Long distance moving

  • What Is The Best Interstate Moving Company?

    The best interstate moving company will be capable of providing all of the moving services needed to get your belongings safely from point A to B at a price that fits within your particular budget. Additionally, there are a few key factors to look for when choosing the best interstate moving company, from a proven track record to the ability to meet moving timelines.


    Every year millions of Americans perform a move across state lines, also known as an interstate move. With the complicated logistics of an interstate move, it is essential to find interstate moving companies that can perform the job quickly, efficiently, and reliably.


    Regardless of which state you are moving to or from, it is essential to consider the following to find the best interstate moving company for your needs.


  • Checklist to Follow Before Moving to Florida - iMoving
  • How Much Does Interstate Moving Cost
  • Moving to California: Complete Checklist

    Moving anywhere is stressful, whether you are moving yourself to another apartment in the same city, or moving a big family to a different state.


    Relocating across the country to California or moving from a nearby state in the West Coast, is not without challenges. There are so many tasks to complete, and you must hire reputable local movers to ensure the move goes smoothly.


    Below is a checklist to assist you with the relocation process. The interstate moving checklist for moving to California includes every step involved in moving homes or apartments.


  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in California?

    The cost to hire movers in California can range from $500 to $4,000, depending on the size of the move. If you are hiring long-distance movers, the costs can range anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000.


    There are several factors that determine the total cost of a move, such as the number of belongings, distance between starting and destination zip codes, and the level of service requested from California movers.


    Below is a detailed explanation of how much it would cost to move within California and out of state. We also provide tips on hiring top-rated movers, and how you can save money on your local or long-distance relocation.


  • Key Responsibilities To Know When You Move Cross-Country

    Anyone preparing to move cross-country must take care of key responsibilities in addition to the actual moving process. There are many details to attend to before and after your move, from canceling utilities to forwarding mail and changing your driver's license.


    While long-haul moves are complex endeavors that entail a lot of work, with the help of cross-country moving companies, it's possible to make your move as smooth and seamless as possible so that you can take care of the following responsibilities.


    How to Organize Cross-Country Moving Responsibilities


  • Hire The Best Movers From California To Texas

    To hire movers that will relocate you and your belongings from California to Texas, you'll need to browse through moving companies and compare their services. This can be done in several ways, including through reputable third-party sites, asking for referrals from friends or family, or contacting the companies directly.


    Every year people move from California to Texas. This relocation process can be hassle-free using local movers near you in California, assuming you know where and how to find the best moving services. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about moving from California to Texas, including where to find movers, costs to consider, and the best time to make the transition.


    How To Hire Movers?


  • Moving from California to New York: Local Movers and their Cost

    A move from California to New York will require moving companies in your local area to complete the transition. The overall cost of hiring local movers in your area will depend on the services you require and the size and distance of your move. Typically, a cross-country move from California to New York is estimated to cost between $3500-$8,000+.


    Calculating the cost to hire California movers to relocate you and your belongings to New York requires some research to ensure you get the best possible price from a reliable moving company. No two moving companies are the same, so it's important to compare multiple quotes and services before deciding.


    This guide will offer insight into services, costs, and other factors you'll need to consider when looking for local movers in California for a long-distance move to New York.


  • A Complete Guide To Interstate Movers

    The most important thing to know about interstate movers is that they are not all the same. Some cross-country movers are better than others when it comes to reputation, reliability, and services offered.


    Interstate moving companies help people relocate across state lines. They are also referred to as cross-country, long haul, and long-distance movers. Typically, the services of an interstate moving company are hired when people are relocating to a new home that is located in a different state or more than 100 miles away from the starting point.


    This guide will help anyone relocating across state lines understand everything there is to know about interstate movers that will help select the best company for cross-country moving needs.


  • 5 Easy Tips For Moving With Kids Across Country

    Moving across the country with kids doesn't have to be difficult. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible for your entire family.


    Hiring cross-country moving companies along with using these five easy tips will make moving across the country with your kids a breeze. Remember that your children will likely be just as anxious and stressed as you are about the move, so be patient and understanding with them throughout the process.


