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Relocating your home or business takes time and effort, and you need to be sure that you have the resources that you need to be able to stay ahead of problems. But, what are you supposed to do if you are trying to find Naperville movers that can take care of your move for you? What options do you have?


Instead of taking hours upon hours to search online at dozens of websites, we recommend that you connect with us! Our team at iMoving has worked to develop partnerships with a variety of different moving companies across the country. We only connect with high-quality Naperville movers, so no matter which one you schedule through us, you know you’re getting the resources you need.


Did you know that you can take care of every aspect of your move through iMoving? Our site allows you to search for estimates from local Naperville moving companies and then schedule the one that you feel is best for your purposes. It’s really that easy! You can even pay them through, and we’ll facilitate all of the details for you.


iMoving is here to make sure that you have the best experience possible with your move, and by facilitating everything for you, you can ensure that you’ve got everything in order for your purposes. If you have problems or questions about your move, we can take care of those too. Trust us to work out your details for your next move!


Moving Services in Naperville, IL


  • Packing and Unpacking: If you’re running out of time or you don’t have the ability to pack your items, many moving companies will take care of this for you for an additional cost.


  • Local and Long-Distance Moves: Local and long-distance moves are different options because their costs are calculated differently. Local moves (100 miles or less) are calculated by the hour, and long-distance moves are calculated by distance and amount of stuff you’re moving.


  • Business and Commercial Moves: Business moves require different skills and logistics, and a number of Naperville movers have the tools and training to assist you in this regard.


  • Moving-Adjacent Services: Many Naperville moving companies also offer white glove services for fragile items and large items, sales of moving supplies, storage options, and more alongside their moving services.


5 of our Best Moving Tips


  1. Use Baggies to Hold Loose Screws, Nuts, and Bolts. Plastic baggies are a really handy way for you to ensure that you’ve got everything together. For whatever you have to disassemble, put all of the loose items in a baggie, label it, and tape it to the bottom or back of the furniture.


  1. Use Empty Containers as Packing Boxes. Do you have laundry baskets, empty bins, and other containers? Fill them up! Instead of making them take up a lot of room without a purpose, put them to work! It’ll make the process a lot easier for you when all is said and done.


  1. Always Have an Overnight Bag. Delays happen, and you may get to your new home later than you meant to. Or, you may not get everything unpacked how you want to after arriving. Having an overnight bag prevents you from ripping everything apart to find your evening toiletries and a clean outfit.


  1. Invite Friends and Family to Give You a Hand. There’s no reason that you need to try and take care of all of this on your own. Call in favors and ask your friends and family to give you a hand when it comes to dealing with packing and getting everything worked out for your move. This usually works really well if you’re moving to a location that is a little further away and your family and friends want to see you off in some manner.


  1. Go to Local Businesses for Boxes. If you need some moving boxes, be sure that you head to your local businesses to see what they have to offer you. Many liquor stores, fast food restaurants, and offices will have extra boxes lying around. These boxes are usually quite sturdy options for packing and can help you to save a little bit of cash in the long run.


What To Know When Moving To Naperville, IL


Many of the suburbs around Chicago are known for being great places to live, and Naperville is no exception. It’s definitely a family-friendly city and, while it’s the 5th largest city in the state, it’s not surprising that more families are moving to this city than ever before. Their focus on family life and their affordable cost of living go a long way for many families.


Naperville originated as a transportation center, and in the 19th and 20th centuries, people who were headed west often stopped in Naperville to refuel, restock, and keep going. Now, the region is still a transportation center, complete with a top rail network, and only a half-hour from O’Hare International Airport. Because of this, the city has a number of transportation-based jobs.


With a less than 6% unemployment rate, Naperville is also home to over 30 different companies that are in the Fortune 500, so there are a lot of opportunities for aspiring businessmen and women, those in the medical field, and more. As a result, many young professionals end up relocating to this area because of just how many jobs are available for them to choose from.


Naperville has a ton of kids – it’s actually one of the cities in the United States with the highest population of children – and the city is built for it. With tons of parks, a great school district, and a number of nonprofits that help to develop many, many family activities, it’s rare that you and your family will run out of things to do. The city is a very diverse one as well, so children will have a number of opportunities to engage with different cultures and individuals that may not be like them. All in all, Naperville is an amazing place to relocate to.