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Movers in Washington

Movers in Washington


Washington State is a place of beauty and one that is unique and catches the attention of all that are considering a move to the Pacific Northwest. If you’re looking for moving companies in Washington State, you are likely trying to find someone that is reliable and affordable, right? You want to know that you’re going with a company you can trust and that has a good reputation when it comes to local or long-distance Washington moving services.


That’s how iMoving assists you with the process. We’re a moving facilitator. That means that we’re here to work with you and give you quotes from the best Washington moving companies. Every single company that we work with has been background checked and vetted fully to ensure that you will get the help and services that you deserve and expect.


Not only that, but every one of the Washington moving companies that we provide quotes from have all of their paperwork straightened out. They’re licensed, bonded, and insured so that you know that you’re getting the best service and that you’ll be covered no matter what is going on.


All you need to do is join our iMoving.com community, then fill in the information needed for pricing quotes. We’ll provide you with relevant quotes based on the Washington moving services that you’re looking for. Then, you can use iMoving.com to book and schedule everything out for your move. It’s as simple as one, two, three!


Moving Services in Washington State


You may need different services depending on your move. Some of the common ones that most of the Washington movers in our network offer are:


  • Residential or Commercial? Residential and commercial moves have different needs, especially when it comes to privacy and how many large objects are being moved.
  • Long distance or Local? Local moves usually cost less than long distance moves, and the services necessary are different as well.
  • Other Services: These are other services offered by moving companies, such as furniture assembly, usually for an extra fee.
  • Storage: If you’re downsizing or you have a gap in your move, you likely need storage space for a bit.
  • Special Handling: Large items, antiques, and instruments need special care during a move.
  • Packing and Unpacking: Don’t have time or the ability to pack and unpack? Many moving services offer this for an extra fee.


Some of the Best Tips for Your Move


  • Do you have a date for your move? If so, then you want to be sure that you’re getting started with the details now. Start organizing and get your movers scheduled so that you have less stress come moving day.
  • A big purge of the items that you don’t use anymore can be a really big deal when it comes time to starting to pack. Not only will you need to pack less, but it could end up saving you money as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to go ask for boxes! You can actually get a lot of different boxes from local businesses that work well for different items you may be packing.
  • Always give yourself wiggle room when you’re planning your move. For example, don’t schedule the completion date of the move to be the day before you start a new job. Give yourself at least a day or two in between if you’re able to do so.


What to Know About Moving to Washington State


The taxes in Washington are some of the most regressive in the country – if you’re wealthy and you want to maintain that wealth, you’re in the right place. Not only that, but you don’t have to pay state income tax. You will have to pay other taxes though, like on gas and pretty much everything that you purchase throughout the state.


Washington has a lot of volcanos with Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens being the most well-known. This is due to where it’s located. The Cascades are beautiful, but there are definitely some dangerous things brewing. There hasn’t been a volcanic eruption since 1980, but scientists are concerned that any of them could blow, especially if another natural disaster makes the conditions right for it.


Also, Washington is a nerd Mecca. There are a lot of nerds that live there, and conventions and meetups galore so that you can find other nerds that enjoy the same things that you do – board games, Star Trek, comics, and more.