    1. Create a Countdown Calendar


  • The Cheapest Ways to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment Cross-Country - iMoving

    Surprisingly, the cheapest ways to move your one-bedroom across the country may include using professional movers. You might think that the cheapest way to move any amount of possessions from one side of the country to the other would be renting a truck and doing all the work yourself. But when it comes to DIY moves, small moves often don’t translate to smaller rental trucks and less cost.


    There are ways to use the expertise of professional cross-country movers while saving money as well. Below is a guide that explains the cheapest ways to move cross-country in the United States.


    Hiring Movers for Lower Rates


  • Tipping movers who help get you from point A to B is a customary practice that should be done in cash. There are numerous factors that will determine whether you should tip 5, 10, or 20 percent.


    Calculating the tip for interstate moving companies can be a little tricky. You have to take into account the distance of the move, the number of people who helped, and whether or not they were packing services too.


    If you are planning or have already completed a long-distance or local move, check out this guide detailing the best tipping practices for moving laborers.


  • Hiring cross-country movers will vary depending on the weight of your items, additional services required, and the distance being traveled. On average, you can expect to pay between $4,000 to $9,000 for full-service movers to relocate you to a new cross-country location.


    The total fee that cross-country moving companies will charge can also fluctuate based on a variety of other factors. So whether you are looking to find the most affordable movers or ones that can handle all of your specialized cross-country moving needs, this guide will help you figure out the cost to hire cross-country movers so you can budget accordingly.


    Cross-Country Mover Services


  • Benefits of Moving From East To West Coast

    You’ve thought of it for years, and now the time is here to relocate from the East Coast to West Coast. And while you are happy about enjoying your retirement, reinventing yourself, or starting a new job on the West Coast, you can’t say that your excitement is the same when it comes to the move.


    You are right – moving from one coast to another is stressful, complicated, and many uncertainties are accompanying the process.


    If you need to move fast, the whole anxiety just turns more intense. Be calm, as we are here to help.


  • What Are The Qualities To Check Before Hiring Long-Distance Movers?

    Professionalism, license, availability in your location, equipment, affordability, and more are some of the qualities of the best long-distance movers.


    Finding a trustworthy moving company is tough with a variety of options. Since you will be spending a lot of money hiring a moving company that is on time and offers smooth and stress–free moving services, you should take your time to research the best.


    Having peace of mind when moving is possible when you hire a reliable local moving company. Reputable moving companies offer unique, personalized, and dependable services. They ensure the provision of actual estimates smooth moving experience.


  • Long-Distance Moving Home Checklist

    Although, there are many things you might not have considered, such as locating the fuse box in your new home or notifying your utility company that you are moving. We will be of help here.


    We’ve compiled a residential moving checklist to help you monitor all the vital steps while you move your home. The list includes all the important tasks you need to perform for your move, such as hiring a professional mover and settling down into your new home.


    Now that you’ve completed your home exchange and your move-in date fixed, we are sure you are excitedly waiting to move to your new home. You have a lot of work to do before you reach that moment, but we will provide you guidance through the process so that the move runs smoothly to completion.


  • How To Choose Interstate Movers Around You

    Interstate moves are a lot of work. You need to know that you’re taking care of everything and that you aren’t going to end up in a situation where you’re stressed out right before everything gets on the truck or van.


    As you explore what is involved here, it’s quite likely that you’re going to be looking at a number of different interstate moving companies so that you can get the help you need. How do you ensure that you’re going to choose the right one?


    If you’re looking for the best way to choose exactly which movers are going to do the job right for you and your family, then you want to read our guide here. We hope it makes it easier for you to determine what is best!


  • Checklist For An Interstate Move

    So, you’re looking at an interstate move and trying to work out the details. In 2020, that’s a huge undertaking. What sorts of things do you need to do, both before and after you hire an interstate moving company to assist you with the process?


    There a lot of questions that you need to answer here, and we’re here to give you a hand with the answers. In this article, we’re going to give you a checklist that you can use and adapt for your interstate move in 2020.


    Figure Out How Far Your Move Is


  • What is the Average Cost to Move Interstate - iMoving

    Changing your life and moving to a different state is not an easy decision, and there are a lot of things that are involved in the process. The fact is, you need to be sure that you’re doing your best to learn about all of the options and to know that you’re making it easier on yourself than you would otherwise.


