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iMoving’s referral service is the way to move in the internet age. Using our service is like asking your friends for their best local Charlotte movers. Except with us, your new friends are specialists in the moving industry and have the best connections for moving companies in Charlotte, NC.


We know all the movers who are certified and insured. But more important we personally interview all the companies we work with to make sure they have the same core values as we do.


Our view of the moving industry is simple. Our values of professionalism transparency respect reliability and honest pricing are the basis of everything we do. All you do is enter a few details into the tools on the site and we will provide you with a list of Charlotte long-distance or local movers that meet your needs and buy into our core values.


That way, we can provide you with a precise quote. iMoving believes in supporting our customers and protecting them against a price increase on the day of the move. When we have provided a precise quote that is what you will pay.


Alternatively, we can get you a quick quote. This is an idea of how much your move will cost for budgeting purposes. We can firm this up later on.


It doesn’t matter if you need long-distance moving companies or you’re just going around the corner. When you know there’s someone else invested in your move being smooth, it takes a lot of weight off your shoulders.


Moving Services in Charlotte, NC


Moving services are more than getting from A to B. Some of them include:


  • Full packing – Movers will come in, pack your house and contents and bring them to your new home.
  • Packing materials – Reduce the ways in which your things can get damaged or lost by using quality packing materials.
  • Storage – When you need access to clean, dry storage for just a few days or weeks, many of our partner movers in Charlotte can help.
  • Long Distance Moving – Cross-country and interstate moves require moving companies to meet different state’s licensing requirements and other regulations. Look for long-distance carriers in our network.
  • Local Moving – Local doesn’t mean unprofessional. A local move needs the same professional care.
  • Special Handling – If you need your wine cellar moved or your Art Deco collection shipped, iMoving has insured movers experienced in the job.
  • Commercial Moving – You make sure the computer system switches over seamlessly, we can help you find the right people to get everything else moved to the new location.


Moving Tips


Getting ready for a move takes planning and some thought and a whole lot of work, but here are some tips to make it easier.


Try to research where you’re going in advance – if you have an idea of the locality you’re moving to it will make things easier on moving day. Charlotte is a great city with friendly neighbors. Take some time to look up your new local neighborhood happenings and restaurants before you move.


Have a moving day plan – you won’t keep it, but having an ideal structure will help you get from A to B and deal with the things that come up with less stress. A plan will mean that you’re not wasting effort watching the men pack. One of you can do that and the other can head to the new place to get ready. And you won’t forget to collect the kids from grandma’s house or school!


Things to Know When Moving to Charlotte NC


Charlotte used to be gold mining central. Actually, it still is, except once it was all about the real thing, the yellow stuff in the ground. Now Charlotte is more about the virtual thing because it is a huge center of banking and finance.


The center of Charlotte which most of us would call downtown is at a higher elevation than the surrounding area. This means it is referred to as uptown, is that confusing enough? You’ll be ok now that you know.


Charlotte is at the crossroads of one road built by the Europeans from Philadelphia to Georgia and an old Native American trail. Now those two come together in Independence Square and are named Tryon and Trade streets.


The people of Charlotte might have been thinking about Independence before Philadelphia. Don’t forget to check out the local history – oh, and the cheese.