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Moving to or from the Seattle area can be an exciting prospect, and you want to know that you’re doing it in a way that is low stress and that will provide you with benefits for a long time to come. How do you find a moving company in Seattle that is going to give you what you need at the best possible price?


iMoving is here to assist you with that sort of thing. We’re what is called a moving facilitator. We partner with the best moving services in Seattle to save you time and money. iMoving has a rigorous vetting process that ensures each Seattle mover in our network is fully vetted and has the proper licenses and insurance so that your items will be in the best condition possible after your move.


That makes it easy for you to simply get on and search for local movers in just a few keystrokes. You need to answer a few questions about things like areas that you’re moving to and from, what additional services that you may need and whether it’s a commercial or residential move. Then, we provide you with several quotes from the Seattle, WA movers that we know are reliable and will meet your needs the best.


When you get to that point, it’s all in your hands. You can compare quotes and figure out what is going to work for your budget. Then, you can actually go ahead and schedule your move out. It only takes a little bit of time and you get to do everything all on the same website. That’s why iMoving is your top choice for finding great movers in Seattle.


Moving Services in Seattle, WA


  • What type of move are you doing?


There are a lot of details that go into executing a move effectively. You can search for local vs. long-distance movers in order to find professionals that can take care of whatever sort of move that you are putting together. There are also a lot of differences between residential and commercial moves as well, so it’s important to let expectations be known from the start.

  • What additional services are you going to need?


There are many additional services that are affiliated with moving companies. Movers offer storage options, in case you are getting a smaller space or if there are delays during the move. You can also get packing and unpacking services to reduce the time you put in and the chance of injury. White glove services, for your most precious objects, are also available.


Quick Tips for an Effective Move


  • Egg cartons are a really handy option when you’re trying to keep your jewelry organized. You can use them in order to keep everything in order and prevent tangling.
  • Worried about your pots, pans, and crockpots staying with their lids? Prevent a lot of noise and frustration with the help of rubber bands.
  • Want handles on your boxes? Use a box cutter to cut holes so that you can make things a little easier.
  • Moving with kids is not always an easy thing, so you want to be sure that you help them by getting them involved. Give them their own box so that they can “pack” their favorite items. Give them markers so that they can decorate them and make them their own. It’ll keep them entertained and make it easier for you.


What to Know About Moving to Seattle, Washington


In Seattle, they enjoy their coffee – it’s the home of the most famous coffee brand, Starbucks. You’ll need a coffee boost from September to June, though because “Rain City USA” is often gray and rainy during the rest of the year. July and August are beautiful, with comfortable temperatures and sunny skies for the majority of those two months.


People in Seattle are polite on the roads; jaywalking is actually ticketed here, as is honking your horn at an inappropriate time. Drivers use their horns so little that they seem surprised when they hear one. It probably helps that people don’t get lost too often. Everything makes sense in terms of directions, and the street names are named based on the location (for example, if the street says “Northwest”, it’s in Ballard). And, of course, be ready to hang out with hipsters if you decide to move to Seattle.