    So, you may be looking at whether or not you want to hire movers to take care of things. How much do movers cost? Are they your best bet for doing things in a stress-free way? And how much are you going to need to budget for an interstate move?


    Let’s take a look at how costs typically break down when you’re paying for a move so that you can have a better idea of exactly how to budget everything properly.


  • 10 Best And Cheapest Ways To Move Across The Country

    Moving across the country takes planning and precision in order to complete effectively. It can be difficult to figure out what is involved and, if you don’t have any experience with it, you may not know what is best in your situation.


    Should you hire cross-country movers? Should you do it on your own? Maybe you just want to load things up and ship it?


    No matter what it is that you’re looking for in regards to your move, there are all sorts of ways that you can accomplish it.


  • To Do List For Moving Out of State

    Getting ready to move to a different state? If so, you’ve likely already figured out that things are much easier said than done. Finding a new home is just one hurdle you’ll have to cross – the rest of the process can be equally as time-consuming, especially if you decide not to work with a moving company.


    Selling your home, preparing your belongings for the day of your move, and finding cross-country moving companies are their own processes that require a bit of dedication but can be rewarding in the long run. If you want to make your move as efficient and stress-free as you possibly can, take a look at the ultimate to-do list for moving out of state.


    1. Start with a Plan


  • 10 Best Things to Look For When Hiring Cross Country Movers

    Planning on getting a new home in another state? No matter where you’re moving to, you’re going to need to have a few things squared away before your move can truly begin. You’re going to have to pack all your stuff up, you’re going to have to organize it all just how you like it, and then you’re going to have to find the best cross country moving companies to help you facilitate your move.


    Of course, when you begin looking for movers to give you a hand on your big moving day, you’re going to want to know how you can find the best moving company for the job. Not only will a quality moving company help you handle some of the heavy lifting, but they will also offer a whole slew of services that you or in any other customer could take advantage of. There are more than a couple of things to look for when you’re looking for the best cross-country movers, though. 


    They have a successful history of operations


  • The Ultimate Moving Out of State Checklist

    Moving to another state is a daunting experience, especially if you are used to living in one place your whole life. The concept of moving to a completely new city is familiar to some families, who may move every few years because of work.


    But those who have never completed a long-distance move can become overwhelmed at the very thought of such a process. Organizing belongings, selling a home or ending a lease, finding a new place to live, arranging vehicle transportation, dealing with school registration and other steps make it a very daunting prospect to move to another state.


    Check out the complete moving checklist to follow before moving.


  • How to Choose Trusted Cross Country Movers in Your City

    Organizing and packing up your belongings can seem much easier said than done once you’ve begun the moving process. Relocating is an adventure that can be fun, stressful, emotional, exciting, and morose. Though not every part of your move will bring you joy, having capable movers on your side can make the experience more positive.


    You don’t want an untrustworthy moving team handling your items – you’ll be wondering where they are if they’ll arrive at your home on time, and what items may have broken during transit. The best cross country movers take every precaution necessary to ensure that your moving experience is pleasant and your belongings get to their destination unharmed.


    If you’re not sure where to start or how to find cross-country moving companies you can trust, there’s no need to fret – take a look at some of the things you can do to make sure your final decision is the best decision in terms of choosing local movers.


  • What to Do When Moving Out of State?

    Living in a place where everything is unfamiliar and strange may not be appealing to some, but this change can be exciting and memorable. Whether you’re moving for a new job opportunity, to go to your dream college, or simply for a change of scenery, a long-distance move should be considered carefully before committing.


    If you’ve set your mind on moving, get ready for the experience of a lifetime. It can seem daunting to move to an entirely new state, but using these tips for long-distance moving, you can ensure that you’re prepared and ready to go on your big day. Let’s explore some of the things you can do to get ready for your moving day and have an excellent moving experience.


    The moving out of state checklist:


  • How Do I Know How Much to Pay Movers to Go a Cross Country?

    Cross-country moves take lots of planning to execute well. Because of that, you want to be certain that you are able to pay movers to go to a cross country without a lot of hiccups.


    How much do movers cost to hire? What can you expect from a long-distance move and how can you make the right choice for your own? Here are some tips you can use in order to find the right ones for you.


    The best way to calculate your move by using our online moving cost calculator.


