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Change is an essential part of our lives, and it may come in different forms. A perfect example is whenever you are required to relocate to a new region.


There is a lot of stress associated with this kind of change. The most stressful factor is usually how to move your items. Hiring a professional moving service is one of the best ways to have a less stressful move. These are companies equipped with everything you may want for a successful move.


Accessing such services is much easier now. You can utilize moving facilitators who will link you to several moving companies. iMoving is one moving enabler that can connect you to the best moving services in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Accessing our services is much easier because everything is available on our website. You can book your move easily when you visit our platform.


The steps are very simple because you are only required to enter your move details, compare prices, check reviews, and select a moving company.


Some of the moving information to enter include your new area of residence, distance to cover, and items you plan to carry. You can also key in your personal information. iMoving will connect to highly reputable Saint Paul moving services to help you complete your move


How to Determine if Our Movers Are Qualified?


Working with a qualified mover in Saint Paul is essential for quality service. Here at iMoving, we look at different qualities when vetting these companies.


Essential factors our team of experts look out for during the recruitment phase include a license from the local state government and department of transportation, certificate of insurance, and a minimum of two years of working experience.


It is your responsibility as a client to confirm whether the mover in Saint Paul you intend to hire from our platform meets the cut. Here is how you can tell whether a specific company is qualified.


Why iMoving is the Right Platform for Your Moving Needs?


There are several reasons why you should use iMoving when looking for a mover in Saint Paul. They include:


  • Cost-Friendly Moves


We can easily relocate you to your preferred destination at an affordable rate. Our platform has a moving cost calculator that can help you get a quote for your move.


The chances of getting ripped off, usually the case when asking for quotes from different companies, are minimal. You will be required to key in information such as the distance to be covered and the size of the house you will be moving to get a quote.


  • Highly-Reputable Movers


We have partnered with highly-reputable moving companies in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to help you complete your move. Movers that wish to be listed on our platform must go through a thorough vetting process.


We look for qualities such as a minimum of two years’ experience and proper documentation to determine whether a specific mover is qualified. Moving companies that violate our standards are held accountable and can be delisted from our service.


  • Good Customer Service


We guarantee you the best customer service when you hire a Saint Paul moving service from our platform. There are a few challenges you are likely to experience as you try to access our service or when you want to relocate to another region.


We have an active customer service that is always ready to help you whenever you experience any of these challenges. Our service lines are active 24 hours a day every week to help you plan your move and sort out some of the problems you are experiencing.


You can also reach out to us through different social networking platforms.


  • Get Insured Mover


We will link you to the best and insured moving services in Saint Paul. One of our key considerations during the moving process is a certificate of insurance. There are a few risks your items might be exposed to when moving them to another region. A perfect example is fragile goods. Their chances of breaking, cracking, or facing different kinds of damage are much higher. You can get compensated easily when you hire an insured company.


iMoving will connect you to insured moving services in Saint Paul. Moving companies can also benefit when they are covered.


They can get a helping hand from insured companies that will assist them in repaying or compensating clients who have had their items damaged.


Hiring a mover in Saint Paul through our platform is one of the best decisions you can ever make. You will enjoy the best moving services.


  • Check their Years of Practice


Hiring an experienced mover is essential if you want your items to get to their preferred destination. One thing that can help you gauge the expertise levels of a particular mover is the period they have been in service.


Moving services in Saint Paul that wish to partner with us must have been in this job for at least two years. You can go through the profile of a specific moving company on our platform.


You will come across essential details like the period a particular company has been in service. This will help you gauge their expertise levels and tell whether they are qualified for the task.


  • Check Number of Workers


It is another essential information you can access on our iMoving platform that will help you tell whether a specific mover in Saint Paul is qualified.


Whenever you click on the profile of different moving services in Saint Paul, you will come across essential information such as the number of workers. A mover with more workers is the best. You can also consider one that has the right number of workers for your moving needs.


  • Go Through Reviews and Ratings


Reviews and ratings from different people who have managed to hire these moving services in Saint Paul can help you tell whether they are qualified.


You can access such reviews on our online platform. Moving companies in Minnesota are rated according to factors like:


  • Precision Time
  • Professionalism
  • Pricing
  • Kindness
  • Problem Solving


Higher ratings mean you are guaranteed quality service. You can also go through comments from different clients below the rating section. This will give you an idea of the Saint Paul moving service you plan to hire.


  • Services Offered


A particular mover in Saint Paul can also help you determine whether they are qualified for the job. You can access this information through iMoving.


All you have to do is visit your preferred mover profile and go to the 'About Us' section next to ratings and reviews. You will come across a detailed description of a specific moving company and the services they offer. Some of the services you are likely to access include:



Your moving needs can help you pick a mover offering the right services. Go through such information carefully to get the best services.


  • Number of Trucks


You can also consider the number of trucks in a specific moving service. This will help you determine whether they are qualified for the job. You can access this information when you visit the profile of a particular mover on our website.


The number of trucks a specific mover has in their collection is information you will encounter in their profiles. A mover with more trucks is the best because you can pick the right size for your moving needs.


Other factors like documentation should not worry you because our company policy dictates movers that wish to partner with us must have a valid operating license and a certificate of insurance.


You are guaranteed quality service if you consider the above factors when hiring a moving company from our platform.


There are several tips you should follow or a safe move. Packing your items correctly is vital if you want to ensure they get their new destinations safely. Fragile items should be packed in boxes that contain proper protective materials.


This will minimize their chances of breaking. Protective materials such as bubble wraps and airbags are the best to place between fragile materials. You should also avoid over packing your boxes.


The standard weight for each box is 5 kilograms. Anything above that might bring about difficulties for different people who will be carrying them. The chances of being involved in moving accidents are also much higher.


Sealing your boxes is also vital when moving. This lowers the chances of your items falling out of their packaging. You should ensure your boxes are wrapped correctly with tapes, and this should be done all round.


Each of your boxes should also have a proper identification label. This will grant you a smooth time during the loading and unloading process.


You will also handle each of the boxes with care because you know the items they contain. Experts from different Saint Paul moving services you hire from iMoving can guide you through this. Choose iMoving for a smooth move.