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When we first created iMoving, we had the ambition to solve a problem that many of us had experienced firsthand. Anytime one of us needed to move to another city or state, we had to deal with unpleasant, rude, and overcharging moving companies. And it is an experience that many of our friends and family shared. They were tired of not knowing whether a mover would be reliable. It is why we created iMoving - to take care of that issue.


iMoving is a moving referral company that will connect you with the best local moving companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We only put you in touch with Minneapolis movers who have a stellar reputation.


Our process is simple. We identify top-rated Minneapolis moving companies, vet them personally and then present them to our customers based on their needs.


Movers are vetted through a rigorous process. They must possess a certificate of insurance, have at least two years of business, hold proper authentication from the state, and hold up during a personal interview.


And our vetting of local Minneapolis movers is not permanent. We are always checking up on the experiences of our customers. If a mover has one or two complaints, they are at serious risk of being removed from our list. We only want the best for our customers.


If you are planning a move to Minneapolis in the coming months, enter your current and destination zip codes on the site to get started.


Moving Services in Minneapolis, MN


Customers benefit when we present them with a list of the top five or six movers in the area where they are moving. But that process is more helpful if those movers offer all the services that you want.


Did you know that different Minneapolis moving companies offer different services? Some of the moving services that you can expect from companies within our network include:


  • Packing Services: If you do not have the time or energy to pack your items into boxes, you can request a full packing service from most of the movers in our network. It is cheaper to only request loading and unloading, but it means you must pack everything yourself.
  • Vehicle Transportation: Instead of needing to drive your car hundreds of miles to Minneapolis, you can have it transported through the moving company. They will put your car in a towing van and get it to Minneapolis safely.
  • Special Handling: For items that call for special care, like pianos, valuable antiques, or artwork, we have Minneapolis movers in our network that have the experience and equipment to help. Be sure to include them in your quote requests.


Helpful Tips For a Successful Move to Minneapolis


If you have committed to a move to Minneapolis, it is time to start planning. Finding the best mover for the job is the first step, but there are other tasks you must complete too.


Make an inventory of every item you want to take. Then decide if you want to sell, donate or throw away the items you are not taking. Do that before the movers show up, as it will be a lot easier for them to load and/or pack everything that is left in the house.


Try to plan a visit to Minneapolis well before your move date. It will let you assess the city, check in with your real estate agent in person, visit any schools, doctors, or veterinarians that you need to, and get the process started for registering to vote, registering your car, and switching your driver’s license.


Things to Know When Moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota


One part of the famous Twin Cities of Minnesota, Minneapolis is home to around half a million people. There are many gorgeous landmarks in the city, such as the Walker Art Center, Sculpture Garden, and the Mill City Museum.


If you are moving to Minneapolis for professional reasons, you will be happy to know that many major companies are based in the area. UnitedHealth Group, Target, 3M, General Mills, and U.S. Bancorp are a few of the Fortune 500 companies based in the Twin Cities area.


Finding a place to live is a major hurdle for most people when they move to the city. Luckily, there are plenty of great neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Areas such as North Loop, Lynnhurst, Downtown Wets, and Linden Hills have great schools, affordable prices, and wonderful communities.


You will never be bored while living in Minneapolis. Hip spots such as The Six15 Room, Spoon and Stable, and The Capital Grille are great for some great food or weekend entertainment.