  • Guide to Moving Interstate with Storage Services

    You’re getting ready to move to a new place and you want to be sure that you do things in a way that is going to reduce your stress and help you to feel good about what you’re doing. While you’re searching for the best interstate moving companies, you also want to be sure that you think about where your items are going to go.


    In some cases, you may be looking at an interstate move where you need to use a storage unit for a certain period of time. What is involved in that process? How much can you expect to pay and is it even possible? In this article, we’re going to explore that in detail.


    Why Would You Need Storage Before Your Move?


  • How Much Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost?

    So, you’re looking at having to move your car from one place to another. You might be planning a big move to a new city or maybe even another state halfway across the country. Maybe you recently bought a new vehicle and need to have it shipped to your house.


    Either way, whether moving or having a new car delivered to you, you don’t want to just have someone throw your investment onto the back of an open-air trailer and let the weather and elements affect it, right? Surprisingly, this is done every single day. The main reason people choose open transport for their vehicles is because it is usually the cheapest option to have their car delivered to them.


    For some people, however, having their car exposed to the elements and out in questionable weather is unfathomable. In situations like this, where you want your investment as protected as possible when it is en route to you, you’ll want enclosed transport for your vehicle. So, one of the biggest questions in this situation is how much enclosed transport costs. Luckily, many online moving facilitators such as iMoving exist to help you identify the best companies and deals to get the job done.


  • How to Choose the Best Companies to Ship a Car

    When you think about moving your car from one place to another, some of the most obvious things that come to mind are hopping in the car and driving it yourself or paying someone else to do it for you. Of course, if you’re moving and can’t move it yourself, or don’t have a friend or family member that can handle the job for you, these options won’t be of much use to you.


    There is, however, the third option. In this day and age, you can ship almost anything from one location to another will relative ease for a fee. This includes automobiles. Companies that handle this task are automobile shipping companies, and they can help take the stress off of you so that you can rest assured that your car is going to get where it needs to be when it needs to be there.


    Of course, when you start shopping around for an automobile shipping company, you’re only going to want to work with the best. Your car is your baby, after all. With that in mind, many moving facilitation networks, such as iMoving, exist to help you identify the best possible local moving companies to work with, ensuring your car gets to your new home with nary a scratch on it.


  • Tips to Find the Best Cross Country Movers for Small Moves

    What’s the difference between small moves and large ones? Your sanity, of course.


    A small load might be less to move, but if you’re moving a long distance, you’ll still want your stuff to be in the hands of the professionals.


    In the moving industry, the best way to find these professionals is by word of mouth. Seek out customer feedback when searching for moving companies, and don’t choose one until you absolutely love their reviews. The best cross-country movers should have positive feedback no matter what size load moves they have done.


  • What are the Best Cross Country Moving Companies?

    Getting ready for a long-distance move can be stressful, and finding a company that can do a cross-country move is even more difficult. How do you ensure that you do things the right way? Are there options that you’re able to consider in order to make moving day a little less anxiety-inducing? And how can you pay for all of it?


    As you start to consider your options for cross country moving companies, you may also be trying to work out which ones are going to be the best. In this article, let’s explore the options you have and which professional moving company may be best for you as you get ready for your move.


    Should I Go With a National or a Local Moving Company?


  • How to Find Cross Country Movers

    Moving for any reason can be an exciting process but also very stressful and time-consuming. Getting your items packed and ready to load onto a moving truck is just one of the things you’ll have to take care of during the process – there’s much more to organize and schedule before you’ll be ready to get on the road.


    Long-distance moving can be especially difficult, as your household will need to cross the state line and enter an entirely new area. Your moving experience is highly dependent on how organized you are and what moving option you choose, such as the moving company chose to complete the move. Let’s look at why you should work with cross-country movers and discuss some tips that can help you find the right moving services for your household.


    Why Hire Professional Movers?


  • What Is the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

    Making the decision to move from one place to another can mean leaving behind the place in which you made tons of memories. During this time, getting all of your household items into the new home is the main priority. However, it’s important to keep an eye on your expenses, as moving costs can add up before you know it.


    Because moving in itself encompasses a lot, it makes sense that many homeowners want to lessen the financial stress that they may go through when facilitating a move. To get your items to their new home in the most cost-effective way, let’s explore how you can save money on your long-distance move.


