer auto transport services. They will come with special trucks that carry more vehicles and transport them to your new home.


4. Safe Moves


We will also do our best to ensure your items get to their preferred destination safely. The safety of our clients' belongings is one thing we value most.


We have partnered with highly reputable moving services in Eden Prairie that will do their best to ensure your goods are packed safely, and their chances of getting damaged while on the move are minimized.


They will come with the right moving boxes and materials to keep your fragile items protected from damage.


5. Insured Movers


There are different things we look out for when hiring moving companies to work with us. One essential thing we ask for during the vetting process is a certificate of insurance. The chances of items getting damaged or stolen while on the move are usually high.


Our clients have the right to ask for compensation in such a scenario. All moving companies in Eden Prairie that have been listed on our platform are insured. You will get compensated in case of a loss or damage. This is ideal for all local and cross-country moves. 


6. Good Customer Service


There are lots of challenges you might experience during your local and interstate moves. They may arise when planning your move on our site or during the relocation process.


You should not worry because our contact lines are always open. We are always ready to assist you and ensure you enjoy the best moving experience. 


You can also access other services such as special handling, and we also provide much-needed labor for your move.


iMoving is the right platform to connect you to the best moving companies in Eden Prairie. If you plan to move into this beautiful city or relocate to another region outside Eden Prairie, our platform will best connect you to highly reputable movers.


Packing Tips for a Safe Move


Packing your items correctly is essential for a safe move. The chances of your items getting damaged are very minimal when they are packed correctly. Here are packing tips from our experts that will guarantee you a smooth move and minimize damage. 


Separate Fragile Items


Fragile items should be packed separately from the non-fragile ones. These are items that can break easily when they shake and come into contact while on the move.


You should look for a different set of boxes or packing bags to keep fragile items and ensure that they are in a safe spot in the moving truck.


Use the Right Packing Materials


Boxes are the best materials you can use to pack items during your move. You should look for the right boxes that will not expose your belongings to any form of damage.


For fragile items, including proper cushioning materials, will reduce their chances of breaking. You can use bubble wraps, foam packaging, and an airbag inflation system are some of the best options you have to keep fragile items safeguarded.


You can get all of them when you hire a mover in Eden Prairie though iMoving


Do Not Fill Your Boxes


Avoid filling your boxes to the brim because this increases the chances of your items getting damaged. One can be overwhelmed by the excess weight of such a box, and this makes them drop the package they are carrying easily.


Each box should have a standard weight of items for an easy time carrying to and from the truck.


Seal Your Boxes


You also need to ensure the boxes with your items are correctly closed or sealed. This minimizes the chances of different items you are carrying dropping out.


The best thing you can do is sealing your moving boxes with tape. Do an all-round sealing to ensure the boxes are correctly closed.


Label Your Boxes


It is also an essential step during the moving process. Labeling your boxes can be of help when packing and unpacking.


You will be able to identify what items are in a specific box and what you need to pack first. Follow these tips for the best moving experience. iMoving will link you to the best moving services in Eden Prairie that will help you during this phase.