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Movers in St. Louis, MO


Whenever we speak with individuals and families who recently went through a big move, we hear some common complaints. People talk about how they had a very hard time choosing a moving company. And many of them still had a bad experience, with movers overcharging them or losing some of their possessions.


That is the main reason why we created iMoving. We do not want anyone who is moving to St. Louis to go through a bad moving experience. By putting you in touch with the best local and long-distance moving companies in St. Louis, Missouri, we can help you avoid this issue.


iMoving offers moving referral services to help you get in touch with St. Louis movers with a stellar reputation. We have a detailed system for vetting moving companies, which ensures that you are only reaching out to ones that are licensed, insured, and reputable.


We can help you save money when hiring a long-distance St. Louis moving company. We vet these companies not only for their professionalism but their competitive rates as well. And with our secure payment portal, we do not release your payment until seven days after your move is complete.


If you are moving to St. Louis in the next few months, let our iMoving team help you find the local movers or interstate movers that will be most suitable for your move.


Moving Services in St. Louis, MO


Not only do we connect you with the most reputable movers, but we also match you with companies that offer the services you request. There is no sense in connecting you with a St. Louis mover that only does local moves if you are making a cross-country move.


Here are just a few of the services that you can expect to receive from the reputable moving companies within the iMoving network:


  • Local or Long Distance -Local movers are best for moving within the city or state. If you are moving to St. Louis, MO from any further away, it is best to request services from a long-distance mover. These companies can handle a move from anywhere in the United States.
  • Short Term Storage - If you are moving to St. Louis but you have not finalized your living situation, the mover can hold your items at a local storage facility ‘til you are ready to receive them.
  • Vehicle Transport - Instead of driving your car across the country, you can allow the moving company to transport it for you.


Helpful Tips for a Successful St. Louis Move


If you ask any of the individuals or families who experienced a flawless move, they will all tell you that it happened because of good planning.


You should start preparing for your move at least 12 weeks before the moving date. Those are the weeks where you will find a mover, decide on a budget for the whole move, start organizing your services and utilities in St. Louis, and start making decisions on new health care and dental care.


We also recommend going through every room in your home to decide what possessions you are planning to take. Not everything needs to go! If there are items you have not used in years, a big move is a great excuse to sell or donate them.


Things to Know When Moving to St. Louis, Missouri


St. Louis is the largest city in Missouri, with a population of nearly three million people. It is a very large metro area famous for its Gateway Arch, which completes the city’s iconic look.


Between the arch, City Museum, Forest Park, and other attractions, you will never be bored living in St. Louis. The nightlife is great too. There are so many wonderful restaurants, bars, and clubs for you to check out.


There are many great neighborhoods in St. Louis. Areas such as Central West End, Downtown, Benton Park, Lafayette Square and Soulard would make a great place to call home!


Just make sure you are assessing school districts and your commute to work when choosing a home or apartment. Traffic can be brutal in the area and a shorter commute will be much appreciated when you are driving to work each day.