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Movers in Missouri

Movers in Missouri


Whether you are moving into Missouri from another state, or simply changing cities, planning the move itself is probably giving you some stress. It might be minor or it might be paralyzing, but it’s stress you don’t need to have. Besides, don’t we all have enough stress in our lives just thinking about going to a new location?


Using iMoving for your upcoming move will get rid of all the pre-moving jitters by eliminating the hassle of analyzing moving companies, reading reviews and mixing them with your own judgement, and then praying that your items won’t arrive broken or damaged to their new home or the truck will get lost or a million other things that could happen.


No matter where you are in the U.S, iMoving.com will help you work out the logistics of picking an experienced Missouri moving company. With just a few pieces of information, like zip codes and an approximate quantity of the goods to move, iMoving will give you a list of top-quality local or long-distance Missouri moving companies to choose from that will always treat you, your time, and your belongings with respect.


The Missouri movers in our network are all screened and are guaranteed to have at least two years of experience and be properly licensed. They are also held to high standards by our company, and they are held accountable by the customers as well, so rest easy knowing that any Missouri moving company in our iMoving network is a mover you can trust.


Moving services in Missouri


  • Specialty items: We’ve all had those moments where we try to move our sofa out of the front door and find that it simply won’t fit! No degree of twisting, unscrewing, or hair-pulling will ensure it fits. If you have over-sized items or some that require special care, many movers in our network have the extra skills and equipment to take care of the job.
  • Long distance moving: If you are moving from one state to the next, having movers that are properly licensed and equipped to accomplish all that moving across those state lines entails will make the process easier.
  • Disassembling and reassembling: We all have that one large wall unit or large bed frame that’s just really difficult to take apart, much less put it back together again. Movers in our network can give you custom services to gently take apart large items and reassemble them at your destination.


Useful Moving Tips


  • Two things in one: Use pots and pans as containers for spices and other small items, as well as using socks and potholders as sheathes for knives and padding for other breakable items if you don’t have bubble wrap handy.
  • Take clear pictures of any wiring setups for gaming systems or computer systems, then you can rewire them easily when it comes time to get them back out. Then be sure to keep all systems and wires together, and you can use paper towel holders to coil the wires and stop them from bending.
  • Use folders and paper bags to easily fold in artwork and then place it into larger boxes for transport, same with any other paper items such as documents.
  • Label all boxes, bags, and folders, and also take pictures of what’s inside each box to ensure an easy post move unpacking process for both you and the movers.


What to know about moving to Missouri


This is one state where people feel every single season, with summers, winters, springs, and falls all come when they are supposed to. With several cities in Missouri being called the sunniest in the U.S, it’s no surprise that some of the best places to live also hail from the state. Packing up and moving your family there is something everyone can feel good about.


Public transportation is also easy to acquire in Missouri, and with the state’s cost of living being so low, you’ll be spending considerably less than in other states. In addition, the St. Louis Zoo also has free admission and over 18,000 animals, so seeing every single animal is certainly something that will take a few days, if not weeks.


The school system is also something to admire, with the famed University of Missouri and great public-school systems that offer a high graduation rate and have been awarded national recognition.