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Are you stressed about moving to a new place? It’s stressful trying to sort everything out for a big move, whether you’re moving down the street or moving across the country. One of the hardest parts is making sure that you can find a moving company in Morton Grove that fits your needs and that is going to be able to take care of everything in a manner that is affordable and low-stress.


Instead of scoping around the web for hours and hours, you can use to take care of things. Here at iMoving, we’ve done the hard part – making sure that you’ve got the resources you need and ensuring that the moving companies that we offer quotes from are the best that they can be. We look into their backgrounds and make sure that they offer the best services, no matter what types of moves that they are performing.


Not only that but when you get quotes from iMoving, you can indicate what sorts of services that you’re looking for as well. Local or long-distance, packing and unpacking, storage options, and more are all available for estimates and for scheduling through our site. You just need to give us the relevant information regarding your move, and we can give you instant quotes from the partners that fit your needs best.


In short, we work hard to make things simple. At iMoving, we facilitate every aspect of your move so that you know that you’re always in good hands with both the moving company and with us. So, why not use our search engine to search for your move and schedule your movers. Then, you can go about the rest of your planning and take care of other business more quickly!


Moving Services in Morton Grove, IL


  • Local moving services: Local movers can do a lot of the “heavy lifting” for you, so to speak. They can get your items out of your home, onto the truck, and to your new place within just a few hours.


  • Long-distance moving services: Moving further than 100 miles from where you live right now? Then you want to hire Morton Grove movers that understand long-distance moving options. They know how to coordinate these moves and they’ll work to make the process easier for everyone.


  • Business movers: Ready to relocate your business? Many of our iMoving partners have worked with a number of businesses on their relocation strategies, making it simpler for you to plan things out and get ready to go.


  • Other moving services: Other moving services may also include packing, unpacking, special handling, providing packing supplies, and more. These are often for a minimal additional fee, and you can request them when searching through the iMoving site.


  • Storage options: Need a storage area because of downsizing, or because you need to wait for move-in day? Many moving companies also provide this as an option.


Hot Moving Tips To Keep Your Move Simple


Put together an inclusive checklist. You want to be sure that you have absolutely everything on your checklist, from packing up certain rooms to scheduling time to see your parents before you head to your new place. The more extensive the list is, the less likely you will be to forget anything.


Schedule your movers as soon as you know a date. The moment you know a date for your move, you want to be sure that you connect with the right people and get your move sorted out. Not only can it reduce the amount of stress that you feel about everything, but it will make it a lot easier for you to find the moving company that meets your needs the best.


Get rid of items that you don’t use or don’t need. Tired of having 3 different crockpots? Maybe you’ve got a chair that literally just sits in the corner and no one uses it for anything but folding laundry. If there are items in your home that are just taking up some extra space, it may be time for those items to go into retirement. Sell or donate them!


Get family and friends involved in packing and moving. Need some extra help in order to get everything done? Make sure that everyone in your household is playing a role in the process. Not only that, but you can also encourage other family members and friends to join you by offering to feed them, too.


Find empty baskets and such to pack items into. Many of us have a variety of empty baskets, laundry baskets, bins, and tubs that are sitting around our homes. Instead of packing them up empty, why not fill them up with some other items? That way, they’re coming with you without wasting space or causing problems.


What To Know When Moving To Morton Grove, IL


Suburban Chicago is becoming quite a great place to move to. Morton Grove is no exception, and it has often been cited as one of the best places to live and raise a family in the entire state of Illinois. It’s even considered to be one of the top 20 places to retire in the state, as well!


The feel of the entire suburb is incredibly friendly. Most people know at least one, if not multiple, neighbors and there are parks and plenty of other safe places where kids can play and enjoy growing up together. The school district is one of the best in suburban Chicago, and their preschool system is one of the most well-developed in the state as well.


Downtown Morton Grove is experiencing a bit of a rebirth, recently. There is some vacant buildings downtown, but more and more of them are becoming populated by small businesses that are looking to make the suburb an even better place to live and raise a family.