    Research Several Moving Companies


  • How Do You Estimate Moving Costs

    If you’re planning on moving into a new home, you know there’s a lot to consider before you even choose a moving company. In many cases, working with professionals is recommended instead of handling your move on your own, as movers come with several perks.


    However, many take the time to move their items on their own due to the perceived costs of hiring professional local moving companies. Oftentimes, moving with professionals can save you money, time, and frustration when it comes to getting your belongings to their intended destination.


    One of the most common inquiries moving companies receives involves the average cost of transporting belongings from one place to another. If you’re moving locally, you can expect to see lower costs per hour than you would if you were moving across the country. However, the price will vary greatly depending on which moving company you choose so there is really no average cost.


  • Complete Moving Timeline For A Well Scheduled Move

    Moving is one task that requires proper planning and preparation. Hence, you have to have a concrete plan on the ground, you plan months, weeks, and days in advance. If you don’t plan, you might have the entire task overwhelm you as rushing things just days to your move can make life a lot difficult.


    Starting early is one fundamental secret to a successful move. Do one thing at a time as the move day draws closer so that you can be more than ready on the day you will move. Have a clear timeline, draft a moving checklist, or moving checklist timeline.


    We will be taking a look at how you can plan ahead for your move by having a moving checklist timeline, and what are the advantages of planning ahead for your move. We will look at the line of action or activities you have to put in place starting from eight (8) before your moving date.


  • How to Transport Cars to Another State - iMoving

    There quite a number of cross-country movers that can help you transport your car from one state to another. Sometimes when you are moving over long distances, it makes a whole lot of sense to fly while you will get your belongings shipped to your new home. When you decide to go with the option of shipping your belongings, of course, your car would need to be shipped as well. You have to consider all the logistics involved s that you can fix it in your budget.


    However, you must take your time to engage the services of a professional mover to transport your car to your new state. Read reviews, and request quotes from more than one moving company to decide on which one you will engage in. Avoid rushing to hire a transportation moving company, take your time, before you sign the dotted lines, it will save you a whole lot of stress in the end.


    Aside from transporting your car when you are relocating, there are several other reasons why you might need to transport your car aside from one place to another. You could want to ship your car because you want to sell it or because you want to bring it along with you for a vacation. For whatever reason that may prompt you to want to transport your car, we will consider the choices available to you and how you can get it done the best way possible.


  • How to Ship Furniture Across Country

    There are several ways in which you can ship or transport furniture either across the country or across the state. Whether you are moving, gifting furniture to friends and family members, or settling an estate, your preferred means of transporting the furniture will depend on a few variables that apply to your situation and your budget.


    It can seem like an ordeal or a difficult task to transport furniture across the country but it is not as difficult as you think when it is handled by a professional transportation or shipping company that has the expertise and experience to get the job done. This is why it is important to hire the services of the best cross country moving companies around, affordability should not be your first priority here when you are moving or shipping cross country. Your major priority should be the competence, experience, and capacity of the cross-country moving company.


    Factors that affect your medium of transportation


  • Best Cross Country Move Tips

    You never really know what it means to move ‘cross country’ until you move cross country.


    It means as little as 2,092 miles from the shortest point from coast to coast in the U.S., or as many as 3,500 miles at the greatest distance from coast to coast. Either way, you’re looking at a week’s worth of travel- at least.


    Unless you’re moving with your two kids, one dog, and 50 boxes of your most valuable possessions; then you’re looking at a lot longer traveling time.


  • Long Distance Moving Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster

    We all know how the entire moving process can be. You have a lot worry about; you have special items to pack, fragile items, when to move, and a whole lot of other complications. Long moving is an entire tasking process if you don’t have your mind together, and it becomes worse when you don’t have a plan. Even local movers have a reason why they don’t try to extend their services when they don’t have what it takes to expand.


    If you already have experience of long-distance moving, you already know what you are in for. But if you do not have the experience, you should be well prepared, so that your first time doesn’t come off as disappointing. For those who are entirely new to the moving or long-distance moving experience, you can calm yourselves down as we take you through the tips. These tips will help you reduce the odds of you having a disaster when you are engaged in a long-distance moving process.


    1. Get a Good Plan