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Is it time to move? Maybe you’ve bought your first home – congratulations! Or maybe you are moving to a new home to help accommodate your growing family. No matter why you’re moving, you likely know that it takes a lot of effort to move easily.


iMoving has been working hard to try and make that process go much more smoothly for people just like you. We’re a moving facilitator – that is, a company that focuses on connecting Kansas City movers with customers just like you, making it easier for you to get quotes, find the right company, and schedule/pay for your move.


We’ve built relationships with a variety of moving companies over the years, allowing us to build up an entire network of partners, from Kansas City local moving companies to other movers across the country. We trust every single one of our partner movers because we’ve background checked them and ensured that they all have solid reputations that you can trust in.


Our website is really easy for you to use – give us info about your move, like where you’re headed and where you are right now, and then we’ll give you some quotes to choose from. Find the Kansas City mover that fits your needs and budget best, and then do all of the scheduling and whatnot all through iMoving.com. You can save countless hours of research because we’ve done it all for you!


iMoving is here to make scheduling your move simple so you can focus more time and energy onto other logistics and tasks that you need to do before moving day.


Moving Services in Kansas City, MO


  • Local Moving Services: If you’re staying within the same city or county, you’ll find that it’s a lot quicker and cheaper to hire Kansas City movers to take care of it for you. The jobs are usually going to take an afternoon or morning.


  • Long Distance Moving Options: Moving further away? No problem! Long-distance services can be modified for your needs and your budget.


  • Business Moving Needs: Business relocations require careful planning, special tools, and specialized training in order to ensure that things are done in a manner that is safe and that saves you money.


  • Packing and Unpacking Services: Need help with packing your old home and unpacking at your new one? Some companies will help you with these sorts of services for a little bit of an extra fee.


  • Storage Rentals: Need storage after downsizing, or are you waiting to move into your new home? Then you want to be sure that you look into renting a storage unit from your mover – many of them have them as a side business.


  • Moving Supply Sales: Are you looking to purchase moving supplies or kits? Many movers offer different types of kits for sale.


  • White-Glove/Fragile Item Moving Services: Large items and fragile items need specialized moving protocol; some movers may require extra fees for them.


Quick Moving Tips


Put Together a Complete List of What to Do


Knowing what you need to get done and how you want to execute it is something that takes some organization and work. Because of that, you want to be sure that you have a complete to-do list – complete with every single detail, even if it feels like micromanaging. It’ll make it easier to ensure that everything’s done.


Start Packing Right Away


Do you have a moving date, or an approximate one? Great! Then it’s time to start packing. The sooner you begin the process of packing everything, the simpler that it’s going to be for you to take care of everything that you need to get done. And, you’ll have more time to donate, sell, or give away things that you don’t need to take with you!


Be Smart With Clothing Packing


Packing your clothing can be hard, because it takes quite a bit of space up. Be sure that you’re rolling up your clothing instead of folding it. And, consider using clothing instead of newspaper or bubble wrap – it’ll protect all of your items just as well and you’ll end up saving a lot of space when you’re packing things up. 


Ask for Help from Friends and Family


Don’t ever try to do it on your own. Your entire home is a lot to pack and you could end up hurting yourself if you aren’t careful while packing. Instead, ask for friends and family to give you a hand when they can, and offer to cook a meal, order in, or take them out to eat. People are a lot more willing to help when there’s food involved.


Let the Movers Take Care Of Some Things


If you need some extra help disassembling or dealing with things, then wait until moving day. The movers can take care of some of those tasks, and the fees associated with those extra tasks are typically minimal.


Things to Know About Moving to Kansas City, Missouri


The Kansas City, MO metro area can be a little confusing to navigate through. While the main city is in Missouri, the metro area extends through 15 different counties on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas state line. But, remember – if you live in Kansas City proper, you’re in the state of Missouri.


Like most Midwestern cities, the majority of the city is made up of whites and African Americans. But, as time has gone on, a lot of refugees have also made the choice to move to this area when resettled here in the country. It’s actually the home of the largest population of Sudanese persons! As a result of this culture shift, you can find almost any type of food that you could ever want to get your hands on, anywhere in the city.


If you’re looking to move to Kansas City, you’ll find one of the best unemployment rates in the country, at just under 4.3%. While salaries run a little below the national average, you will find that the cost of living is relatively affordable as well, making it simple for people to make a living and be comfortable no matter what type of job that they end up working. Healthcare and other “helping” careers are some of the most common jobs, followed by the sciences and education. Property tax is also fairly reasonable.


Traffic is not a big problem in and around Kansas City with some of the fastest commutes of any city in the entire country. Their public transportation isn’t the best (it’s almost nonexistent), so it’s good that they’ve made the highway system reasonable enough that commutes are easy.