As with many of the Chicago suburbs, the taxes are a little higher than the national average but many residents cite that they can see the results of those taxes all of the time. The local government puts a lot of time and effort into making Morton Grove a wonderful place to live and ensuring that families and kids feel safe and that there’s always something to do.

What To Do With Boxes After Moving -

Finally, you have moved into a new apartment, after spending days or weeks, renovating your new apartment. You will miss your old neighborhood, the friends you had made and will have to integrate yourself into a new society. What does the new place have in store for you? Days had been spent boxing your items into boxes, and now, you are at your new home, wondering what to do with the pile of boxes.


You don't want to toss them to the garbage can because they are still in great condition, and you are an environmentalist, who believes in recycling. You are in luck, we will look at different things you can use your moving boxes for after you have moved into a new apartment. Recycling and reusing are the keywords here.


10 Best Things To Do With Boxes After Moving:


1. Donate It To The Local Recycling Programs

Different towns and cities have their local recycling centers, where people are allowed to recycle enormous quantities of cardboard to prevent them from being charged more to move the box. Some centers do not pick the cardboards from your home, hence you may need to move the boxes to the recycling center.

Before you take it to the center, make an inquiry about the restrictions there like the size, amount, and if the boxes may be flattened.


2. Selling Those Used Boxes

Instead of tossing the boxes to the garbage can, you can sell them, if they are still in good conditions. It all boils down to what town you reside in because many firms are known to sell and buy used moving boxes.

To find out if they are around you, you can search for them online or ask your moving company. As a resident of the U.S., BoxCycle is one awesome place where buying and selling of used boxes are possible. There, you can see those buyers who may accept drop-offs and may come to pick the used boxes from you during the time agreed upon. It is free to list the boxes, but when sales are made, commissions are usually charged.


3. Use A Message Board

A Customer Connect Board was created by U-Haul for those moving. There, you can find those, who want used boxes. You can also post a message about selling your used boxes, and other packing supplies. You can decide to give it out for free.

You can also use Craigslist, as there are people placing posts on boxes they want to give away, sell or buy. Another site that can be used is There, a list of items that people want to take off your hands is posted there. One website that seems to make selling and giving away of packing supplies like boxes is NextDoor. The website also allows you to meet awesome neighbors and sources for services that may be needed in your home. All you need do is to sign up, get yourself introduced, and become involved.


4. You can ask Your Neighbors

You can ask those around you if they need moving boxes, or better still, ask the manager in your apartment complex, or in one closest to you. Tell them to notify you if anyone is moving out and needs boxes. You can get those boxes new homes by making flyers, and posting them in your neighborhood, to alert those around that you have boxes you want to sell or give out.


5. Try out a Community Organization or Charity.

There may be schools, local libraries, food banks, community centers, and many other organizations around that are in need of moving boxes for different purposes. Some may use the boxes to create food baskets. This usually takes a little time, and some phone calls made, but there is always an organization that may need the boxes.


6. Make Use Of Those Boxes for Storage

Immediately you unpack, those moving boxes can be used as awesome organizers for storage. Once you have found where to place things that you will use regularly, you can sort those things that you may not use regularly into those moving boxes. As you are doing this, ensure that you have them labeled. This will give you more space that you need in your apartment, and make things organized. If those items still remain in the boxes when next you are moving, then you would be planning of donating the contents of those boxes, instead of relocating with them again.


7. You can save those moving boxes for when next you move.

If you know that you may move again in the nearest future, you can decide to save up those moving boxes. To do this, look at the boxes, pick those that are sturdy and clean. Try and flatten them, and place them in storage to be used when next you move. Even if you may not end up using the flattened boxes, you may have relatives or friends that may need the boxes soon.


8. Use the Boxes For DIY Projects

You may be an art person, who loves to create things or you may be extremely creative. Those boxes can be used as your working canvas. You can build incredible DIY with a few of the moving boxes. Flattened boxes can be used to protect surfaces while you paint, or change oil or do other DIY projects.


9. Compost It

Used moving boxes can be used while you garden, to kneel down and tend to the garden. They can be great as self-recycling compost bins. There are some community garden programs that need cardboards to use to give life to flowers and veggies.


10. Think outside the box:

Used moving boxes can be used to create a lot of toys for your kids. It doesn't matter if you are building a cardboard castle or a kid’s fort, what you will need will be a few supplies and wild imagination. You will need duct tape to keep the boxes intact. Used moving boxes are also great to build a maze with. Instead of selling those packing boxes, you can use them to create a single story maze. All you need is to unfold the bottoms and tops of either large or medium moving boxes, then get them linked together to form a winding tube that is long. You can then string those LED rope lights via the maze's roof to help guide the tyke as it journeys via the tunnel. You can opt for awesome cardboard crafts. You can craft out that ball maze or accessorize your kid's ships and building with the cardboard or toilet tissue tubes. You can create pinball machines. All you need is to have your imagination run wild.


Toddler toys are great items that can be created from used moving boxes. To do this, you can cut out on the large or medium moving box's sides, geometric shapes. Have the cuts outlined with bright colors to allow your toddlers to easily push balls and many other objects via the hole.


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What To Do With Boxes After Moving

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  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers for a One Bedroom Apartment
    Before Your Move

    If there is one thing that is equally exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, it is probably the moving process. Whether you’re about to be looking at local moving or even long-distance moving, the process can be lengthy, costly, and anxiety-inducing.


    Maybe you just bought a two or three-bedroom house in a new city or state, and are excited to move out of your smaller apartment. The excitement about moving to a new, bigger place can be adrenaline pumping, but when the time comes for your big move, your nerves might start piling up on you.


    It doesn’t always have to be that way, however. Everyone wants to save money during a big move, and no one wants to spend a fortune just to get their stuff from one place to another. When you’re looking to make your big move as inexpensive as possible, your best bet is going to be to start looking at the cost to hire movers in your area.


    Moving: You Don’t Have to Do It Alone


    During a big move, some people may want to try and do everything themselves. They may think that hiring a moving company will be too expensive. Folks might rationalize that they can handle every single aspect of the move by themselves, or maybe with the help of a few friends or family members.


    Sure, the thought of saving some cash might be a motivating factor in trying to move everything yourself, which you could with some help and a rented U-Haul. Moving everything yourself, however, can be a daunting task that can pose a hazard to you if you are trying to do everything alone. You could drop something heavy on yourself or throw your back out trying to lift up on heavy furniture, and that is not something you want to go through.


    The good news is, however, that you can hire professional movers that are dedicated to their work, and won’t break the bank. The costs alone can be worth saving you the back-breaking troubles and worries of having to do everything by yourself.


    How Does Utilizing a Moving Service Work?


    Hiring a moving company can be a simple process, and is not as difficult as many people might think it is. All you need to do is research some of the best companies in your area to help you with your move. Look for reputable movers online, check out their websites, and read reviews from previous customers. If you see plenty of raving, glowing reviews about the company, then it is a safe bet that it might be a company that you can trust.


    When you’ve identified a good, reputable company that obviously cares about good customer service, then your next step will be to pick up the phone. Let them know when your projected moving day is, and where you’re going to be moving. Depending on how far you’re moving and how much you have to move, your movers will be able to provide you moving quotes for your big day, as well as delivery dates for all your belongings.


    Many of the best companies in the moving industry even provide specialized services such as whole house packing, which means you will be able to sit back and handle some of the other aspects of your move while your movers take care of all your stuff. Packing services can take a lot of stress and work off of your plate. Talk about convenience!


    How Much Does Hiring Movers Cost?


    The cost of hiring a moving company can vary depending on several factors, one of the biggest being the distance of your move. For example, if you’re doing an intrastate move within 100 miles or so, your move will be a lot cheaper using local movers. If you’re planning a long distance move, your costs might go up quite a bit more, as most companies will charge either by the mile or by an hourly rate.


    There may be some extra fees depending on if you need any extra services done or not, as well, such as packing or special handling for heavier or antique items. The best way to know what you should expect to pay is to get a quote from a reputable moving company.


    For the labor costs of moving a one bedroom apartment, you’ll probably be looking at a price somewhere in the range of $300 to $500, before adding on the distance of your move.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hiring moving services:


    Why hire professional movers instead of handling it myself?


    The biggest advantage of hiring a professional moving service is that these are companies that have been doing this job for years. When working with a reputable moving company, you won’t have to worry about truck rental and handling all the labor yourself.


    How do I identify the best moving companies?


    To find the most reputable moving companies in your area, simply look at sources such as Facebook, Yelp, or any other website where customers can review companies. If you find a moving company with a lot of rave reviews, it is a safe bet that they are a professional and courteous business.


    Another great way to find good moving companies is through word-of-mouth. Have any of your friends or family members moved lately? Ask around for recommendations!


    What are some of the special services offered by moving companies?


    Many moving companies will offer specialized services like whole-house packing, unpacking all of your things when you arrive at your new home, special handling for fragile or antique belongings, and more! Some moving companies even offer storage facilities for customers to take advantage of before, during, or after the move.


    To find out what some of the companies in your area offer, just call them up and ask, or shoot them an email. They will be happy to help you out.


    Movin’ On Up


    Now that you know some of the benefits of going with professional movers for your big relocation, you can focus on finding the best company for you, pack up all of your things, and get ready to leave your one-bedroom apartment behind. Bigger and better things await you, and all that you need is to gather up all the details and make arrangements for your big moving day.

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  • Before Your Move

    More than 35 million people are predicted to move in 2018.  A jaw-dropping number of those who are relocating will find themselves victims of moving scams, with thousands of dollars in losses.  Below you’ll find tips to help you avoid being taken for prey by fraudulent moving companies.


    Moving scams range from the moving company flat out taking off with the load, never to be seen again to holding the customer’s belongings hostage until a ransom is paid.  Others trump up fictional charges that supposedly occurred unexpectedly and refuse to let go of the goods until the customer pays additional fees.  


    The Moving Scam Epidemic


    It’s important to note why the moving scam problem is so out of hand that it is being called an epidemic by experts in the field.  First and foremost is the red-tape issue.  Crimes occurring within one particular state are within the state’s jurisdiction while a crime that goes across state lines is in the hands of the federal government.  The fact of the matter is that neither have the resources delegated to investigate and prosecute properly.  Therefore, the majority of the moving scam artists get by with their criminal deeds.  And...they are fully aware of that.


    How Can You Avoid Moving Scams?


    Here are some suggestions to heed when choosing a moving company:

    • Screen companies thoroughly.  Don’t trust what a single company says about themselves on their site.  Many unsuspecting victims have just taken a company at its word that they are on the up-and-up.  Using a third party site that offers unbiased screening is always wise.


    • Be sure the moving company is licensed and bonded.  It takes time to validate credentials but it is well worth the trouble.  Most victims of moving scams admit that they did not verify credentials.  If you don’t have the time to fully validate the licenses of a company, a third party moving company will do that for you.  They partner with moving companies and verify each moving company’s credentials since their reputation is at stake should they recommend a fraudulent one.


    • Check out the moving company’s reviews.  What other customers say about a company goes a long way.  It isn’t unheard of for moving companies to have fake reviews written for their site, so again, a third party moving service is your best bet.


    • Watch for signs of integrity or the lack of it.  Being courteous, friendly, reliable, respectful and professional are traits that the staff of a great moving company should possess.  Honest pricing is a good sign too.  Companies with nothing to hide will have no problem being transparent with their customers.  They will answer all questions to the best of their ability and understand your concerns rather than being aggravated by them.


    Make You Move a Great One


    Moving is exciting.  Adventures and new beginnings await.  It can be stressful too and for some, it can be a total nightmare.  Avoid getting caught off guard in a moving scam by taking the tips above to heart so your next move can be a great one.

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